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Die Wahl Deiner Klasse in Crowfall


With 11 Classes and 12 Races, Crowfall offers the ability to tap into your inner Crow by creating a character tailored completely to you. Each Race has its own unique advantages, and vessels can be further customized with skills, Disciplines, Talents, and equipment. The sheer amount of variety means that there is a combination to suit every playstyle.

Creating a character is the first step in your Crowfall journey. To make that process easier, CrusaderW produced a video guide that offers an in-depth look at the available options, including the finer details like passive abilities and promotion classes. With this video, you’ll be well on your way to creating an Eternal Hero that will bring you glory, wealth, and power!


Edited by Shiro

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/choosing-your-class-in-crowfall

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