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Fragen und Antworten: Juli 2019


he ACE Q&A for July live stream took place on July 23, the same day the Fortunes of War update was released. 

In the stream, Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair discussed the improvements to the new player experience in the game world called “God’s Reach”. One of the most significant changes was the rollout of the Magic Loot system, introducing juicy drops from PVE monsters that can be used to either outfit your new Crow or sacrificed to level your Crow more quickly. 

All of this means that character advancement for new players is faster, easier and more fun than ever. It also means that by the time players are ready to brave their first campaigns, they will be familiar with all of the powers and talents their character possesses.  

Other topics the duo covered in the stream included vessels, milestone momentum, banking and much more. 


Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/ace-qna-july2019

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