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Neue Technologie bringt großartige Rüstungsänderungen


Crowfall releases changes related to armor and armor crafting later this week in the 5.8.6 update.

Through these changes, armor is much more streamlined and the benefits should be clearer to players; the new technology behind them also gives us even more opportunities for cool new content across the entire system. The best part of these changes is how they will open avenues in the Crafting system as a whole.

Let’s dive in!

Die Rüstungswerte

From a top-level, armor still does what you would expect it to do, reducing incoming damage.

There are four equipment slots (head, chest, hands, and feet) and four types of armor (cloth, leather, mail, and plate). All four pieces will provide some degree of protection.

Armor pieces will now have one number by which to judge how much protection that piece provides, the Armor stat located near the top.

Crowfall Rüstung (Brustplatte)

If you want to see how much specific mitigation a piece of armor provides, just hold the left control key down.

Crowfall Rüstung (Helm)

This plate helmet has an additional stat of “+1.67% Crushing Resistance”. Stats like this used to be called “Armor Bonuses”, but we changed them all to reflect that they are now Resistance stats. Resistance and all armor mitigation values summed together is how much protection a player has against a specific damage type. Since we no longer damage the player based on hit location (as we did in the past), the protection is evenly applied to the player.

Nahtlose Schadensminderung

As always, we tried to make sure there was a difference between each type of armor:

  • Plate has the highest Armor stat potential
  • Mail has a lower Armor stat, but it does carry a +5% damage and healing bonus
  • Leather has the lowest Armor stat potential, but gains +10% damage and healing bonuses

From a crafting perspective, all the custom layer types have been removed, and the mitigation they used to provide is now baked into the armor.

Geheime Zutaten

We now have the tech to hide certain ingredient slots behind the crafter meeting certain requirements. In most cases, we require the crafter to equip a specific item and bonus ingredient slots will appear. Based on what is placed into those ingredient slots, we can completely change what item is being produced or, as in most cases, we can add some bonus stats to the item.


In this case, the crafter needs to have the Planishing Hammer of the High Forge equipped in order to make the Treated Steel ingredient slots appear.

Crowfall Ausrüstung (Hammer)

And now the extra ingredient slot has appeared!

Crowfall Rezept

Und wo man sie herbekommt

These items come from our new War Tribe content and decay each time they are used to produce the item they create. Ideally, this adds even more of a synergy between those who just want to fight and those who just want to craft.

Source: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/new-tech-brings-great-armor-changes

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