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Did you like 6 Player Group Sizes in Dregs?

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You are just seeing us build our Campaign Configurator settings as we get ready for launch. The base group size has always been 5 and continues to be 5. We built a feature a few updates back with a variable group size setting in our Campaign Configurator, where we can make the Configurator set max group size to a value from +1 - +5 for that campaign. Group size is just one of many knobs available to us to make each Campaign feel different than the others in the Configurator, and as time goes forward we will continue to add more settings into the Configurator. I know in other MMO's once they make changes those changes are permanent and just the way it is from then on, however Crowfall's Campaign premise has always been there are tons of knobs and we will turn those knobs and see what kind of Campaign it produces. As Zybak pointed out, each time we dial Up a +1 to max group size, we have just increased the power of groups in that Campaign due to buffs and healing, so it is a tricky knob to turn. But turn it we will!

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