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Crowfall enthüllt "Die Infizierten"


Prepare to be infected as Crowfall introduces a third world type, The Infected, an eternal battleground where Crows compete for territory and premium resources across an infinite timeline. The Infected offers players of level 15 and above a mid-level risk/reward environment and a change of pace that sits perfectly between the safe-areas of the God’s Reach and the harsh brutality of The Trials of the Gods. 


The challenge that players must overcome is gaining and retaining control of highly-contested strongholds and respawn points without which they cannot achieve success against factional enemies. 

With a scoreboard that is updated on a 15-minute timer, The Infected features three siege maps (each home to multiple keeps, forts and smaller control points) as staging areas to a single resource-rich continent in the center of the map. Resource zones become the center of the conflict as Crows compete for valuable resources with everything from wild beasts to enemy combatants.

The Infected: catch it now on a Crowfall server near you!  

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/crowfall-unveils-the-infected

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