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Livestreams, AMAs und Sumpfbären

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Diese Woche herrscht wieder emsiges Treiben im Crowfall Universum - der Terminkalender ist vollgepackt mit unterhaltsamen Programm und neuen Inhalten zum Spiel! Nachfolgend ein kurzer Überblick über die kommenden Tage und Bildmaterial zum furchteinflössenden Sumpfbären!

Gestern Nacht wurde das offizielle Bestarium um einen neuen Bewohner erweitert: Der Sumpfbär

SummerBogBear_Watermarked.jpg HungerBogBear_Watermarked.jpg

Die Mitarbeiter von ArtCraft Entertainment scheinen sich auch nach der Arbeit gut zu verstehen und einige Zeit miteinander zu verbringen. Vor etwa einem Monat haben sich Mitglieder des Art Teams zusammengefunden und eine Partie 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons mit J. Todd Coleman als Dungeonmaster gespielt.

Da es intern sehr viel Freude bereitet haben dürfte, wiederholen die Entwickler das Ganze und lassen die gesamte Crowall Gemeinschaft daran teilhaben. Die tapferen Helden werden sich in der heutigen Nacht auf Donnerstag, um 01:00 Uhr unserer Zeit, zusammenfinden und ihr Abenteuer auf Twitch livestreamen.

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in die letzte Partie - das wird Dich erwarten:

Auch am Donnerstag findet ein offizieller Crowfall Livestream statt - diesmal jedoch wieder mit etwas mehr Inhalt zum eigentlichen Spiel. Im Stream zu sehen werden Jonathan Pollard, verantwortlich für das funktionelle Weltdesign und den Spawner, und Gregory Tapper, der einiges über die Partikeleffekte im Spiel zu berichten weiß.

Schalte also auch am Donnerstag um 17:00 Uhr im offiziellen Crowfall Livestream auf Twitch ein und sei dabei!

Die Arbeitswoche schließen Gordon Walton und J. Todd Coleman persönlich mit einem Ask Me Anything (AMA) auf reddit /r/MMORPG ab. Hier kannst Du Deine Fragen direkt an die beiden Gründer von ACE stellen! 

Hinweis: Solltest Du Fragen stellen wollen, aber feststellen, dass Dein Englisch schon etwas eingerostet ist - teile Deine Frage einfach mit uns und wir stellen diese am Freitag in Vertretung für Dich!


Auf welchen dieser Termine freust Du Dich am meisten?


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Hier eine erste Zusammenstellung der Fragen und Antworten aus dem gestrigen AMA:


1. Blazzen_LoD
Why did you implement damage splitting? What is your current opinion of damage splitting after seeing player feedback? Are there any plans to change or remove damage splitting?

JTC: yeah, we're looking at alternatives to damage splitting. (I'm not a huge fan, tbh.)

Since the kickstarter and 2015 versions of the various strongholds (forts, keeps, castles, etc) were “retired” are we able to sell those items for real world money through the trusted trade program?

Tyrant: All that is retired in the new modular system is the Kickstarter or 2015 accessory pack. All the other elements of the strongholds (the center piece building, walls and parcel) are common and not retired from the catalog.

Anything retired from our store, either package or item can be sold to or purchased from a Trusted Trader.


2. WeeblesWobbles
With the upcoming launch of a constant world pre-alpha test. Will the EK system be coming with that launch so we can start testing it and seeing what our in-game castles/forts/etc will look like?

JTC: before we do Eternal Kingdom or Campaign World testing, we need to test the basics. the next version coming out will contain a bunch of "foundational" systems that are common to all worlds (EK & CW both). This includes stuff like: supporting a huge world that players can explore. supporting a more realistic number of concurrent players on a server (goal is 2000 on a world). moving to the real architecture; this is a big one because it touches everything (offline training, persistence, handling hundreds of thousands of players -- or more). so far, all of our testing has been "match" based. no persistence, small world(s), short durations. this milestone is where we shift gears to building Crowfall, the actual game that we promised.


Do you have a launch list for the next few Archtypes that will be coming out?

Tyrant: Nope! We hold that back until we start rolling them out with art. Anticipation! (the list is getting shorter)


Has it been decided on how the backer rewards will work with mounts? Are they one time use since they can be a lootable item in your inventory? If you lose it, are you able to somehow replace it without having to buy it again in the cash shop?

Tyrant: While we don't have the specifics, the goal is to have a way so you can change the appearance of a wild caught mount to have the appearance of the Kickstarter mounts.


3. Durenthal

How far along are the following systems? - guild support - skills at the account level - disciplines - vessels being introduced (and crows, by extension) - crafting - harvesting - improved UI and chat systems

When you launch persistent world testing next month, how many of these systems be ready for initial testing?

JTC: our next milestone is focused on making the foundation of the MMO work: large scale world(s), persistence across days (...then weeks, then months), scalability of the game service. there are some new systems coming online (harvesting and crafting, revised chat, revised skills) -- but MOST of the next milestone revolves around the theme of "laying the foundation for the real game".


Have you considered applying root motion to melee attacks only when the player is pressing a movement key? Alternatively, have you considered letting us press a key to suppress the movement portion of the attack?

JTC: actually, no, the idea of having a trigger to allow you to remain stationary isn't something I have ever discussed with the team. I'll talk to Blair and see what he thinks.


Is it possible to use collision detection to prevent our characters from moving past our opponents on a melee attack miss? Sliding past the opponent (or having them slide past us) is driving the complaints about melee.

JTC: totally agree, it is frustrating. we recognize that the "sliding past your opponent" is a problem, and we're working on it. btw, if you haven't tested lately, you might want to try again -- it's still not perfect, but it's far better than previous builds. if you miss them, you will still fly past them, but if you target properly you should stop.

JTC: I'd like to solve the issues with framerate and hitching before we try and put patches in place to address this. The solution you are describing sounds a lot like soft targeting, and I'm not sure you guys really want that.


How satisfied are you with the level of healing represented by the Legionnaire and Druid classes in current tests?

Tyrant: We will continue to tune these levels (so don't get married to them), and we stand by our "no firehose healers" position.


4. Tinnis_

When are we going to hear more details about EXPLORATION skills and mechanics? (e.g. maps!) *snip*

JTC: next milestone is the first time we'll be dropping players into a real (large) map, which obviously is a vital ingredient. I will say, however: many of the 'convenience' items that you are used to in theme park MMOs, like quest compass pointers, won't be included in Crowfall. We want exploration to be challenging and rewarding, so we're not going to just hand it to you.


Will regular players get in game maps - or will that exclusively be the territory of the cartographer discipline to craft and trade?

JTC: we don't have a mini-map. we will have world maps, but the plan is to have fog or war in Campaigns, so you have to explore to unveil it. We discussed creating a discipline or a branch of the crafting tree to allow scouts/explorers to share that information, but we haven't formalized that design yet... (though I really want to).


Would you also be able to give a small teaser about the broad design of the Templar as the final tank compared to the others with the "Dodge" label?

JTC: On the templar: we're going to have to re-think some of her mechanics, the original idea was that she would be 'dodge' heavy compared to the others, but as a result of testing we decided to much more liberal in granting dodge to the other archetypes. in general, yes, she is intended to be a gish.


what are the MYRM enchants?...it is the only thing missing for my resource site (bit.do/cftest)...care to tell us please now he is in?

Tyrant: The entire enchantment system will be reworked before launch, the current enchants were placeholders for testing.


What do you estimate the size of the mini campaign map to be compared to SP? How many CELLS and how many unique parcels will be used (ish)?

Tyrant: Think 7x7 for SP (but you saw less due to the hunger) vs 20x20 for initial mini-campaign (and as soon there after 20x20's stitched together).


Can we tame or ride BOG BEARS or HELCATS?

Tyrant: Tamable yes, rideable TBD.


Will the ranger still get HIDE once you start looking at STEALTH plans and the assassin?

JTC: Blair still wants to go back and give Hide to the Ranger. To bump that up to stealth would require a discipline.


When will we expect to see mounts enter testing? will mounts have food pools?

JTC: we haven't talked about that, actually... it's an interesting idea. I'll discuss it with blair and the guys.

Will all resource sources be finite in a campaign world?

JTC: we've talked about that, and we might still have some resources that deplete, but the general rule was to adjust the respawn rates (in time and quantity) of resources over the seasons. some things would be easier to find in summer / harder in winter and vice versa. Example: in the current loot tables, the ability to harvest meat from an animal is cut in half in winter versus summer.


How are you designing the systems so people don't just buy multiple accounts and have crafter only alts instead of crafter mains?

Tyrant: This is not a design criteria. Some people will buy multiple accounts, it's not something you can realistically stop.


Will hill/mountain climbing have more freedom compared to current implementations?

JTC: yeah, this area needs a lot of work. we have made some changes internally that you guys haven't seen yet (related to movement) that will impact this; so let's chat again after the next milestone.


5. MrMitz

Hmm.... So with the soft launch of the game will there be any of the crafting trees that will be excluded? or will all crafting trees be available for the soft launch?

JTC: our goal is to fill out all of the trees currently represented, though I wouldn't be surprised if (through the course of testing) some of those branches are trimmed, some are replaced and new ones are added. Post launch, we will be adding more, because that's what always happens with an MMO.


6. nator316

When will we be able to test Eternal Kingdoms

Tyrant: When we launch our EK milestone! Coming after our upcoming big world milestone. Goal: before year end. We'll see!


7. Belchonie

What are the next items being added to the cash shop (if not specifics, generally what will they be? ie: More buildings, merch, etc.)?

Can you tell us how many milestones from now we can start learning about the guild | sub-guild | and alliance systems? If not, can you guys share YOUR vision for it? (Of course with the caveat nothing and everything can change).

Will there be seasonal/holiday themes/variations of items- In game item drops, cash shop items, gifts?


     1)Likely to be more parcel and building types for the EKs

     2) It's on our near term to-do list, but realistically it will be early next year before we roll out more information beyond the current FAQ.

     3) seasonal stuff, like christmas items, etc. no plans at this time. if we do it (ever), it certainly won't be prior to launch.


8. Screelings

*snip* Has their been any movement on the amount of time it would take a fresh newbie player to "max out" a given archetype and one of its promotion archetype skills?

JTC: right now to get over a promotion class to max for a single archetype would be over a year. (that said, keep in mind these numbers are subject to change, and there is a high likelihood that you wouldn't want every skill for that archetype, anyway.)


We know a decent amount about your goals with stealth, but what can you tell us about anti-stealth?

Are you leaning towards a 100% chance to reveal targets around a person using a "reveal" skill, a percent chance based on the revealers individual skill level, or a comparison of the revealer vs those stealthed nearby? Any thoughts? 

JTC: the answer is: we are using components of all of the above. stealth/anti-stealth game was one of the systems that worked really well in Shadowbane, so I'll be disappointed if we can't deliver something equally engaging.


Any estimation of when name reservation or guild name reservation might occur?

Tyrant: We've missed a couple of estimates on this so I'll pass for now. It's something we want to do soonest, but requires game, platform and web coordination which makes it trickier to keep on schedule against all our other near-term priorities. Sorry!


Beyond the bloodstone mechanic, do you have any other sharable information on guilds/factions/etc will be declared winners?

Tyrant: Not yet, but we have to get the first revision of that design done pretty soon, so it won't be long before we roll that out to the website for feedback. I imagine we'll be adding and tweaking on scoring and victory conditions through launch and beyond though!


Have you considered any other additional perks for VIP we don't know about yet?

Tyrant: Yes, but nothing we're ready to formally announce.


9. matrius
Where is the Frostweaver in concept at this point? Is it considered a melee mage? What sort of promotion roles can we expect from it?

JTC: we haven't locked her powers list yet, because there were some tech questions that we still needed to answer, but we are leaning towards making her a specialist: she can use her ice-themed powers to do interesting things in combat, like conjure a wall of ice, etc.


Can coalitions of guilds "win" a campaign, where the winner status applies to each sub-guild in the coalition/nation?

JTC: we are planning to have a "kneel" mechanic, where guilds can sub to other guilds for a portion of the reward.


Are there any plans to re-work some of the earlier archetypes (like the Knight) given that they were built before a lot of the new tech came online?

Tyrant: The Designers are constantly making tweaks to all the archetypes as they get new tech toys to play with. I would think they would spend even more time once they start working on promotion classes.

10. LeBler

Are there any plans to rework combat to get rid of animation locks? As someone who likes playing ranged classes, movement is generally vital to survival when kiting another player or mob.

JTC: the trend, over time, has been for us to allow more and more mobility for ranged classes, to allow them to move while attacking. you'll see that trend continue in future builds.


Any chance of that same trend occurring for Melee classes?

JTC: are you talking about root motion? because we already allow you to steer during melee attacks.


Can you tell us anything about a "scoring" system that may be put into place once we start getting into campaigns? *snip*

Tyrant: We've got plenty of ideas around this, but the work on it has not begun. Once we have it fleshed out I'm sure you'll see a major update on the system and the theory-crafting wars will begin on it!



11. _Ketu_

Will anyone be able to play on any server if they buy the game from ACE or will there be restrictions based on the country/region?

Tyrant: We've committed to EU/North America playing together as they desire. All and any other restrictions are TBD.


12. TwinHollowFangs

*snip* What changes have been made in the last 6 or so months that addressed combat? Are your plans to stick with the same general system or are there major changes coming in the future?


1) combat IS slow and unresponsive. this is primarily technical issues, and while we've made great strides in the last year, we absolutely agree that it isn't there yet. but it will be!

2) we have no tutorial. we drop you into a single elimination death-match arena with a full compliment of powers and we do almost nothing to explain how they work. yeah, that sucks. obviously, we need to do better on-ramping before launch.

3) there are major changes still planned, both technical fixes and design changes.

we made a decision at the beginning of the project to be completely transparent: no NDA, let players in to the build as quickly as possible -- way, way before most players ever lay their hands on a playable build. the downside of this is that players aren't used to seeing a product in such a rough, painful state. Every project starts like this; you guys just don't see it.


13. Recatek

Optimization-wise, what FPS do you consider acceptable for the following battle sizes: 3v3, 15v15, 50v50, 150v150?

Tyrant: What kind of computer setup do you have? (as that will drive fps more than us). Seriously, our goal will be to keep fps above 30 even in larger groups of >50 visible archetypes. We've been working on fps improvements pretty consistently, and will continue to do so!


Now a year or two into the project, how do you feel about the team using Unity? Doing it again would you make the same decision? *snip*

Tyrant: Unity has accelerated our progress significantly. We wouldn't change course knowing what we know now.


From an industry perspective, what US cities do you consider to be game development "hubs", and why?

Tyrant: SF, LA/SD, Seattle, Austin, DC/VA/Maryland, Research Triangle, Atlanta, Phoenix,Chicago, NYC. It's all about the total number of studios/game developers. I'm sure I missed a couple.


14. HelixBiS

what made you guys decide to shift off of split-body to root motions? What are your impressions of root motions now that they're in? A lot of people dislike them and some are playing the wait and see game. The split body changes in the past received a lot of praise where as the root motions not so much.

How do you envision friendly fire being applied to the current combat model?

What are your opinions on the healing and support archetypes currently in the game. There is a large consensus of people that are underwhelmed by the druid and legionnaire in this regard. What do the devs think the role of a support should be in crowfall?


we're still playing with this to find the balance that we like. I had blair add the split bodies to try it. then we tried moving to root motion. I'm sure we'll try out more ideas before launch. This is the area of the game we decided we wanted to iterate on the most.

I have some doubts about how well it will work (or how popular it will be) but we're going to try it. FF wasn't in Shadowbane, so it wasn't part of my original vision for CF... but given the way our Campaign system worked, it seemed like something we could make as a rule variant. That said, I still haven't been able to figure out a way to make it work in the Campaigns that 'auto-join' you to a team or a faction. (because if anyone can join your team, and you don't have the capacity to kick them out, then FF is the ultimate griefing tool).

they aren't traditional MMO 'firehose healers' so if that is the expectation, yes, you're going to find them disappointing. we want them to act in a support capacity, and thrive in team situations, but we don't want victory to boil down to which-team-brought-more-healers, because that is lame.


How "class defining" will promotions be in comparison to disciplines. Will we see a complete game play change depending on what promotion I choose? For instance, if there is a tank promotion for confessor, will I be granted new defensive type abilities? Where do the devs see promotions going?

JTC: the two systems that we are planning to extend this is disciplines and promotions. I hear your concern about "waiting for promos and disciplines" but I don't agree. if we add more stuff to the base class, it means less flexibility and customization in terms of powers. moving those same into disciplines or promotions means more flexibility is in the hands of the player(s) to design their build. every confessor can be unique, for instance, which leads to a deeper game experience.


15. Joneh

What are the plans for the upcoming tests of the campaign worlds. Will it be EU and NA players together or will the tests be seperate for EU and NA?

Tyrant: Players can always play together in testing. We'll continue to test on installations in multiple geographical regions.


16. JamesGoblin

How much is game / engine performance affected by possible friendly fire on, especially with more than a couple players on screen? In other words, was that important part of your decision to delay (or whatever is the plan) FF in tests?

Tyrant: Some performance difference will be there (more colliding of powers with PC's) but that has no effect on our plans for the timing of introducing FF testing.


Do you have any rough estimate of how much money you'll get from overseas licensing? Any orientation, say, at least: will the total pre-launch sum be measured by millions or hundreds of thousands?

Tyrant: As much as humanly (or inhumanly) possible. It really depends on how the various markets perceive Crowfall will find an audience and keep them playing. Our game is different enough that some markets will need to see how we perform in beta before making that commitment. The later they wait the more it will cost as the risks are being mitigated. Millions is the norm is the short answer for major MMO markets.


Could you roughly estimate the chances to have Australian servers on launch? Like 30%, 70%...?

Tyrant: Likelihood of Australian servers at launch = number of Australian (and Kiwi) customers who buy the game / 20,000. We plan to continue to test with an Australian server, it's a great test of latency for people playing everywhere else in the world!


A question about big battles in small areas (say, siege): Let's assume, for illustration, that you will be able to support ~100 players with smooth FPS or ~200 players with bearable and that ~300 players in the small area will make the game more-less unplayable.

With these numbers in mind, how would you estimate Campaign server cap (concurrent players)? Could you allow, say, ~2000 concurrent players in the same Campaign with such engine performance?

Tyrant: It's too early to make guesses on this, in the end the metrics are what drive this (along with the player machine capabilities for number of nearby players). This video might explain some of what we are doing though:https://www.youtube....h?v=arjRVLlws54


17. Razwerd

Possible beta testing date and maybe release date?

Tyrant: We'll be letting beta 1 players into testing this year as we start more persistent testing. Actual beta TBD. Actual launch date even more TBD.


18. Streaksyd

When can we expect to see caravans in the game and how will they be priced when compared to the horses and pack pigs in the store?

JTC: a caravan isn't a "thing", it's a game activity. you get a bunch of players and pack animals and you load them up until they are bristling with goodies, then you force march to your destination.


Will the archetypes such as the Myrmidon or Stalker be able to ride mounts? Or will there be a system in place similar to how the Legionnaire gets around.

Tyrant: We will do something so the larger archetypes have access to fast mounted movement speed.


Will we see any boss mobs or World bosses in the Campaign Worlds?

JTC: We plan on having "zone sweeper" monsters that are huge and immensely powerful, but they aren't world bosses; meaning they aren't sitting in a dungeon, waiting for you to come kill them and rewarding you with treasure.


19. Nito_BlessSource

regarding the "state" of the game "crowfall" - how would you describe your current state? Are you satisfied with the progress? What are your concerns?

regarding buildings. Each stronghold will be "delivered" as pieces as I understood that correctly. Will you be able to let's say build a massive city out of buildings from different players or is it limited to 1 player can only built on one zone designated to that player

regarding inventory: will there be a realistic inventory such as Quick slots are item slots on your belt so you can only use 1 or 2 potions, 1 optional weapon and such or will it be a traditional system where you can switch equipment on the fly?


overall, I am pleased with the progress -- given the size of our team, we have made HUGE strides in the last two years. that said, there are some areas where I am still not satisfied: movement/responsiveness, combat, and framerate being the top items on that list.

different players can (and should) work together to build out the parcels. Smaller parcels are made to support individuals/partners/groups, larger parcels are made to support guilds.

we don't have "quick slot" items. we will eventually have consumables, but we are going to be very careful that combat doesn't become a game of who-brought-more-potions, because that is lame.


20. ShawnKL

Does your dev team use scrum? If not how did they get to their current state of high performance?

Tyrant: Yes, we use a variation on scrum. Smaller, more experienced teams are much easier to keep rowing the same direction is the real accelerant.


21. ILoveToEatLobster

Can we get a bird-human race like the Shadowbane Aracoix??? Please!!

JTC: I'm a huge fan of the Aracoix; though I have to admit that I blatantly lifted the bird-head-man-body concept from Shining Force. I believe the name was a variation of the Aarakocra from AD&D... anyway, enough trivia: yes, I'd love to add a similar race to Crowfall. Maybe sometime after launch.


22. blackspar

For the last couple of creatures updates you've only released the summer and winter versions. Is it still planned to give creatures spring and fall versions?

JTC: what we found is that two versions is probably a better use of resources. unless you are right up on the creature (at which point it is attacking you), you can't really tell a huge difference between spring/summer and fall/winter. they can still be different from a data standpoint, but cosmetically, I think we would do better to spend that coin elsewhere.


23. WonderBreadpvp

How long till we can playtest the game in a persistent setting?*snip*

Tyrant: Our next major release will be a day to a few days of play. Let's get though that release first!


24. RhaegonGrey

*snip* What measures are you taking for the game not ending up being a disappointment like No Man's Sky , which could not live to all the hype built around it?


we're taking a very different approach to development and visibility. we don't have an NDA. we started putting people into testing from the very beginning, before we even had textures on the world. we don't hide our warts. we expect you to judge us based on the game, not our promises. and you will know the state of the game well before launch, because thousands and thousands of players will already be playing it.

we make no promise that we have created the most amazing game that everyone will love. Crowfall is not for everyone. we are making a specific vision, for a particular type of player. If that's you, great, you will probably love it. if it's not, that's OK. there are plenty of other great games out there.


25. youtube_Jasonwivart

Real money transactions, once the game goes live will we be able to buy and sell things from other players? Why or why not?

Tyrant: Good luck with that. We will have a way for people to trade in game. We have a way for people to monetize retired items no longer in our store. If you try to advertise buying and selling in our game or on our forums we will discipline the account. If you get ripped off, too damned bad, not our problem. If you bring it to our attention that you bought and sold for real world money we'll probably discipline your account for wasting our time. We don't try to police things outside the Crowfall service, but if it causes us problems we'll play whack-a-mole. Nuff said.


How is the controller support coming along? Will we have that before soft launch?

Tyrant: While we've played with internally as a proof of concept, it's not something we want to prioritize over other features currently. Too many things we believe are more critical are in front of it currently. There are a couple of advocates in the office so don't lose hope completely though!


26. AilosCount

*snip* Will I be able to support my team by exploring? Will I be able to profit from exploring? I guess I just want to ask: What makes world exploration a core pillar of the game?

JTC: The best way to illustrate this point: how important is it to know the map in a fresh game of Civilization? each of our Campaign Worlds is unique: unique map, unique placement of resources and terrain features (mountains, valleys, rivers, coastlines). Figuring out the terrain -- and how to use it to your advantage -- is going to be absolutely vital to success in the Campaigns.


27. imwoods

I saw there was a King at the top of the hierarchy, care to add a Queen next to them?

Tyrant: Titles are paired, so that either sex can be used. King/Queen, Baron/Baroness, etc...


28. Mastakos

Would you ever be open to the idea of permanent campaigns?

JTC: I'm not opposed to doing it; we just haven't yet found a way to make it work and avoid the "uncle bob" scenario!

After launch, my hope is to constantly try out new ideas for Campaign rules. My launch goal, really, is "build a platform that we can test ideas on for the next decade or longer."

One idea that was floated recently was to have some "doomsday" mechanic -- so the world isn't pre-determined to die at some fixed point, but it is up to the players to keep it alive. That's not permanent, but it's "indefinite" (which all MMO servers are, if you really think about it).

29. ghuuru

I'm happy to pay to play. What is the monetization model for the game?

Tyrant: Buy-to-play. Buy once, play forever. Optional VIP subscription Optional store (no power,just convenience)http://crowfall.com/en/faq/pricing/

30. EnterOpen

Will Crowfall have SLI support?

Tyrant: Would we like to? Yes. Will we? TBD.


31. PlebianGames

When will Crowfall go into "no wipe" persistence?

Tyrant: Hopefully when it's ready. That would be a likely "soft launch" moment, as the game would be persistent.


How will name reserves be dealt with? Are those still a thing?

Tyrant: Username is your Crowname and you have a vessel name you can add. The vessel name will be at least 24 characters, but I don't think we have a final limit set yet.


32. noobaddition

When do you expect an open beta? Or a closed beta for supporters who pay =< $50? *snip*

Tyrant: We plan a series of open beta tests. Everyone with a free Crowfall.com account gets access to one of these open beta tests.


33. skilliard7

Will there be the ability to purchase tax-free parcels from a cash shop at launch, or are they pledge bundle exclusive?

Tyrant: We don't know yet. When the design is fully fleshed out and published for all the parcels we will know though! It won't be long before that is done.


34. SvennEthir

What are the plans for itemization? Will items decay and need to be replaced *snip*? Are dropped items randomly generated stats (Diablo style random loot) or fixed items? ie. How much variety in equipment stats?

I know that PvE isn't a focus, but just how much PvE are you planning on?*snip* Is PvE mostly just farming mob camps (a la Shadowbane or Black Desert)? Will there be any sort of world bosses or other PvE stuff to fight over? Quests? etc


Items primarily come from player crafters. Items decay and need to be replaced periodically. Stats are determined by the kind and quality of materials used in construction of the equipment. Optional crafting Additives to enhance those stats primarily come from NPC's.

Similar to open world MMORPG's such as Shadowbane/UO where NPCs are in camps in the world.

As for questing, no plans.


yes on item decay, and I totally agree, it's absolutely necessary for a player-driven economy to work.

items generally don't "drop". resources drop, players use those resources to make items which you can buy/sell/trade/loot.

high degree of item variability based on how you craft it and what resource(s) are used. that said, power curve is very shallow (i.e. diminishing returns curve). a maxed-out player in great gear should avoid finding himself in an alley with 3-4 other players.

more like Shadowbane, the monsters are there to raise the threat level of the overall universe (and add an element of chaos to your strategic planning; i.e. "do we bring this caravan through the swamp, which saves time -- but is more dangerous?")

we do have some incredibly tough monsters planned, i.e. zone wipers, but there isn't a quest system and there are no instanced dungeons. these creatures aren't sitting around in some dungeon, waiting for you to come beat them so they can drop some magic boots.

35. tuieee

How complex would the economy be? Would it revolve around the game currency or mostly material trading? Maybe an auction based? How much interaction would a player have with mobs?

JTC: it's completely player-driven. we have currency, but the main reason that you would want to use "gold" or another precious metal as liquid resource is because you can press it into smaller inventory shapes (meaning it stacks really well). remember, we don't have system-spawned NPC vendors or an auction house. It's more like UO or Shadowbane; if you want goods, you need to collect the resources and craft them -- or find other players to do that for you.

Tyrant: The goal is the economy is totally player driven. What players choose to use for currency is what the market decides. There are mobs all over the worlds that raise the difficulty level of the world.


36. vluhdz

What kind of character appearance customization is there going to be? *snip*

JTC: customization is important, and we'll be starting to add it soon. we're going to do gender, hair, hair color, face(s), skin tone and full colorization of items and equipment via the crafting system. (the colorization is already working, actually -- when you login our current tests, we re-color your character equipment based on your God / team selection).

Tyrant: http://crowfall.com/...ender-variants/

This may help also.


37. theStroh

*snip* (referring to cash shop) Are you attempting to balance the power gain from convenience items, or are you okay with the inherent advantage these may give players who pay extra?

JTC: we don't offer any earn-XP-faster potions or 'complete this item now' stuff. in terms of store philosophy, we have two types of servers:

CAMPAIGN worlds, which are PvP-focused, competitive strategy games and KINGDOMS, which are personal worlds which will primarily be used for social and economic gameplay.

We have a cash shop that allows you to buy houses and castles to use in your personal (or guild) Kingdom. These purchased structures cannot be taken into (or used in) the Campaign Worlds.


38. Zoroark173

When will we get any new information about stealth systems?

Tyrant: I would expect to see those systems coming online with the next major milestone.


39. Irbs

Will Forgemasters be some useless pet support class or can we hope to see Forgemasters kicking ass and taking names?

Tyrant: I am very confident the Designers don't set out to make any useless archetypes! As to the specifics you'll have to wait until we officially announce the class.


40. macroscian

How much of a limiting factor is having to adjust for botting and hacking countermeasures? Do you yourself/yourselves feel this makes all aspects of production overly complicated or is it just another parameter?

Tyrant: It's like the weather, it's coming at your eventually so you prepare for it as best you can. So it is more of a parameter than a limit.


41. coolster50

Any tidbits you guys can tell us about the Stalker design that may have changed since the last time they were mentioned?

Tyrant: I'm fairly certain the design team has not changed their views on the direction of the Stalker.


Will there be a weather system in CF? (i.e. rain, snow, lightning & thunder and the like)

Tyrant: Unlikely for launch, not currently in the plan.

I heard the team LOVED the Centaur, but how do they feel about Arachnotaurs (half man/half spider)?

Will promotions and disciplines that allow you to use different weapons be in for soft launch?

Any hints for cracking the rune code?

Will we be able to build strongholds where ever there is flat land in CWs, or are we still using ruins for strongholds? Or a mix of both?

What biome parcels are planned for soft launch?

I heard the Assassin would be shorter than the Duelist; is that true? How tall are they?


Blair has been pushing for an arachnotaur (ha!) and Naga from the beginning. someday!

Some crossover, yes. and after launch, I want to expand that list.

That would be telling!

Check the last ACE Q&A, we talked about that

My first concern is seasons, and providing a large enough array of parcels to generate N worlds procedurally. Biomes will come later.

Duelist is short, but not THAT short.


On one of the livestreams, Jon mentioned using GAIA to change seasons during a CW, could you describe that process more? Has the number of Disciplines we can equip been nailed down? *snip* How do you imagine the guild infrastructure to work in CF?

JTC:  We're still working out details on the seasons, but once we have it set, I will see if we can arrange a livestream with Jon to show off the pipeline. Don't assume anything from the UI. We have a Guild FAQ, which is a good place to start. That said, it's a bit dated, so we probably need to do a refresh!


42. chick3234

What programming language(s) did you use to create crowfall?

Tyrant: C++, C# in Unity.

JTC: Most of it was done in C#, using Unity. We also have bits that are done in C++, and web stuff done in Java.


43. lumpking69

*snip* Any chance you'll add a tab targeting option?

Tyrant: nope!


44. moneda

How will character creation, death, and/or respawning work in the first up-coming persistent mini-campaign world?

Tyrant: The initial death and respawn were in Siege Perilous, but the vessel system is yet-to-be-shown yet. It's coming though!


45. ChuCHuPALX

We all know passive training will be implemented. Will Active Training be also implemented in some form? If so, will Active Training be restricted to certain skill trees (ie, only combat, crafting, etc.)?

Tyrant: http://crowfall.com/en/faq/skills/ We don't have an active training component, we aren't big fans of grinding for tiny gains. We want your play to be viscerally rewarding.


Quelle: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13525-091616-ama-qsas-full-list/

Keine Formatierung, da ich grad Zeitstress habe. Bin erst morgen wieder da!

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Am 14.9.2016 at 11:57 , NchDu sagte:

War Todd beim ersten Livestream wirklich betrunken?

Das hat er in Köln bereits bestätigt - ja er war tatsächlich so betrunken :) 

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So....fange hier mal mit der Übersetzung an. Da ich zwischendurch....lebe..., kommts in Teilen :P
Ach ja, und es kommt 'akisiert' - ich übersetze NICHT Wort für Wort, und so. [...] = von Aki als unwichtig/ zu schwer zu übersetzen befunden! Weil, ich mach das ja zum Spaß, und nicht weil ich ein durchgeknallter Workaholic bin. Noooope.


1. Blazzen_LoD
Warum habt ihr Schadens-Aufteilung eingeführt? Was ist eure derzeitige Meinung, nach all dem Spieler-Feedback? Habt ihr Pläne es zu ändern/ zu entfernen?
JTC: ja, wir schauen uns Alternativen an (ich bin selbst kein großer Fan)

Da die Kickstarter und 2015'er Versionen der verschiedenen Festungen/ Burgen/ Forts 'aus dem Shop genommen' sind, können wir sie jetzt über das 'Trusted Tader' Programm für Echtgeld verkaufen?
Tyrant: ….[nein. Weil im Endeffekt alles noch genauso drin ist, nur in Einzelteilen]

2. WeeblesWobbles
Mit dem bevorstehenden Beginn der Minikampagnen, wird es auch die Möglichkeit geben EKs und Bauen/Gebäude zu testen?
JTC: bevor EKs oder KWs getestet werden, muss die Basis stimmen: das nächste Testsystem wird also Grundlagen für beide Weltentypen enthalten, wie zB Unterstützung einer großen, erforschbaren Welt sowie einer größeren zahl von Spielern (Ziel sind 2000 Spieler auf einer Welt). […]

Gibt es eine Liste welche Archetypen als nächstes rauskommen?
Tyrant: Nope! Wir erzählen erst davon, sobald es auch Artworks gibt (die Liste wird kürzer)

[gekürzt:] Wie funktioniert das mit den Reittier-Backer-Rewards?
Tyrant: wir haben noch nichts festes, aber derzeit ist geplant, das man das Aussehen in der Wildnis gefangener Reittiere mit diesen Skins verändern kann

3. Durenthal
Wie weit seid ihr mit den folgenden Systemen: Gildensupport - Skills auf Accountlevel - Disziplinen - Gefäße (& somit Krähen) implementiert - Handwerk - Ernten - verbesserte Oberfläche & Chatsystem?
JTC: [...] es werden einige neue Systeme online kommen (Handwerk&Ernte, veränderter Chat, veränderte Skills), aber im großen und ganzen arbeiten wir mehr an den großen Grundlagen

[...] Habt ihr darüber nachgedacht eine Möglichkeit einzuführen, den Bewegungsteil einer Fähigkeit zu unterdrücken?
JTC: [...] nicht wirklich, aber wir werden darüber mal nachdenken

Ist es möglich Kolisionsabfragen zu nutzen, um zu verhindern das wir bei einem verfehlten Nahkampfangriff am Gegner vorbei/ durch ihn durch rutschen? [...]
JTC: ja, das ist frustrierend, wir arbeiten dran. in letzter Zeit ist es besser geworden und sollte nur noch passieren wenn du wirklich falsch zielst. [...] Wir würden gern die andren Probleme (zB Frames) lösen, bevor wir das hier angehen

Wie zufrieden seit ihr mit der Heilung, repräsentiert durch Legionär & Druide, in momentanen Tests?
Tyrant: Wir werden die Heilung weiterhin anpassen (also heiratet sie nicht) [...]

4. Tinnis_
Wann wird es neue Infos zu Erkundungs-Skills/ Mechaniken (zB Karten) geben?
JTC: mit dem nächsten Meilenstein werden wir die Spieler in eine richtige (große) Karte werfen, aber ich muss euch warnen: [..] es wird keinen Quest-Kompass oder Questmarker geben, wie ihr sie aus anderen MMOs gewöhnt seid - Erkundung soll fordernd und belohnend sein.

Werden normale Spieler Karten bekommen? Oder ist das exklusiv für die Kartograph-Disziplin (herstellen & handeln)?
JTC: wir haben keine Mini-Map. Es wird Weltkarten geben, aber geplant ist ein 'Nebel des krieges', sodas ihr Gebiete erst erforschen & aufdecken müsst. Wir haben darüber geredet eine Disziplin/ einen  handwerksbereich zu erschaffen der es ermöglicht solche Informationen zu teilen, haben aber noch keine konkreten Pläne (aber ich würde es wirklich gerne haben)

Könntet ihr einen kleinen Hinweis auf den 'Ausweich'-Templer geben, im Vergleich zu den anderen Tank-Klassen?
JTC: wir werden die Templer-Mechaniken überdenken müssen, da wir mitlerweile fast allen Klassen Ausweichfähigkeiten gegeben haben, aber sie wird sicherlich ein Hybrid [gish - meint sowas wie ne Mischung aus Magier & Krieger, nicht sicher ob Todd das meint]

Wie groß wird die Mini-Kampagnen-Karte im vergleich zur jetzigen? Wie viele Zellen und einzigartige Parzellen werden genutzt?
Tyrant: Etwa 7x7 für Hungerdom (aber dank Hunger habt ihr weniger gesehen) vs 20x20 für die anfänglichen Mini-Kampagnen

Können wir Sumpfbären & Höllenkatzen zähmen & reiten?
Tyrant: zähmen ja, ob reitbar muss noch entschieden werden

Wird der Waldläufer weiterhin 'Verstecken' haben, sobald ihr euch die 'Unsichtbarkeit's-Mechanismen und den Assasinen anschaut?
JTC: Blair möchte es dem Waldläufer weiterhin geben, um das dann zur 'Unsichtbarkeit' aufzuwerten, bedürfte es einer Disziplin

Wann werden Reittiere in die Tests implementiert? Werden Reittiere eine Hungerleiste haben?
JTC: wir haben noch nicht drüber geredet...ist aber ne interessante Idee. Wir werden das diskutieren

Werden alle Ressourcenquellen in Kampagnen unerschöpflich sein?
JTC: wir haben drüber geredet, und wir werden möglicherweise Ressourcen haben die erschöpfbar sind, aber generell werden wir die Respawnrate (in Zeit und Menge) anhand der Jahreszeiten anpassen. Manche Dinge sind einfacher im Sommer oder Winter zu finden. Beispiel: Momentan ist die Möglichkeit, Fleisch von einem erlegten tier zu 'ernten', im Winter um die Hälfte reduziert, im Vergleich zum Sommer.

Wie gestaltet ihr das System, sodass Leute sich nicht einfach zusätzliche Accounts anlegen, anstatt mit ihrem Main Handwerk zu betreiben?
Tyrant: Das ist kein Kriterium bei der Gestaltung des Systems. Es werden sich Leute mehrere Accounts kaufen, das können wir nicht wirklich verhindern.

Werden wir für das Klettern (Hügel, Berge, etc.) zukünftig mehr Freiheiten sehen?
JTC: ja, das braucht einiges an Arbeit. wir haben intern einige Änderungen vorgenommen die ihr noch nicht gesehen habt (die Bewegungen betreffend), also lasst uns nach den Minikampagnen nochmal drüber reden!

5. MrMitz
Weren ab dem Soft Launch direkt alle Handwerks-Zweige verfügbar sein?
JTC: unser Ziel ist es alle Zweige die es derzeit gibt auszufüllen, aber ich wäre nicht überrascht wenn während der Testphase noch Änderungen gemacht werden [...]. Nach dem Launch werden sicherlich neue addiert, das ist in MMOs ja immer so.

6. nator316
Wann werden wir die EKs testen können?
Tyrant: Wenn wir den EK-Meilenstein rausbringen! [Duuuh, Tyrant, woooow, was ne Antwort!] Der für nach den Minikampagnen geplant ist. Ziel: vor Ende des jahres...wir werden sehn.

7. Belchonie
Was für Items werden als nächstes zum Shop hinzugefügt?
Tyrant: Wahrscheinlich mehr Parzellen und Gebäude für die EKs

Wie lange müssen wir noch auf Neuigkeiten zum Gilden/Subgilden/Allianzen-System warten?
Tyrant: es ist auf unsrer 'bald zu bearbeiten'-Liste, aber realistischer ist es, das wir erst Anfang nächsten Jahres neue Infos haben werden

Wird es Jahreszeitliche/Feiertagsvarianten zu Items geben, im Shop&Ingame?
JTC: bisher nichts geplant, falls wir es (überhaupt) einführen, dann sicher nicht vor dem Launch.

8. Screelings
Gab es Änderungen bezüglich der Zeit die es einen neuen Spieler kosten würde, einen Archetypen 'komplett' zu leveln, inklusive einer Spezialisierung?
JTC: Im Moment würde es etwa ein Jahr dauern, einen Archetypen soweit zu skillen das man eine Spezialisierung skillen kann (kann sich aber noch ändern, und man will bestimmt alle Skills eines Archetyps, nicht nur das Minimum) [nicht sicher ob ich die Antwort richtig verstehe!]

Wir wissen einiges über eure Ziele im Bezug auf 'Stealth', aber wie siehts mit 'Anti-Stealth' aus? (100% chance der Aufdeckung durch einen Skill; Prozentchance beeinflusst durch das eigene Stealth-Skilllevel des Anwenders; oder ein Vergleich des Skilllevels des Aufdecken vs. der Versteckten drumrum?)
JTC: und die Antwort lauteeet.....von allem etwas. Stealth/Anti-Stealth war in Shadowbane gut umgesetzt, ich wär enttäuscht wenn wir hier nichts gutes hinbekommen

Aussichten wann es mit der Namen- und Gildennamenreservierung losgehen wird?
Tyrant: wir haben da schon einige termine verpasst, also keine neuen Prophezeiungen. [...]

Abgesehen von der 'Blutstein'-Mechanik, habt ihr schon andre Ideen für Gilden/Fraktionen-Siege?
Tyrant: noch nicht, aber da wir das eh bald überarbeiten müssen, wird es sicher bald neue Infos geben - aber wir werden sicherlich noch bis weit über den Launch an diesen mechaniken feilen.

Habt ihr über weitere VIP-Vorteile nachgedacht, von denen wir noch nichts wissen?
Tyrant: ja, aber nichts was wir offiziell verkünden wollen

9. matrius
Wieweit seid ihr mit dem Frostweber? Wird es ein Nahkampfs-Magier? Was für Süeuialisierungen können wir für ihn erwarten?
JTC: wir haben uns noch nicht festgelegt, es gab einige technische Probleme die wir beseitigen müssen, aber sie wird wahrscheinlich eine Spezialistin werden: mit Eis-Magie lassen sich interessante Dinge anstellen, zB ein Wall aus Eis etc

Können Gilden-Koalitionen eine Kampagne gewinnen, sodass jede Sub-Gilde den Gewinner-Status bekommt?
JTC: wir planen eine 'Unterwerfungs'_Mechanik, in der Gilden vor andren Gilden knien können, um einen Teil des Gewinns zu erhalten

Gibt es Pläne einige der älteren Archetypen zu überarbeiten (wie zB den Ritter), da ihr jetzt mehr Tech habt?
Tyrant: unsere Designer verändern die Archetypen ständig, wenn wir neue Tech-Spielzeuge bekommen. Ich denke sie werden noch mehr Zeit damit verbringen, sobald wir an Spezialisierungen arbeiten

10. LeBler
Gibt es Pläne die Kampfmechaniken zugunsten der Bewegung zu überarbeiten? [Die armen kleinen kiter haben keine Chance zu überleeeben, oooooh...]
JTC: bisher haben wir immer mehr und mehr Beweglichkeit für Fernkämpfer erlaubt, dieser Trend wird so weitergehen

Wird sich dieser Trend vielleicht auch auf Nahkampfklassen ausweiten?
JTC: redest du über 'root motion'? [öhm. ja. verankert? lit.: bleib stehen während du Skills einsetzt!] weil, wir erlauben euch schon euch während Nahkampfattacken zu bewegen [bzw zumindest die Richtung anzugeben/ zu verändern]

Könnt ihr uns etwas über ein Mögliches Punkte/Bewertungssystem erzählen, welches in den Kampagnen angewendet wird?
Tyrant: wir haben viele Ideen dazu, aber haben noch nicht angefangen daran zu arbeiten. Sobald wir mehr haben, wird es sicherlich ein großes Update geben, damit ihr mit dem Theorie-Crafting anfangen könnt!

11. _Ketu_
Wir jeder auf jedem Server pielen können, wenn man das Spiel von ACE kauft, oder wird es Regions-/ Landeseinschränungen geben?
Tyrant: Wir haben festgelegt das EU/Nordamerika zusammenspielen können wie sie wollen. Alle anderen Restriktionen müssen erst noch entschieden werden.

12. TwinHollowFangs
*snip* Welche Äderungen betreffs des Kampfes wurden in den letzten 6 Monaten gemacht? Plant ihr bei dem selben System bleiben, oder plant ihr große, alles verändernde Updates?
1) der Kampf IST langsam und reaktionsunfreundlich [brahahahaha]. Das ist primär ein technisches Problem, wir arbeiten dran, und wissen das wir noch einiges vor uns haben. [...]
2) Es gibt kein Tutorial, wir schmeißen euch in eine Todesmatch-Arena, mit allen Kräften und fast ohne eine Erklärung wie diese funktionieren - jup, das ist schei*e. Offensichtlich müssen wir da noch einiges besser machen.
3) Es sind noch einige große Updates geplant, sowohl technisch als auch Design-Veränderungen.
Wir haben zu beginn entschieden so transparent wie möglich zu sein, keine Geheimhaltung, Spieler können so früh ausprobieren wie irgend möglich - das hat den Nachteil das die meisten Spieler nicht daran gewöhnt sind, ein Spiel so zu sehen. Jedes Projekt beginnt so/ war mal in dieser Phase, ihr seht es nur normalerweise nicht!

13. Recatek
Betreffs der Speiloptimierung, welche FPS-Zahlen haltet ihr für vörderlich bei den verschiedenen Zusammensetzungen (3gegen3, 15gegen15, etc)?
Tyrant: Wie ist dein PC ausgerüstet (das beeinflusst die FPS nämlich mehr als wir)? Mal ehrlich, unser Ziel ists natürlich die FPS über 30 zu halten, selbst in großen >50 Gruppen sichtbarer Archetypen. Wir sind ständig daran am arbeiten und werden das auch weiter tun.

[...] Wie fühlt ihr euch mit Unity? Würded ihr es wieder benutzen, wenn ihr die Wahl nocheinmal hättet?
Tyrant: Unity hat unser Vorankommen beschleunigt, wir würden es, mit allem das wir jetzt wissen, wieder wählen.

[....seriously? wat für ne....egal.] Welche US-Städte zählen aus eurer Sicht als Zentren der Spielentwicklung, und warum?
Tyrant: [Liste der Städte...] Es geht immer um die Nummer der vertretenen Stuidos insgesamt, ich bin sicher ich habe einige vergessen.

[hier lass ich eine Frage aus weil ich müde und faul bin und sie nicht übersetzen kann. sorry.]
Wie stellt ihr euch 'Friendly Fire' [~Eigenbeschuss] im derzeitigen Kampf vor?
JTC: ich habe einige Zweifel wie gut es funktionieren wird (oder ob ihr es mögen werdet), aber wir werden es ausprobieren. Vielleicht werden wir es auch nur als eine Kampagnen-Regel-Variante reinbringen. [...]

Was ist eure Meinung zu den Heilungs- & Support-Archetypen derzeit?
JTC: es sind keine traditionellen MMO-Heiler. Wir wollen sie in einer Supportrolle, aber wir wollen nicht dass das Kampfesglück sich danach entscheidet, wer die meisten Heiler mitgebracht hat, weil...das wär langweilig.

Wie sehr werden Spezialisierungen den Spielstil beeinflussen, im Vergleich zu Disziplinen? Werden wir komplette Änderungen des Spielverhaltens sehen (zB Konfessor-Tank)?
JTC: [.....er blabbert.....und blabbert....Zusammenfassung:] mehr Spezialisierungen/ Diszilinen = mehr Freiheit beim Buildbau

15. Joneh
Wie siehts mit den Plänen für die Mini-Kampagnen aus - werden EU und NA zusammen oder getrennt testen?
Tyrant: Spieler werden in den Tests immer zusammen spielen können.

16. JamesGoblin [omg, es spricht!! naja. schreibt ;)]
Wie sehr ist die Performance durch mögliches Friendly Fire beeinfflusst? Hatte das was mit der Entscheidung zu tun, FF noch nicht in die Tests aufzunehmen?
Tyrant: Es wird sicherlich Auswirkungen haben, aber das hat unsere Entscheidung nicht beeinflusst.

[Geldfrage. es geht im Grunde nur darum, ob wir bei CF in Millionen rechnen - ja, sehr wahrscheinlich.]

[Frage nach einem Server in Australien]

[Frage danach wie viele Spieler auf einer Kampagne rumhüpfen können werden, und wie sich das auf die Performance auswirken wird - Antwort: ja naja das wissen wir noch nicht sooo genau .___. ]

17. Razwerd
Mögliches Startdatum der Beta-Tests & Launchdatum?
Tyrant: Wir werden Beta1 Tester schon dieses Jahr mittesten lassen, sobald wir längere testphasen haben. Richtige Beta - noch zu entscheiden. Richtiger launch - noch unsicherer.

18. Streaksyd
Wann werden wir Karavenen im Spiel sehen, und werden die sich im Preis von den bisherigen Lasttieren unterscheiden?
JTC: eine Karavane ist kein 'Ding' das man kauft, es ist eine Spiel-Aktivität. Eine Gruppe von Spielern und Lasttieren, die du bis zum Ümfallen belädst, und mit denen du dann schnellstmöglich zum Ziel marschierst
[sieht noch wer hier JTCs irritiert-angepisstes Gesicht? xD]

Werden Archetypen wie der Myrmidone (etc, nichtmenschlich) Reittiere haben? Oder wird es ein System ähnlich wie beim Legionär geben, was die Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit erhöht?
Tyrant: wir werden auf jeden Fall dafür sorgen das auch die größeren Archetypen Zugang zu höherer bewegungsgeschwindigkeit haben

Wird es Bossmonster oder Weltenbosse in den Kampagnen geben?
JTC: Wir planen 'Zonen-Aufräumer' - große und extrem gefährliche Monster, aber das sind keine Bosse. dh sie werden nicht in Dungeons sitzen und darauf warten das man sie für den super Loot abschlachtet [grumpy JTC again xD]




Fortsetzung folgt. Wer vom Team Lust/ Zeit hat, tut euch keinen Zwang an und bearbeitet einfach hier rein (und lasst dann eurern namen dabei, sodass jeder seine Lorbeeren zum an die Krähen verfüttern bekommt).



Stand: 18/45 - werd hier noch ne Weile dran nagen xD

Edited by Akineko
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