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  • TenTonHammer: War of Gods Interview

    In an exclusive interview with TenTonHammer's Lewis Burnell, Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman announced, "We’ll be working on this milestone through the end of the year and launch [alpha] in early 2020."
    Read the full article for all the latest information about Crowfall!

  • Von den Entwicklern

    • The minor PDM changes was the final part in the multi milestone approach we took to fix things. (Think we started in 7.200?) Increased the armor to mitigation coefficient. Removed Armor Break Buffs Stacking. Reduced magnitude of Armor Breaks from 20% to 10%. Cap Armor Pen at -20% instead of -100%. As you can see in the past 2 milestones we have been increasing defenses (and it has shown results in our logs) The final formula portion of the multi - milestone approach
    • We choose 100 based on data about guild sizes, 7.3 alliance caps and Kentucky windage. 24 hours ago some were even reacting that a reward category targeted toward 100 was too rich. Be assured that if we missed the Goldilocks zone, we'll make adjustments. Zum Beitrag
    • Keep in mind there's only one 1st place, one 2nd and one 3rd. The quantities assume an organization of roughly 100 people so these rewards are intended to help make sure there is plenty to go around. Zum Beitrag
    • Although the vendors aren't coming until the next cycle, the idea behind the Conquest Coins is to give you some flexibility. So if you didn't get exactly what you were hoping for you can purchase it ala carte. Zum Beitrag
    • The 20% vault increase is in the store now. Zum Beitrag
    • Only Base Starter packs are available to be be used for upgrades as our system only allows upgrades from a single bundled package and the Base Starter package is the only one that works that way. We're working on getting the 20% vault increase in the store soon as a separate item. Zum Beitrag
    • Hey y'all! I've read through every single comment in this thread and I appreciate each one whether big or small. I took a lot of useful notes. I will spend some time this next week updating the document and incorporating the feedback that was presented. Then, I believe everyone will get to take a look at the updates and give additional feedback. Thank you. Zum Beitrag
    • Please contact us at support@crowfall.com as we need more info to help you! Zum Beitrag
  • Fragen und Antworten: September 2019

    In addition to answering questions from the forum and stream chat audience, the devs will talk about “Overall Team Competitiveness”, a formula Creative Director J. Todd Coleman devised for measuring the competitive strength of a team. 
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  • Crowfall enthüllt "Die Infizierten"

    Prepare to be infected as Crowfall introduces a third world type, The Infected, an eternal battleground where Crows compete for territory and premium resources across an infinite timeline. The Infected offers players of level 15 and above a mid-level risk/reward environment and a change of pace that sits perfectly between the safe-areas of the God’s Reach and the harsh brutality of The Trials of the Gods. 

    The challenge that players must overcome is gaining and retaining control of highly-contested strongholds and respawn points without which they cannot achieve success against factional enemies. 
    With a scoreboard that is updated on a 15-minute timer, The Infected features three siege maps (each home to multiple keeps, forts and smaller control points) as staging areas to a single resource-rich continent in the center of the map. Resource zones become the center of the conflict as Crows compete for valuable resources with everything from wild beasts to enemy combatants.
    The Infected: catch it now on a Crowfall server near you!  

  • MMORPG.com: Crowfall Embargo

    Head over to MMORPG.com to read Crowfall: Embargoed! wherein Red Thomas shares his impressions about the Magic Loot and Embargo Systems and important changes to experimentation in crafting introduced in the latest update for Crowfall, The Fortunes of War.
    Video: Crowfall - Kriegsglück

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  • Fragen und Antworten: Juli 2019

    he ACE Q&A for July live stream took place on July 23, the same day the Fortunes of War update was released. 
    In the stream, Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair discussed the improvements to the new player experience in the game world called “God’s Reach”. One of the most significant changes was the rollout of the Magic Loot system, introducing juicy drops from PVE monsters that can be used to either outfit your new Crow or sacrificed to level your Crow more quickly. 
    All of this means that character advancement for new players is faster, easier and more fun than ever. It also means that by the time players are ready to brave their first campaigns, they will be familiar with all of the powers and talents their character possesses.  
    Other topics the duo covered in the stream included vessels, milestone momentum, banking and much more. 

  • Kriegsglück

    Das Update "Kriegsglück" ist bereit für Crowfall!
    The Fortunes of War marks our newest update, centered on items and equipment.  Two major features are included, both of which will drive advancement and conflict. The eagerly-awaited update includes a few other surprises so be sure to check it out. Read more about it at MMORPG.com and Massively Overpowered.

    The next Trial of the Gods will be announced later this week. To participate in that campaign, characters will need to be level 20 or higher. Crows are encouraged to use this interim time wisely to ensure their vessels are in tip-top shape and battle-ready.

  • Von Kreuz zu Pik

    In the article Ein freundlicheres Willkommen, we highlighted some of the improvements we’ve made to help new players get off to a solid start in Crowfall; however, once you’ve successfully navigated that first gauntlet of spiders with your new weapons and powers, what comes next?
    That all depends on you and what sort of Crow you wish to be. There are many paths to choose from and each has a veritable cornucopia of customization choices that open new possibilities in how you play, your look and the special abilities you acquire. Since the choices are vast, it helps to get an introduction that gives you insight into the different paths, providing a framework through which you can navigate to create the character that best fits your play style. So, let’s break it down into a more simplified view by taking a look at some of the familiar player types and which Crowfall activities are best-suited to each of them. 
    Von Kreuz zu Pik
    According to Richard Bartle’s Taxonomy of Player Types, the primary categories can be represented by the four suits found in a pack of standard playing cards: 
    Clubs - fighters Diamonds - fortune seekers Hearts - socializers Spades - diggers for information Bartle himself will be the first to say that since most players prefer to mix it up a bit the theory isn’t failproof. Still, the basics are still relevant and meaningful enough that game designers continue to use his findings as a reference point.
    It’s all interesting stuff, especially for those who are interested in game design theory, but many of you may be asking… 
    Was gibt es für mich?
    Crowfall has an innovative, multi-faceted character advancement system. As you play the game presents players with meaningful choices to advance your character through the selection of Disciplines, Skills and Talents. Through selection of these you tailor your character’s special skills and talents.
    When you start playing Crowfall, your Eternal Crow enters the Dying Lands ready to fight for glory, wealth and power. No doubt, your Crow will need some skills, right? The game world is full of possibilities for every player type, you choose your path - and that’s why your choices matter. 

    Clubs - You’re a fighter. Not a scruffy, scrappy mutt, no. You’re a savage killing machine, assassin or perhaps, a mercenary. Fighting other players is the optimum way to prove your mettle, and you’ll scratch that itch when you plunge into clashes over the control of forts, keeps and outposts. But don’t saddle up and head into the battlefield just yet, cowboy. You’ll need some training first so that you can become one with your abilities.
    Pairs well with: Diamonds - You’ll help them by swiftly dispatching enemies, they repay you by providing the best weapons and equipment.
    Getting started: Hone your skills on the creatures of the Gods Reach such as spiders and the undead, then whet your appetite for PVP with a siege or two before striking out into your first full-fledged campaign world Throne War.

    Diamonds - You don’t simply want everything, you want it all in multiples. Your ambition drives you to build a reputation that tells others you have the best of everything and are willing to share it with them… for a price. Through harvesting, crafting, trading and collecting, your empire will begin to grow once your well-stocked vendors start raking in the sweet, sweet gold you'll happily count from the comfort of your very own kingdom.   
    Pairs well with: Spades - They know where to find the good stuff. Bartering the information they provide for the resources you have is a worthwhile return on your investment.
    Getting started: Even as a new Crow, you can earn collectible tankards by spending some time on the TEST server and you can earn a God Sigil, imbued with magical power, by participating in the Trials of the Gods. Venture into War Tribe camps to fill your inventory with fat stacks of loot that you can use, sell or trade.

    Hearts - You’re a people person, a social butterfly that finds contentment by interacting with others. While your primary motivation may not necessarily be to become embroiled in politics and intrigue, you’ll inevitably build up a database of who knows who and who’s doing what. These can be powerful tools should you decide to throw your helmet into the ring of guild management or coordinating events. 
    Pairs well with: All player types - You’re basically the wild card in any deck since the knowledge you hold is valuable to all of them. Who would make the best ally? Who’s not to be trusted? You know the answers, but you’re also savvy enough to know how to use that information in the ways that best suit your own purposes. 
    Getting started: Your hobnobbing can begin even before you log in by perusing the Guild Recruiting forum and the Unofficial Crowfall Community Discord. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll always find Crows to flock with, day or night. Within the game, you can strike up a conversation in a variety of ready-made chat rooms (accessible from the lower right corner of your screen) or create a channel of your own.

    Spades - Hey, trailblazer! The burning desire you have for discovery drives you to leave no stone unturned, no hill unclimbed. Few things make you happier than exploring every inch of the terrain to see what’s out there. And, since Crowfall’s Dying Worlds are dynamically-created to be different when the world resets after each Throne War campaign, there will always be new maps to explore and conquer. Knowing where the points of interest are is only a drop in your adventure bucket. There’s more than one way to cross a map and you’ll know all of them. You’ll also know where to find a fight if you’re looking for one and alternate routes if you’re looking to avoid conflict.  
    Pairs well with: Hearts - The information they gather from other players provides a handy shortcut around a lot of missteps and backtracking as you explore new areas. 
    Getting started: In studying the terrain and architecture as you investigate the world around you, you’ll quickly learn to identify the safe areas, the unsafe areas and everything in-between. Familiarize yourself with the locations of runegates and you’ll be able to pop quickly from one place to the next, leaving more time to do the exploring that you love. 
    Spiel mit einem ganzen Deck
    Having a variety of player types is important to creating an online world that’s vibrant, inviting and exciting. Taking it a step further by giving players ways to mix-and-match the activities they enjoy adds even more depth, and that’s what we’ve set out to do with Crowfall.
    What’s your ultimate desire? To command an army of elite fighters? To rule your own kingdom with the support of loyal vassals? To build a robust empire connected by trusted trade routes? To create rare and powerful items that earn you the most sought-after maker's mark? All are attainable goals.  
    Which player type do you identify with the most, and which aspects of Crowfall appeal to that facet of your inner Crow? 

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