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Feedback on Factories

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Thanks for the feedback in here! Some things will be tweaked because of it. First on the stop is a tweaking of resource costs. We are shooting for the baseline cost to be what the template item is + normal additives +- a few resources. In the case of armor, it is baselined at the resource cost of the armor + treated steel + specialty seals. What is currently on Live, most recipes are short about 14 dust and a Billet or Two. We are still figuring out how we can bake in the polish costs to the recipes. More than likely we will put a cost multiplier on the dust cost based on the rarity of the template being copied. The logic being if you are using blue, purple, orange resources, the odds are really high you polished every stage. A request is in to keep the name of the Crafter from the item template on the copies, and UI is figuring something out so you can see if an item is a copy from the account vault without needing to tooltip each item. Where we put the number of copies is still up for debate, currently in the 15-20 range and there is lots of feedback that is a tad too high. Keep the feedback coming!

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