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@Makuza @Koerpermilch These are excellent suggestions. The localization feedback pipeline clearly needs some attention to help reduce latency. I've opened a dialogue with our vendor about using one of these services (or a similar one) and will keep you posted if it makes sense to go this route. @royo The talent node issue is a frustrating one and I believe it is technical in nature. I thought it would be resolved in the most recent update, but QA has Reopened the bug. I'm having Tiggs add a note to the top of the launcher (in all supported languages) warning players of the misleading talent nodes and I've escalated the bug to Blocker priority. If we can repair the issue without touching code, we may be able to hotfix it into the launch version; if touching code is required, it may need to wait until the next release. I am hoping/pushing for the former. This situation is not ideal, but this is all we can do for the moment. Thank you for holding us accountable. We'll get it fixed.

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