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  3. Shiro

    ACE Q&A for April

  4. Shiro

    Exploring the Castle

  5. Shiro

    Pre-Alpha 5 Live! for March

  6. Lots of good bug reports so far folks. A few pretty bad ones but that is why we test before going to LIVE. We'll get a new version done early next week with a bunch of fixes. Keep the reports coming and thanks again! Zum Beitrag
  7. Letzte Woche
  8. Welcome to TEST, Beta 3 test group! You're all set to join us for the snap test happening now! Zum Beitrag
  9. Also including recent patch notes that were not posted to the forums. 5/18/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Feedback and Bug Reports Thread Skill Trees: Fix a bug in strings on the tooltip for skill trees. Eternal Kingdoms and Vassals: Fixed an issue that could cause players to not be able to edit parcels in a public kingdom that they were a noble in. Campaigns: Updated beachhead to fix missing texture on cottage. General Bug Fixes: Fixed up shadows flickering in the distance, but now have a little more pronounced floating at our feet. Adjusted down shadow map resolution so performance on GPU side is better. Banks will now work correctly with range checks and they will no longer flicker when closed while not active. Flytext on Harvesting Nodes should now be visible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/17/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update Skill Trees: Fixed the bug in which after adding pips to a skill node, both campaign and EK doesn't update the stats real time. Adjusted skill trees pre-requisites values to take into account new skill node values. "Select" and "View Skills" UI should no longer display when exiting the skills menu. Fixed a bug that was preventing training when switching skill trees. Eternal Kingdoms and Vassals: Fixed an issue where movement in building placement mode could be locked up by fluctuations in framerate. Fixed issue where ejecting someone else's building that had your vendor stall (or similar attachable item) would cause your item to disappear. Fixed issue where banned a player who had been granted tokens would not return those tokens back to the parcel owner. Fixed a bug that prevented parcel owners from retrieving tokens once they had given away all of the desired type. Fixed issue where removing a vassal whose house you had attached a vendor to would properly mail back the house but leave your vendor floating in the air. Campaigns: Added in edge world fog for 5.6. General Bug Fixes: Updated vessel tooltip to show base stats and points spent. Fixed an issue where terrain quality settings were not being applied. However, by design, since there are no performance gains from switching to a low quality shader, the terrain shader will always be the highest quality for all quality levels. Fixed the visual issue with trying to drag a power to the power tray on the first try. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/10/18 Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update Skill Trees: Updated skill XP values for crafting skill trees. Race skill trees now have data in them. Added stats into the crafting research lines in addition to the recipes granted. Fix added for both profession tracks appearing as "primary". Skill Tooltips now support more than 5 stats in a single skill node. Eternal Kingdoms and Vassals: Added chat command /ekdisplayparcelowner. Showing icons for objects in an EK. Player Movement: Fixed hitch when trying to switch to stealth tray while airborne. Players with Master of Bows should now be able to jump while in the Ranged Tray. Sprint is now a client immediate Hold-and-Release power. Apply fly direction for powers that have a vertical root motion without waiting for liftoff, since some jumps have a slight skid before takeoff. Fixed an issue with walk getting stuck after any movement or action. Fixed an issue with teleport desynch for observed players. Added a fix for Shield Slam getting stuck by jumping or sprinting. Crafting: Shifted where crafting recipes are granted for jewelcrafting, woodworking, and runemaking, leatherworking, blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and alchemy. Marking Crypt Parcel Recipe and Crafting Deck Recipe as no longer prototype. Campaign: Fix to make sure POI's in datalayers show up on the map. Shire parcel with the fort turned on works. Move POI icons up to 0 elevation, if they're negative elevation (below the terrain) on the map. Canyon exported to get POI icons from data layers. Fixed naming of parcels in Mourning. Fixed lack of dragon spawn points in Mourning. General Bug Fixes: Some tooltip fixes to tooltips going off the bottom of the screen, fixed some input issues with tooltips not closing. Adjusted Male Fae Camera offsets to not be so low. Fixed the missing highlight for active harvesting tool. Reworked some keybinding options so that we can successfully bind ESDF instead of WASD for movement. Increased doober trigger volume size so they're easier to pickup. Updated vessel tooltip to show base stats and points spent & fixed bug with guinecean basic attack appearing unusable. Zum Beitrag
  10. Please join us for a snap test of Pre-Alpha 5.6 on TEST today at 5 pm CDT! We plan to load test until it breaks (per Gordon), but we will add extra capacity and plan to run the TEST environment campaigns all weekend beyond the spot test. The Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 2 test groups have been activated for this test. We’ve implemented some new infrastructure to address performance issues, but the true test will come when we load it up with Crows and see how it holds up. Zum Beitrag
  11. @BarriaKarl, it's fine that you posted in this older thread, but making a new thread to report issues is just as good. It's up to the reporter. Thanks for pointing out the bit about the "combinations" page. I am not sure what the original intention for that was; I'm guessing the race/class chart (which was incomplete at the time the website was redone). I'll run that by Melissa and TG to see if they want to add that chart or simply do away with that section. I'm afraid I'm not quite following you about the top menu issue. Can you rephrase or show me some screenshots? Zum Beitrag
  12. @Tinnis I added your site to the list. Thanks! Zum Beitrag
  13. Here are some handy links for new testers to explore for important information that will help them get started in Crowfall: support@crowfall.com – Don’t hesitate to email us if you need help or have questions. That’s why we’re here! Crowfall tutorial videos - You can also access these videos from the game lobby Crowfall How to Play guide - Revisions for 5.6 are coming soon, but this will still give you the basics you need to get started [un]Official Crowfall Discord – Real-time chat with other Crowfall community members, many of whom are also active playtesters. Malekai.org - Open-source and crowd-maintained database of all things Crowfall Semi-Mong YouTube - A steady stream of helpful videos SirDesh YouTube - Another great resource for Crowfall tips If you have suggestions for additional links that should be added to the list, please let me know! Zum Beitrag
  14. I've heard people comment about not wanting to use their phones for 2FA, so I wanted to point out that there are also web-based apps for that. I really like the Google Chrome extension. Makes it super convenient for me. If you have a particular app you like for 2FA, please share! Zum Beitrag
  15. We'll get he fractional crowns fixed (in your favor). The guild discount applies to your first purchase after guilding. Zum Beitrag
  16. Crowfall

    [Entwickler] May 17 Snap Test!

    Looks like we're going to leave it up for as long as the hamster can keep the wheel spinning. Thanks so much to everyone who can jump in and hammer on it a bit. Zum Beitrag
  17. I'll bring this to Travian's attention to see if we can get it addressed. Thanks for the heads up, Weebles! Zum Beitrag
  18. Please post in the Testing > Bugs forum to report game-related issues. This forum is for web-related issues only. Zum Beitrag
  19. Please post in the Testing > Bugs forum to report game-related issues. This forum is for web-related issues only. Zum Beitrag
  20. I use an extension on Google Chrome for 2FA. Zum Beitrag
  21. The Crowfall Crowns Store is open for business! FULL STORY Zum Beitrag
  22. FearMe

    Community Hangout mit Livestream

    Es wird endlich mal wieder ein Hangout der CFC mit Livestream geben! Jeder kann Teilnehmen - wir freuen uns auf eine rege Teilnahme.
  23. Crowfall

    [Entwickler] Murder of Crows AMA

    @Mentah We'll be sending a small Crow Crew over to Germany again this year for Gamescom. Aside from that, we don't have any plans to do any events en force quite yet. Conventions are expensive, not only in the cost of travel and creating a booth, etc., but also in that it slows down production on the game itself. We need everyone here doing what they do. Getting the game finished and making it the best it can be are our highest priorities. All of that said, if you'll hit me with a reminder closer to Wizard World time, we could probably arrange for an informal local meet-up like the ones we've done during PAX South. @Tinnis You don't get any cred for eating whale because it's delicious. You wouldn't even try hákarl? Dude, it's like a rite of passage. A "tastes like a disintegrating sponge soaked in ammonia, please kill me now" rite of passage. Zum Beitrag
  24. Crowfall

    [Entwickler] 2 Weeks In.

    Yeah, I feel like we need to add low quality items (or components) to the loot tables to drive exploration and scavenging. Right now we have a technical limitation (oddly enough, items that are created outside of the crafting system can't be assigned attributed!) but obviously we'll fix that at some point and it will open us up to be able to make scavenging a viable activity. Todd Zum Beitrag
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  26. Die ganze Festungsmauer mit Köpfen verzieren ^^
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