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    • The reason we set it to 15 as a starting point was to see how it affected the other mobs since they were aggroing anything that came within 100 meters of them. There was internal speculation that this might affect several different aspects of game play and performance. There were also a few bugs that came out of this change that should be fixed in the next cycle. I know it's not ideal, but it is a new feature we're still experimenting with and it isn't set in stone. That's why your feedback about these things are so important to us in order to bug fix and make proper adjustments. With that said, I think after we get some more info and continue to tweak things we'll find that sweet spot; whether that means altering their power sets, changing the number of visible guards, and/or changing their aggro radius we'll continue to make adjustments that better suit our gameplay mechanics. We'll get there, friends! Zum Beitrag
    • Sure. I presume that means I should start with you, @mandalore ? I make it a point not to throw co-workers under the bus, but I'm gonna break with tradition and blame the misinformation on @ACE_FancyHats because she told me it was fixed. I say we lure her down into a crypt and force-feed her Zombie Surprise. All in favor, say "AYE!" Zum Beitrag
    • Hi mercnet. Just contact support@crowfall.com; we'll sort it all out. Zum Beitrag
    • Flowers should be back and plentiful enough for frolicking through and crown-making. Enjoy! Zum Beitrag
    • DebySue Wolfcale joins ArtCraft as vice president of marketing. FULL STORY Zum Beitrag
    • You're so smart! As a reward, have some bonus gifs. Zum Beitrag
    • In winter lies desperation. FULL STORY Zum Beitrag
    • 8/16/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.7 Welcome to Convergence To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Feedback and Bug Reports For an up-to-date list of Known Issues, please go here: Known Issues Campaigns: Created an outpost specific NPC with their own suite of powers and combos. Making the range 15 with a passive that will target any ranged attacks up to 85 meters. Map Icons should no longer display as a black texture. Chat: /ignore [player] should now function. EKs and Vassals: Fixed the issue of sockets not being displayed in build mode. Fixed the problem with battlement panels not socketing properly. Turning off Public and PvP at the same time should no longer cause players to become locked in PvP while in the Eternal Kingdom. General Bug Fixes: Stoneborn corpses no longer remain after rezzing. Ground target reticles will always show again. Zum Beitrag
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Fragen und Antworten: Februar 2018 - Krypten


Nach der Ankündigung der Krypten von Crowfall gab es im Februar noch eine Fragen und Antwort Session, die sich dem neuen Charakterverwaltungssystem widmete.

Durch die Krypten erwartet man sich einige aufregende Veränderungen und zusätzliche Features, was das Sterben und Zurückholen oder die Auswahl einer neuen sterblichen Hülle angeht. In der ersten Hälfte des Streams hatte Designer Thomas Blair Gesellschaft von Akshay Ramesh, einem Software Engineer, der an dem neuen System gearbeitet hat. Sie demonstrierten die vorläufige Krypta (und gaben eine kleine Vorschau auf die Zentauren-Dame!). Dann tauschte Akshay seinen Platz mit Mark Halash, der gemeinsam mit Blair die Fragen-und-Antworten-Runde zum Abschluss des Livestreams leitete.

Zu den Highlights aus dem Stream gehören:

  • Demonstration der Krypta.
  • Erster Blick auf die Cairns.
  • Eine kurze Vorschau des weiblichen Zentauren.
  • Blick auf einige neue Umgebungsmaterialien.
  • Diskussion über Krypten, Hüllen und das System der Verwesung.

Hast Du noch weitere Fragen zur Krypta?

Quelle: https://crowfall.com/de/news/articles/ace-q-and-a-live-for-february-crypts/

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