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Ein freundlicheres Willkommen


Starting life as a Crow is exciting and challenging, there are worlds to explore, kingdoms to build and riches to claim. At the same time, life in the dying worlds can be harsh. Learning how to overcome the challenges presented by the “survival of the fittest” gameplay can create some of the most compelling moments, especially as the seasons progress and winter settles in.

That said, we’ve heard feedback from players who told us that first entering the game was a bit too much like getting dropped straight into the deep end of the pool. We’ve taken some initial steps to improve the new player experience (NPE) by implementing some “quality of life” changes that should help players have more fun while starting the adventure and gaining confidence with the basic game mechanics as they learn to navigate this exciting new world.

Axt in der Hand

Even the most fearsome warrior has to start somewhere. In Crowfall that means wrapping your hands around an ax handle and chopping some wood. Harvesting wood will allow you to make other basic crafting tools you’ll need to gather the stone, ore, meat and hides that are easily accessible in the new player area known as “God’s Reach”. Before you know it, you'll be off to a fast start completing that first set of starter gear with only a few ‘crafty’ clicks.

To make it faster and easier for fledgling Crows to jump into the action, we’ve set a welcoming campfire surrounded by 'scavenging chests' to the immediate right of the starting area where you first enter the game world. Pieces of meat, an ax and a skinning knife are waiting inside! (These chests have a very fast respawn rate, so if they are empty you’ll only have to wait a moment before items reappear.)

Mehr zeitgemäße Tooltips

Pop-up tool-tips are a quick, convenient way for players to learn as they go while still giving them the freedom to learn at their own pace. These were introduced in Crowfall earlier, but testers (especially the newest ones) revealed ways that we could make them better. The improved flow ensures that tips pop up right when and where you need them, making them contextually relevant; that enhancement is a direct result of our tester feedback.  


Arachgogobia is the fine tradition of advancing characters in a game by killing spiders. (Okay, that’s not really an official term but it probably should be.) Once players feel comfortable with basic gameplay and have basic weapons, they are ready to take on combat.

Now, it’s time to ease on down the road toward a spider-infested forest. This area is designed to help players get better acquainted with mechanics. One new mechanic is the use of special ability “trays” used to hold tools and weapons used for various gameplay experiences such as harvesting and combat. As you play, you will switch between these trays as you progress through the new player experience. In addition, you will learn to use new weapons and how to loot enemies’ corpses - a fun way to find rewards and useful items!

Again, this is an area where feedback from testers inspired us to make a change. The goal was to support player progression and, to that end, we adjusted the items players loot from spiders by giving them “sacrifice” value used to earn experience points (XP) for the character. Everyone likes to see their character progressing quickly when starting a new game, and the spider loot made leveling fun and rewarding.

Und es kommt noch mehr

“Quality of life” features have become an important element in our milestones as we learn more from our early testers. Other examples of this include refining the Death/Respawn mechanics, redesigning some of our UI and making the process of staying well-fed and energized easier.

Denkst Du, es ist wichtig, dass Crowfall einsteigerfreundlicher wird?

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/a-warmer-welcome

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