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A New Beginning

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I'm very sorry you and others took my message as insulting, I was attempting to be direct (which is my nature), and I apologize for any offense as none was intended. As you might imagine most of us working on Crowfall live issues are a little sleep deprived, which certainly can contribute to making mistakes. What I most wanted to communicate is that a Dregs campaign without a critical mass of players is no fun for anyone involved. So we need the right size of population before we start one that will be competitive and fun to play in. We have not begun our promotional and advertising activities yet, but even so the number of active accounts that have characters ready for Dregs in both Australia and Brazil are increasing daily. You are absolutely right that is our responsibility to do that promotion so that we can get the population growing. I can say that it's coming soon. We put servers in both these regions based on the number of players that backed us pre-launch, leading us to believe that there was good chance that competitive players in these regions may want to play Crowfall. Many game companies don't bother to do local servers in these two regions due to the difficulty and expense involved and our bet was that providing local servers would matter to players. My view is that we (the team building and supporting Crowfall) are always in the hands of you, the players. Many of you give us plenty of feedback and we certainly listen and use your input to guide our efforts. I hope that you will support us if you like playing Crowfall, see its potential, and agree with the direction of our efforts. And that you keep giving our team feedback whenever you believe we are either on or off track! Thanks! P.S. Several other key game issues brought up in this thread and others are not off our radar, and we'll have more to share in the coming weeks.

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