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Änderungen am Crowfall Embargo


The embargo system has always been a core component of the Crowfall® experience. Many of the proposed campaign rulesets hinge on its use to restrict the items that are brought into a new campaign, and likewise what spoils of war are taken out when the world succumbs to the Hunger.

As It Is Now

Currently, there are two separate world types: ones with embargo and ones without. Eternal Kingdoms (personal player worlds) and the God’s Reach do not have embargo; you’re free to take items in and out of these worlds without restriction. The campaigns, however, usually have limits on how many items can be moved into or out of them. In worlds with embargo limits, the transfer of items from one character on your account to another is done through the Spirit Bank and the limits on import and export are displayed there. Local storage within the world is achieved with world banks and local banks.

Here are the current definitions of banks in Crowfall:

  • Spirit Bank - The account-level bank. This bank is shared across all vessels on an account and can be accessed from any world.
  • World bank - The world-level bank. These exist at the temple and are vessel-specific (meaning no other account or vessel can access your items in it). You can use this bank to withdraw items from any local bank.
  • Local bank - The location-level bank. These exist in certain locations in campaigns (forts, keeps, and the temple) and are vessel-specific. They’re meant to be used as local, temporary storage while gathering items.

Changes In The Pipeline

Much of the way worlds without embargo restrictions work will remain the same. You’ll be able to move your vessel in and out of these non-embargo worlds without regulation, taking items as you please.

Worlds with embargo restrictions are about to undergo some very important changes. Namely, the export of items will no longer happen strictly through the Spirit Bank UI the way it does now.

But we’ll get to that in a bit. First, how do you get your sweet gear into a Campaign?

Importing: Gear Up

Imagine this: You’ve spent some time leveling up in the God’s Reach and met a cool guild that gave you some gear when they helped you train in an Eternal Kingdom. Now, you’re ready to join your guildmates in braving the campaign world. What about those goodies your new friends gave you? Can you bring them in?

The answer is that it depends on the campaign. When you attempt to join a campaign with a vessel that has inventory or equipment, the system will automatically compare the import rules to your current items. If you have too many items (in the case of high-restriction campaigns), you will be alerted that your vessel cannot join that world because of the embargo rules. You can then move that vessel into an Eternal Kingdom or a world without embargo limitations and manually clear out some of your inventory.

When your inventory can be successfully imported, you’ll see a confirmation box when you try to join a campaign. This dialogue box will show you the number of import tokens allowed in the campaign as well as how many you’ll use to import your current inventory and equipment. Since import and export tokens will be shared across all vessels on your account, this lets you make an informed decision on how many you want to use with this particular vessel. If you’re signing up for a very restricted campaign, make sure you use your import tokens to bring in your very best gear.

Exporting: Claim Your Profit

You’ve successfully imported your best equipment, you fought like mad in the campaign, and now you want to enjoy your spoils of war. Here is where the definitions of the banks change somewhat.

Local banks will be removed entirely; item storage will depend completely on your inventory, the world bank or Spirit Bank and caravans (keep an eye out for more news on these in the future). The Spirit Bank will still act as account-level storage that can be accessed by any vessel on your account; however, you can no longer just pull it up at will when you’re in the world. Instead, in worlds that have embargo limits, you’ll need to find a world bank.

Through world banks, you can store items for export (in worlds without embargo, these same world bank locations become the place to open your Spirit Bank). Items that you place here can then be accessed from the lobby and moved to your Spirit Bank at the cost of export tokens. Each campaign’s world bank is shared between all vessels subscribed to that campaign.

When a vessel leaves a campaign, either through the natural conclusion of the world or by manually unlocking that vessel, the inventory and equipment that were on the vessel are placed into the world bank automatically. (If your world bank was already full, these additional items go into an overflow state and can only be accessed once you’ve cleared some space.) You can then export the items you’d like to keep from the world bank to your Spirit Bank in the lobby. Keep an eye on those export tokens; once they’re used up, the world bank will close and any remaining items will be deleted.

Remember, too, that import and export tokens for each campaign are shared by all vessels across one account. So, if you have multiple vessels in the same campaign, make sure you keep track of the items each of them has stored when you export your items.

Each account can have a maximum of nine world banks open. This means, after the end of a campaign, you’ll need to make sure you export anything left in your world bank if you want to join a new campaign.

Storage Strategy

It’s easy to see why we’re excited about the changes to the embargo system. With each campaign’s import and export tokens moved to the account-level (and shared between the vessels in that campaign) and the need to travel to a world bank in order to export items from that world, there will be an additional layer of strategy injected into the game. Choices will have consequences, especially in worlds with limited imports and exports.

Source: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/news/articles/embargo-changes

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