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  • Es werde Licht

    Visual aesthetics are a big part of players being able to immerse themselves in the Crowfall® world and that requires the right lighting. So, we came up with a few bright ideas.
    Typically to achieve great lighting, most games will bake their light information into the scene. This allows the scene to benefit from complex lighting calculations utilizing customized light setups, global illumination and light probes to cast color from bounced light onto objects and characters in the scene.
    Ein einzigartige Herausforderung
    Crowfall’s worlds are procedurally generated. Everything in the world— including the terrain itself—is dynamic, spawned in or destroyed by the players. This presents a unique challenge since we don’t know exactly where all of the terrain elements and props will end up. We could bake the terrain by itself, but all other objects such as trees, rocks, buildings and props would be considered dynamic and would not benefit from the baked lighting. They would need a different lighting solution to help illuminate them in the same way.
    After carefully weighing our options, we decided that the best choice was a fully-dynamic solution. There would still be some challenges to resolve, but it was a good starting point.
    Dynamische Belichtung
    A fully-dynamic solution can be expensive when you are trying to achieve the same look as baked lighting; however, our day/night cycle and seasons are a big part of the strategy game. We wanted to ensure we could accommodate those as well.
    We started by looking at some of the plugin solutions available for Unity. Eventually, we landed on one that gave us the dials we wanted and included some interesting looks for different times of day, weather settings and the ability to trigger different conditions based on location.

    This is an image taken from the game using only the single directional light. This is what you have been seeing in the game during pre-alpha.
    Eine Lösung für die Belichtung
    Through trial and experimentation, we found the right solution that met our goals. The new approach gave us a larger span of control over the changing dynamics around time of day and weather. It also provided the ability to control the color and intensities of things like the light, sky, scattering colors and fog over the course of the day and even the season(s), all of which are instrumental in bringing our game world to life for our players.
    Additionally, we were able to add a second directional light to create depth and variation over the course of the day in tandem with the sun’s color and intensity. This approach gives our team more custom control in tuning the lighting than we had before while still maintaining good performance and delivering on the quality of experience we want to deliver for players.
    Solving the lighting challenges and others like it are a standard part of developing a game. Design, tech and art teams all work together to build and deliver a holistic experience that hits the quality bar we are trying to achieve for players. I am elated by the path we have chosen and now that we have the tools solidified, I’m eager to see where we can take it once we start incorporating seasonal and biome changes to the environment.

    This image is taken at the exact same time of day as the image above. Note the slight bit of rim lighting on the bottom of her body and the overall color and illumination boost from the ambient light.
    Und immer weiter
    This is not the finish line for our work with lighting. (Of course, the Art team is never content!) I will be making a pass to enhance the depth and visual fidelity by continuing to tune the camera post-processing to dial in on the color grading, bloom, depth of field, etc. I’ve also started working on integrating painted skyboxes painted up for me by our concept lead, Dave G!
    As Todd, our creative director and co-founder, was looking over my shoulder reviewing the lighting at different times of day, he asked me to see how far we could push the darkest night visibility while still maintaining illumination on your character and immediate surroundings. It was pretty cool and I look forward to working on that element of the project next. You may see that pop up at some point as we continue to refine our game lighting.

  • Von den Entwicklern

    • Totally off-topic post here, but I wanted to start a "check-in" thread to see how everyone is doing during these strange new times. How ya holding up? (About the image: Daniel Johnston’s “Hi, How Are You” mural is an iconic photo stop for people visiting downtown Austin. You'll find it at Guadalupe & 21st. When the "Austin cobra" was on the loose a few years ago, someone created a Photoshopped meme where they turned Jeremiah into a cobra. lol Zum Beitrag
    • I suspect the answer is something we have ordered up for another system, The goals are; To not destroy all the progression we have built for crafters, make the crafters relevant early on, in the process of making them relevant early, don't make the process so trivial the combantants bypass the need for crafters. So basically have them do the thing they want to be doing in lieu of waiting. Which sounds like crafting stuff and being rewarded with both character and passive skill XP.
    • I like it Mira! We have internally always though as necro as advanced, but if you literally gate the "advanced" professions on X percent through previous professions, there is zero possibility of having a day 1 apples to oranges comparison between loot drops and crafts. T1 T2 Runemaking Woodworking Crafting_basics
    • Day 1??!! I would propose that there won't be such a thing as a "crafter" then. The danger of such a low barrier of entry is everyone just makes their own. Zum Beitrag
    • That is quite a Bow @Yoink ! Lots of questions in here, I'll throw some things out there. Primarily the largest issue is the competition between Blacksmiths/Weaponsmiths/Leatherworkers/Woodworkers and War Tribe Gear. (Other professions just have to wait some time, and as long as they have been training and establishing supply lines, they will always be top.)The fundamental question for the weapons and armor makers is "How long should it take to be competitive with the loot drops from a stat
    • The goal, I believe, is for an error to kick you back to the lobby so you can try to log in again. That's part of what needs to be fixed. Having to ALT+F4 and then reload everything definitely sucks. We don't have a way (that I'm aware of) to pull client logs without contacting the customer at all, but we do have some front-end quality-of-life work to do when it comes to messaging errors to the players and asking them for more information. Zum Beitrag
    • If you do get the time and energy, please do send us a support email with your client log. This is an issue we're looking into and the more client logs we have on it, the better! Zum Beitrag
    • Illara is Moon. Zaleena is Earth. We had to do some shuffling to accommodate the god order. There will likely be some adjustments to their lore and personalities, as well (Zaleena is still solidly Zaleena, no worries there), so those bios will need to be updated anyhow. I'll go make sure Illara's is correct, though! Thanks for pointing it out. Zum Beitrag
  • Bis zum Tod und wieder zurück

    The 5.90 update will introduce important changes to the way death and resurrection work that should streamline your trip to the afterlife and make respawning a tactical decision.
    Die aktuelle Todesspirale
    When you’re hit by an attack that reduces your hitpoints to zero, you’ll fall into an unconscious state, bleeding to death on the ground. If you aren’t finished off by an enemy (with a deathblow) or aided by an ally (via a resurrection spell), you’ll eventually bleed out. You also have the option of accepting your death and ending your bleed-out timer early. Either way, let’s assume you’ve died. Your soul, in the form of a ghostly Spirit Crow, will appear above your body. A cairn will be erected in the place of your corpse.
    Currently, your Spirit Crow will then be magically teleported to the nearest dragon statue (located at forts and keeps) or your faction’s temple. From there, you have the choice between flying back to your cairn or resurrecting directly at the statue. If you take the time to fly back to your cairn, your equipment takes less damage from your death, and you can reclaim the inventory that was left there. If you choose to resurrect directly at the statue, your inventory is left on your cairn and your equipment suffers more damage.
    Regardless of the way in which you return to your body, you’ll be outfitted with a death shroud. This is a three-minute debuff that will significantly lower your overall health. It’s meant to limit players’ ability to rush right back into a fight when they’ve been killed. (Otherwise, fights won’t have a clear end as combatants trickle in over and over).

    Tod, Kräehe und Wiederbelebung
    So where, you might be asking, do these changes come into play? The system remains almost exactly the same right up to the point of death: you fight, you bleed out, you die. The moment your Crow appears, things are slightly different. Instead of being transported to a nearby dragon statue or temple, your Spirit Crow will start its journey from the cairn erected at your corpse.
    Once your Spirit Crow has been separated from its mortal flesh prison, you’ll need to find your way to an appropriate resurrection location. Resurrecting directly at your cairn will no longer be an option. Valid locations include the dragon statues located at forts and keeps and your faction temple, with the potential to include new areas in the future.
    If you happen to get turned around while looking for a spot to resurrect, you can hold G to automatically return to your faction’s temple. This will place your Recall power (a power everyone has by default that allows you to teleport back to your faction’s temple) on cool-down, but allow you to directly warp to the temple statue and resurrect there.
    Depending on the rules for the world where you’ve just died, some amount of your inventory may be left on your cairn. Since resurrecting at your body is no longer an option, you’ll need to travel back to your cairn after regaining your mortality in order to retrieve any items left there. Your equipment will still take a slight durability hit when you die.
    If you die several times in a row or happen to get back to a resurrection location quickly, you may notice a death timer where you would normally see the interaction prompt to reanimate. In order to discourage the same trickling-back-into-fights effect mentioned earlier, each death you take will increase your death timer. This timer starts ticking down as soon as you become a Spirit Crow, so you’ll often go through it before you get back to a dragon statue or temple.
    These changes to the deathloop are on the way with our next big milestone, 5.90, and should streamline the death and resurrection process. While casualties are inevitable, the tweaks to this system mean deeper tactical considerations. So get out there and die amazing deaths!

  • Verbesserungen am System der Belagerungsfenster

    Einer der Eckpfeiler in der Vision für Crowfall ist, dass sich die Spieler für die Mehrspieler-Thronkriegsschlachten zu Fraktionen oder Gilden zusammenschließen. Die Idee ist einfach und überzeugend: Die Spieler können die Festung(en) auswählen, die sie erobern möchten, und treffen dabei strategische Entscheidungen, die letztendlich zu Sieg oder Niederlage in der jeweiligen Kampagne führen.
    Gute Kämpfe erfordern jedoch ausreichend Spieler auf beiden Seiten. So ist die Eroberung eines leeren Standorts vielleicht effektiv, Spaß macht sie aber wohl eher nicht. Daher ist es ACE bewusst sowohl den Angreifern als auch den Verteidigern die gleichen Möglichkeiten bieten zu müssen, Angriffe und Verteidigungen ihrer Festungen einzuleiten, wenn in diesen Schlachten eine (relativ) hohe Zahl von Kämpfern garantiert sein soll. Dafür erfolgt zunächst eine Benachrichtigung.
    Eine wichtige Beobachtung, die man während der Tests hinsichtlich des Spielerverhaltens gemacht hat, war, dass der Besitz von Forts häufig unangefochten bleibt. Wenn man nun die Spieler als Ressource betrachtet, die an diesen Standorten benötigt wird, dann gibt es ein ganz offensichtliches Problem: Die Anzahl der verfügbaren Spieler ändert sich erheblich im Laufe eines Tages oder eines Wochenendes.
    Bei den Forts war das bisher kein Problem, da diese über ein nächtliches "Belagerungsfenster" aktiviert werden. Spieler wissen also genau, wann und wo sie andere Spieler antreffen werden, wenn sie an PvP-Kämpfen in der Kampagne teilnehmen wollen. Der Nachteil der Zeitfenster für die Forts ist, dass das aktuelle System nur ein Fenster jede Nacht unterstützt, was zu häufig ist, da dies bedeutet, dass die Verteidiger jede Nacht verfügbar sein müssen, um ihre Festung zu verteidigen.
    Um diesen Problemen zu begegnen, werden die Entwickler wichtige Änderungen am Belagerungsfenstersystem einführen:
    Es werden für alle wichtigen Kontrollpunkte Belagerungsfenster eingeführt: Ab sofort werden Kastelle UND Forts nach einem bestimmten Zeitplan aktiviert Man hat den Zeitplan detaillierter gestaltet, sodass man zu Spitzenzeiten nun mehr Fenster und während der "Nachtschicht" weniger Fenster öffnen kann. Wenn ein Spitzenfenster also beispielsweise achtmal so viele Spieler hat, wird man während dieser Zeit achtmal so viele Eroberungspunkte anbieten. Zu Beginn werden zunächst immer alle Parteien benachrichtigt. Dafür fügen die Entwickler der Kampagnenrangliste einen "Belagerungszeitplan" hinzu. Dort wirst Du auf einen Blick sehen können, welche Eroberungspunkte es innerhalb der nächsten 24 Stunden geben wird und wo. Dabei wird es an Wochenenden und zu Spitzenzeiten aufgrund eines höheren Spieleraufkommens eine stärkere Aktivität geben.  Zu Nebenzeiten, also beispielsweise früh am Morgen, wird es weniger Belagerungsfenster (Forts) bzw. gar keine Belagerungsfenster (Kastelle) geben.  Dadurch können die Fraktionen beruhigt schlafen, in dem Wissen, dass ihre Kastelle und Forts vor Angriffen sicher sind (Außenposten sind hingegen zu jederzeit angreifbar).

    Während ArtCrafts Gameplay-Programmierer damit beschäftigt waren, dieses System zu kodieren, habe Thomas “Hanseshadow” Eidson ein Zeitplan-Tool gebaut, mit dem die Design-Abteilung bestimmten Kastellen und Forts schnell Daten zuordnen kann, die der jeweiligen Spieleraktivität entsprechen. Mit diesem Tool wird während der gesamten Kampagne der Zeitplan für bestimmte Kastelle und Forts angezeigt. Ein weiterer positiver Nebeneffekt dieses Systems besteht darin, dass die Designer mit der grafischen Darstellung des Zeitplans schneller eventuelle Probleme erkennen und beheben können – idealerweise so schnell, dass die Spieler nicht davon beeinträchtigt werden.
    Wenn Du meinen vorherigen Artikel über das Cluster Generation Ttool gelesen hast, kennst Du ja schon meinen "Clusterizer", mit dem ArtCraft sicherstellt, dass die Weltzonen von Crowafll für jede neue Kampagne korrekt (und automatisch) miteinander verbunden werden. Jetzt sind auch die Belagerungsfenster im Clusterizer-Tool integriert.  
    Bei der Erstellung neuer Weltkarten lädt der Generator nun Zeitplandaten für die Forts und Kastelle dieser Kampagne und zeichnet diese auf. Die Zuordnungsfunktion stellt sicher, dass die Belagerungsfenster während der gesamten Kampagne ausbalanciert sind und der (ziemlich standardmäßigen) Kurve des Spieleraufkommens entsprechend verteilt sind – soll heißen, je nach hohem, mittlerem und niedrigem Spieleraufkommen pro Wochentag. Anhand des Verteilungsdesigns wird in der gesamten Welt ein Gleichgewicht geschaffen, sodass die Spieler während der Kampagne bestmöglich wertvolle Kastelle und Forts angreifen und verteidigen können und immer auf dem Laufenden sind, wo es aktuell und in der unmittelbaren Zukunft am wahrscheinlichsten Kämpfe geben wird.
    Noch ist das neue Tool für die Zeitplanung der Belagerungsfenster nicht zum Testen bereit, viel fehlt aber nicht mehr!  Sobald es auf dem TEST-Server veröffentlicht ist (sehr bald), sagen wir Dir natürlich Bescheid, sodass Du Dir die Änderungen selbst anschauen kannst.

  • Neue Technologie bringt großartige Rüstungsänderungen

    Crowfall releases changes related to armor and armor crafting later this week in the 5.8.6 update.
    Through these changes, armor is much more streamlined and the benefits should be clearer to players; the new technology behind them also gives us even more opportunities for cool new content across the entire system. The best part of these changes is how they will open avenues in the Crafting system as a whole.
    Let’s dive in!
    Die Rüstungswerte
    From a top-level, armor still does what you would expect it to do, reducing incoming damage.
    There are four equipment slots (head, chest, hands, and feet) and four types of armor (cloth, leather, mail, and plate). All four pieces will provide some degree of protection.
    Armor pieces will now have one number by which to judge how much protection that piece provides, the Armor stat located near the top.

    If you want to see how much specific mitigation a piece of armor provides, just hold the left control key down.

    This plate helmet has an additional stat of “+1.67% Crushing Resistance”. Stats like this used to be called “Armor Bonuses”, but we changed them all to reflect that they are now Resistance stats. Resistance and all armor mitigation values summed together is how much protection a player has against a specific damage type. Since we no longer damage the player based on hit location (as we did in the past), the protection is evenly applied to the player.
    Nahtlose Schadensminderung
    As always, we tried to make sure there was a difference between each type of armor:
    Plate has the highest Armor stat potential Mail has a lower Armor stat, but it does carry a +5% damage and healing bonus Leather has the lowest Armor stat potential, but gains +10% damage and healing bonuses From a crafting perspective, all the custom layer types have been removed, and the mitigation they used to provide is now baked into the armor.
    Geheime Zutaten
    We now have the tech to hide certain ingredient slots behind the crafter meeting certain requirements. In most cases, we require the crafter to equip a specific item and bonus ingredient slots will appear. Based on what is placed into those ingredient slots, we can completely change what item is being produced or, as in most cases, we can add some bonus stats to the item.
    In this case, the crafter needs to have the Planishing Hammer of the High Forge equipped in order to make the Treated Steel ingredient slots appear.

    And now the extra ingredient slot has appeared!

    Und wo man sie herbekommt
    These items come from our new War Tribe content and decay each time they are used to produce the item they create. Ideally, this adds even more of a synergy between those who just want to fight and those who just want to craft.

  • Neues zu den Prüfungen der Götter

    As the current Crowfall® campaign, the Trial of Kane, comes to a close, the Crows are readying themselves for the challenges ahead when the next trial begins on Thursday, April 11, 2019.
    Check the information below to ensure you are battle-ready.
    Die Prüfung von Illara
    The fifth Trial of the Gods kicks off Thursday with the Trial of Illara.
    Start: April 11 at 4 PM CDT (NA)/4 PM CEST (EU) End: May 2 at 10 PM CDT (NA)/10 PM CEST (EU) Siegesbedingungen
    Gold Sigil of Illara
    Winning Faction: Top 25% of players for both Crafting score and Combat score 2nd Place Faction: Top 15% players for both Crafting score and Combat score 3rd Place Faction: Top 5% players for both Crafting score and Combat score Silver Sigil of Illara
    All other players on all factions receive: The Silver Sigil of Illara The Sigil of Illara offers a +10% Pathfinding bonus stat, enabling the Trailblazer power to activate faster.
    Note: To qualify for a sigil reward badge, you must be listed on the leaderboard. To be listed, you must kill or be killed by another player or create crafted items that have a Sacrifice Value during this trial campaign.
    Der Wipe
    In advance of the new campaign, we will deploy the 5.8.6 update on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. The most significant change in this update is related to armor. Health values are being removed and armor will now be resistance-based; hit point-based benefits from armor will be moved to Constitution. (Note: More on this change is covered here.)
    Due to the armor changes coming in the 5.8.6 update, a wipe of characters and inventory is necessary. (Skills will not be affected). Backer rewards (e.g. Eternal Kingdom assets), TEST reward tankards and sigils earned in the Trials of the Gods will be reset, and you will be able to import them again after the update.
    Gold für Ruhm, Kronen für Geschichten
    The spoils of war aren’t always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many, securing a prestigious place in history is equally important.
    We are merely caretakers. The actual history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories.
    We’ve seen some dedicated and exciting reports from previous trials. To date, Jah has been the most prolific of the Crowfall saga correspondents, sharing daily updates about his guild, Winterblades, and their progress in the campaigns. We also want to commend Soulein, RealBlankSpace and Thimble for their contributions.
    We want more, and we know the Crowfall community does too, so we’re combining the happy jingle of coins with the pride of being remembered. Each Friday, we will be selecting the “War Story of the Week”, awarding the creator 500 crowns.
    There are many ways to share your story: through videos, gifs, screenshots and battle reports. You can share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #crowfallgame and #warstories) or the Crowfall forums. We look forward to reading your story soon!

  • Crowfall Gilden- & EK Hosting

    Gilden und Ewige Königreiche sind zwei Kernelemente von Crowfall und verdienen daher besondere Aufmerksamkeit und Förderung. Während man das Zusammenschließen zu Gemeinschaften (Clans, Gilden, Legionen, etc.) bereits aus vielen MMORPGs kennt, wird die soziale Komponente in Crowfall nach aktuellem Wissenstand wohl weiter gefasst werden und sich in unterschiedlichen Sphären entwickeln. So erhält das klassische Gildensystem tiefgreifende Erweiterungen mit Sub-Gilden und Bündnissen auf der einen Seiten und einer ganz davon unabhängigen Gemeinschaftsbildung auf Basis der Ewigen Königreiche.
    Mit dem Ziel der Crowfall Communtiy diese Aspekte bestmöglich in die Hände zu legen, war eines unserer frühen Ziele unsere Community Plattform als Zentrale für Gilden und Ewige Königreiche zu etablieren. Seit dem Go-Live unserer Website bieten wir daher eine stets bewährte Lösung zur Gilden- und Mitgliedersuche an: Den Gildenindex! (nun inaktiv!)
    Aus unserer Sicht greift dieser jedoch nicht weit genug und bietet keineswegs die notwendige Unterstützung für engagierte Gildenleiter und EK Statthalter. Wir gehen daher einen Schritt weiter und bieten anstelle einer öden Tabelle einfach mehr.. viel mehr.. und das kostenlos!
    Dein Gilden- & EK Hub
    Du bist Gildenleiter, Gründer eines Ewigen Königreiches oder möchtest einer werden? Websites / Foren erstellen ist nicht Dein Ding? Kein Problem, wir helfen aus!
    Mit unserem Gilden & EK Hosting kannst Du nicht nur Deine bestehende Gilde (sowie deren eigenes Forum/Website) bewerben und auf Mitgliedersuche gehen - ersetzt somit unseren alten Gildenindex - Nein, Du kannst unsere Plattform nutzen und Deine eigene Community aufbauen.
    Erstelle ganz einfach Deine Gilde oder Dein Königreich und nutze folgende Funktionen
    Homepage (Übersicht, Beschreibung) Forum Kalender Mitglieder Roster Navigationsmenü und Vorteile bzw. Eintsellungsmöglichkeiten:
    eignes Gilden bzw. EK Logo sowie Titelbild individuelle Ränge (Gildenleiter, Offiziere, bzw. Monarchen, Landherren, etc.) Rekrutierung aktiv / inaktiv Privatsphäre Einstellung (Öffentlich oder Privat) Mitglieder Deiner Gemeinschaft können ganz einfach der Gilde oder dem Ewigen Königreich beitreten. Ihr habt bei Bedarf eine Anlaufstelle für Bewerbungen (euer eigenes öffentliches Forum) sowie einen Bereich für interne Kommunikation, den je nach Priviligien (definiert durch individuelle Ränge) nur eure eigenen Gildenmitglieder oder Bündniskollegen einsehen können.
    Außerdem repräsentiert ihr euer EK bzw. eure Gilde stets im öffentlichen CFC Forum und macht damit mit euren aktiven Beiträgen laufend Werbung für eure Gilde:

    Tutorial Video
    Du möchtest das ganze lieber in Action sehen? Na dann schau Dir doch unser Tutorial Video an:
    Für weitere Fragen stehen wir Dir gerne jederzeit zur Verfügung!

  • Die Prüfung von Kane

    Kane stands apart, shrouded in a cloak of anguish and grief over the loss of his brother Arkon. So deep is his regret that he is driven to lay down his treasured greathammer, Sorrow, at the prospect of facing his brother. A broken blacksmith is a truly wretched sight.
    Are you willing to serve the most anguished of gods, Kane, The Wretched God?
    Die Prüfung von Kane
    Length of Trial: One week Start: April 2 at 4 PM CDT (NA) / 4 PM CEST (EU) End: April 9 at 10 PM CDT (NA) /10 PM CEST (EU)
    Gold Sigil von Kane
    Winning Faction Top 30 players ranked by Crafting Score (Note: This is a new score based on the calculation of total sacrifice value of all crafted items at the point of inception.) Top 30 players ranked by Kills + Assists total score Second Place Faction Top 20 players ranked by Crafting Score (Note: This is a new score based on the calculation of total sacrifice value of all crafted items at the point of inception.) Top 20 players ranked by Kills + Assists total score Losing Faction Top 10 players ranked by Crafting Score (Note: This is a new score based on the calculation of total sacrifice value of all crafted items at the point of inception.) Top 10 players ranked by Kills + Assists total score Silber Sigil von Kane
    All other players; excluding those above. Bonuswerte
    All badges when equipped include the Kane Bonus Stat: a two-point reduction to the base experimentation difficulty of any recipe.
    To qualify for a reward badge, you must be listed on the leaderboard. To be listed, you must die, kill, assist with a kill, capture points or craft items during the Trial of Kane campaign.

    Mehr erfahren
    Trials campaigns will vary in length over time. The Trial of Kane is a three-week campaign, but future trials may run different lengths of time for testing purposes. To earn the reward, players must join the campaign and participate in the name of your chosen faction; your name must appear on the leaderboard to qualify for a reward. The badges visibly attach to your character and offer the God’s Bonus Stat; the Badge of Kane offers a two-point reduction to the base experimentation difficulty of any recipe. You must have the badge attached to the character in order to gain the stat bonus. Badges are bound to an account, meaning that any characters on your account may use them; they cannot be looted or traded and do not decay. It is recommended that you store any highly-valued items in your Spirit Bank (accessible in-game by hitting “B” for “bank”) prior to the end of the campaign.

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