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Demnächst: Die Götter Prüfung (Update 5.90)


The Trial of Ilara ended Thursday, May 2, with Balance claiming the final victory in what had shaped up to be a hotly-contested nail-biter.

Naturally, the Crowfall community has been anxiously awaiting news about what’s coming next. As mentioned by Creative Director J. Todd Coleman in the ACE Q&A for May, we have not yet given our date on the start of the next trial as we are hard at work on The God Trials, update 5.90, our next release that’s coming right around the corner. We’re trying to leave ourselves a little bit of flexibility but we will give you notice of when the next trial campaign is coming.

We are excited to share that our plan is to release The God Trials update to our TEST server next week. To ensure we get the benefit of your great feedback, we are hoping that you login to play on TEST. Those who spend four hours or more on TEST this month will receive the Sapphire tankard reward.

Crowfall Testbelohnung - 8. - 31. Mai 2019

As soon as the update moves to our LIVE playtest server, we will start a non-sanctioned, regular campaign on LIVE, running a few days to a week. This will not be a Trial of the Gods campaign.

In short order, following the conclusion the non-sanctioned campaign, we’ll return our Crows to the challenge of facing the trials put before you by the gods, with the launch of our next Trial of the Gods campaign. So, prepare for an exciting next few weeks with lots of great gameplay heading your way.

The God Trials milestone contains a number of very positive improvements that will enhance your gameplay experience as well as performance improvements.

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/the-god-trials-update590

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