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7.400.0 Public Test Server Feedback for 12/7/2021

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The minor PDM changes was the final part in the multi milestone approach we took to fix things. (Think we started in 7.200?) Increased the armor to mitigation coefficient. Removed Armor Break Buffs Stacking. Reduced magnitude of Armor Breaks from 20% to 10%. Cap Armor Pen at -20% instead of -100%. As you can see in the past 2 milestones we have been increasing defenses (and it has shown results in our logs) The final formula portion of the multi - milestone approach was some targeted reductions against PDM. Which now puts us in a place where we can target buffs to underperforming specs and target nerfs to powers which are still topping the metrics. (Metrics doesn't always paint a complete picture, so feedback is important)

Zum Beitrag

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