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Fragen und Antworten: Juni 2019


Taking on a multitude of topics, from recent changes to future plans, Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair covered a lot of Crowfall ground during our live stream on Thursday, June 6.

Here’s a recap of some of the questions that were asked and answered:  

What is your thinking on removing the debuffs and buffs, giving us a block of a target UI instead?

Todd refers to these as “hanging effects”, things that are attached (or “hanging”) on the character (i.e. seasonal effects, sprint mode). The first phase of addressing this, removing the display that was showing directly above characters’ heads, was part of the 5.90 update. The next phase, having information about a target displayed at the top of your screen, will be introduced soon, hopefully in the next update.

What happens if one team rises above and beyond all of the others to the point that they are insurmountable, causing other players to quit?

This scenario is what we commonly refer to as “Uncle Bob syndrome” and it’s the very thing we aim to avoid with Crowfall. A capture bonus points system that gave teams a chance to catch up was introduced in February. While it’s been working pretty well, we’re looking at alternate ways to get points, better messaging around victory projections and general balancing of the capture mechanic systems as a whole.

What happened to Disciplines in 5.92?

One of the recent changes is that now Disciplines have all tiers of quality, and every Discipline of white (common) quality may be purchased from NPC vendors; however, Disciplines may only be used on vessels of which they are equal to or greater than in quality. (You can’t use a green [uncommon] Discipline on a white vessel.) Green- and blue-level Disciplines are available as NPC loot drops. Purple and orange can be crafted by using three lower-level quality Disciplines to create a Discipline at one level higher. (Three green Disciplines will produce a purple-quality Discipline.) This is one of many changes planned to improve overall gameplay.

Why is the death penalty so severe?

We recently made some changes that we believe will reduce the sting of death to a more tolerable level, and we’d appreciate more tester feedback about these changes. These changes include improved Spirit Crow flight controls and reduced decay penalties.

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/aceqna_june_all-the-things

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