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Erster Einblick: Kriegsstämme


While the Crows -- immortal champions chosen by the gods to fight endlessly for eternal glory, wealth and power -- vie for control of the Dying Worlds, the denizens of these doomed lands are forced to bind together in questionable alliances formed to scavenge for resources and brace for the end of days.  

Scattered bands of soldiers, warlords and barbarians can be found in encampments across every Crowfall® world: fortifying ancient ruins, erecting military camps and occupying abandoned villages. War Tribes add a layer of challenge and complexity to the Dying Worlds as they work against the Crows to wrest control of the world away from the gods and stave off their inevitable destruction.

Lager der Kriegsstämme

War Tribes can be found peppered throughout the lands, burrowing into the decaying remains of the civilizations once native to these worlds. The most common of these are:

  • Military Encampments - Orderly and organized in their arrangement, military encampments provide housing for agents of Order. They conquer the chaotic remnants of the Dying Worlds and consolidate its resources to drive forward their agenda of aggression and control.
  • Tribal Villages - Chaotic and crudely constructed, barbarian villages are the home to agents of Chaos. These barbarian warriors set up staging points around the realm from which to raid other villages, camps and strongholds in a mad dash to control and consume the hidden hoards of Order.
  • Abandoned Villages - Mercenary companies have settled into the burned and decaying ruins of our fallen societies, turning farmhouses into outposts and villages into ramshackle strongholds. The overgrown roads and untended forests provide excellent cover to bandits and worse, waiting to waylay those who would travel at night or in limited numbers.

Crowfall Kriegsstämme

Die Stämme

Many of these tribes are known -- marauding Minotaur clans, errant legions of the Centaur empire -- but a few are heretofore unknown. Rumors abound of mysterious tribes from worlds yet undiscovered, roaming the land and taking what resources remain.

Some of these mysterious new tribes include:

  • The Aracoix [Bestiarium] (pictured above)
    Refined and civilized yet scornful and cruel, these Avian mercenaries are noble in bearing. Their impressive speed, inherent mobility and hawkish nature make them an apex predator among the dead and dying. In addition to being natural killers, these bird-headed warriors also seem to possess a natural gift for stealth, assassination and druidcraft (the magic of Gaea).
  • The Urgu [Bestiarium]
    Coarse and barbaric, these pig-like creatures seem intent on consuming everything they can find, picking over the bones of our fallen cities for food, tools and weapons. The Urgu sow destruction everywhere they wander, with a seemingly endless appetite for carnage. Primarily a warrior tribe, they seem to be naturally suited for melee combat and hunting.
  • The Satyr [Bestiarium]
    Zealous and nomadic, the Children of Cybele hail from the Faewood, the dark and twisted forest that was presumed lost when the First World was broken at the moment of Gaea’s death. The savage and mysterious Satyr, angered over the loss of their homeland, now wander the Dying Worlds exacting vengeance on anyone they happen to encounter. For all their cruelty to those they consider outlanders, the Satyr are surprisingly civilized, with tribal members acting as Clerics, Knights, Rangers and even Confessors and Templars.

Plünderer und Schatzjäger

The War Tribes tend to have social structures that fall into simple hierarchical structures, almost always centered around a strong leader or leaders. Natural scavengers, these warlords have been known to amass sizable fortunes and rare antiquities that can be beneficial to our Eternal Champions or suitable for divine sacrifice.   

Scavenger items will often include such things as gold, crafting resources, runic weapon recipes, vessel crafting additives, unique food and cooking ingredients, minor disciplines runestones -- and more!

Sammelbare Opferungsgegenstände

Additionally, War Tribes will also drop unique sacrifice items that provide some lore and other evidence of the culture or world from which they hail. These items provide insight into the lifestyle of these raiding tribes as well as valuable experience when sacrificed to the gods.

  • When combined, these items can be sacrificed for more experience.
  • These collectible components vary in rarity, from quite common to extraordinarily epic - the difficulty to acquire increases with the rarity.
  • To combine the set, one must locate a tribal crafting station located exclusively within the tribal encounter area.
  • Each set is unique to each tribe.

Ausweiten der Stämme

This update represents the first (but certainly not the last!) focus on War Tribes in the Crowfall universe.  In the future, we’ll be expanding on this system to…

  • Add it to our “procedural generation” system, so that every War Tribe fortification is unique,
  • Expanding the list of War Tribes to include more unique races and classes,
  • More encampment types (such as “Stoneborn ruins” and -- eventually -- dungeons!)
  • Expanded loot tables, including a larger variety of items and unique crafting blueprints (including “charged” blueprints that can only be used X times to create a unique item) to drive collection, player customization and the player-to-player economy!

Was sagst Du zu den Kriegsstämmen von Crowfall?

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/first-look-war-tribes

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