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Platz für Dein Zeug


Inventar Typen

There are three locations where inventory is kept; I will describe all 3 below.

Personal inventory - Default hotkey: I - These are the items your character is carrying. Items in your pack can be looted by other players when you are killed, but any items that you have equipped are not lootable.

Spirit Bank - Default hotkey: B - This is commonly referred to as the SB and is accessible to all characters on your account. The Spirit Bank is gated by a set number of Imports and Exports, depending on the ruleset of your current campaign. Check the bottom of the inventory window to see how many more items you can pull from or place into it. (Continue reading for tips and tricks from other players for maximizing use of your Spirit Bank.)

World Bank - The World Bank (sometimes referred to as the local bank) is represented by chests located at forts, keeps and the faction temple. If you’ve been harvesting out in the wilds, unload that juicy stack of epic copper when you are running by a fort your faction owns to get it out of your inventory. When you are safely back in the faction temple, you can pull it back to your local inventory to either your Spirit Bank or to use.

[Note: The local banks are very small right now, but this is a (temporary) technical limitation that will be removed before launch. We have promised to add local chests/containers for shops & houses, too, but that feature is not yet available. (It will also be in before launch.) - J. Todd Coleman]

Verwalte Dein Inventar

Now that you know the variety of storage available, let’s talk about their risks.

If you unlock a character from a campaign, all of its personal inventory, all of its inventory in campaign chests and all of its equipped items are destroyed. Likewise, if you move a character from an Eternal Kingdom into a campaign, all of its equipped items and local inventory are destroyed.

Overflow happens when your inventory (personal or Spirit Bank) is given more items than it can hold or an item requires a specific layout of empty boxes to hold it. For example, a vessel is 2 squares across and 3 squares high. If I were to give you a vessel — LOL …. damn, that’s funny … give you … whew, I am tearing up — okay, so if I were to trade you a vessel and the only available space in your personal inventory were the first eight slots on the top line, the trade would be a success but the vessel would not appear in your inventory. An “overflow” message would appear, and you would need to clear out the proper spacing needed for the item.

This issue is common with players that Import their Eternal Kingdom-related purchase. If your Spirit Bank already has items in it, a large influx of buildings, building pieces and parcels may not fit. You’ll see an “overflow” message letting you know that you will not be able to add additional items to your Spirit Bank until you’ve cleared out space either by using the excess items, offloading them into another of your inventory storage areas or discarding/sacrificing them.

Tips von anderen Krähen

One of the amazing aspects of Crowfall is that it has a strong pull to many different types of players. I reached out to a few ‘special’ players that I have been keeping my eye on. These players are gatherer and crafters of the highest level. If there were a Hoarders: Crowfall Edition television show, I would expect many of them to be episode-worthy. I wanted to gather more than just my point of view on inventory management so I asked them the following question, and they were kind enough to send me some responses. While many of these insights come from hardcore guild players, many of their ideas and concepts translate well to managing anyone’s inventory.

How do you decide what to keep from an inventory point of view, and what is the one thing you know now about inventory management that you wish you’d known when you were a new player?

Gradishar - Winterblades NA
I keep everything of value; only things that can’t be sacrificed or otherwise used are discarded. The one thing I would encourage new players to focus on is organization. Consolidate your resources to maximum stacks before exporting them to avoid wasting import/export limits.

Surelia - KDS EU
It’s more about the focus on distribution and the management of resources for the gatherers and crafters. I would encourage new players to always have two golden apples in their Spirit Bank just in case they accidentally eat one as you try to claim a keep. They should also learn what is of value. If not of value, get rid of it.

Cammie - Caldera EU
Cammie: I hold onto everything that I know is valuable to crafters of every profession. I try to trade them as fast as possible because my own materials take up a lot of space, but I make sure not to throw away anything another crafter could find useful (unless I am completely out of inventory space, which has never happened). I throw away plants or poor/basic materials as I usually have a very small amount of them (less than five) and things that aren’t usable (soul gems). When I started out, I wish I’d been given a list of materials that are really important and those that I should not force myself to keep. I wish I knew which amounts were considered to be “a lot”, as I thought one stack of “Common” hide is a really high amount before I learned differently.

Udienow - Caldera EU
Caldera leverages their Discord to keep track of what the guild needs and help their gatherers communicate with each other. The guild leverages a structured Quartermaster system to help our guild better manage the resources we have and the resources we may need. I suggest that new players try to max out amounts before you place items in your Spirit Bank. You only have so many imports and exports. You do not want to waste them.

Srathor - Undead Lords NA
I keep what is useful, which is almost everything. Due to having multiple accounts, everything has a direct use. (It would be the same if I had a single account and the guild would then keep everything.) The pressure to maximize storage gets to be considerable with five different quality values for everything and hundreds of variations. For new players, remember Ctrl+Right Click to consolidate a stack and Shift+Right Click to split a stack. Build a layout for storage and use it, remember clutter wastes time, so be ruthless in where things go.

Truhen in der Wildnis

As always I like to try and share a single value-added tip clear at the bottom of the article as a bonus for those willing to struggle through the word salads I sometimes kick out. There is another type of inventory. It’s not useful in all cases, but can be of value if you find yourself in need of trading to a guild or party member. You will often find random chests scattered around the world. They are trade chests that usually have some food and occasionally some crafting materials. A party can stop at one of these chests, dump out their loot and then players can pull from the chest with just a mouse click rather than using the trade interface to pass items to one player at a time.

But use caution! When you drop loot into one of these chests to trade between your team, that box is susceptible for any player to loot. I find it a quick way to make sure all the team has food, to spread out building materials and to divvy up the loot from a successful motherlode harvesting run.

Edited by Shiro

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/a-place-for-your-stuff

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