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6.400 Transformation (LIVE) Bug Reports for 3/25/2021

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I did some digging to see what was going on here. 1) Beneficial Harvest Crystals only helps you get better quality/more sacrifice crystals, it has noting to do with the weapon additive drop rate. 2) Additives Harvest Chance for Hunger Crystals is the only stat that will help you get Additive Crystals. 3) Additives can only drop at 75%, 50%, 25% node destruction stage. 4) The Finer Things power requires you to time your 8 second buff such that it is up when you hit 75%, 50%, 25% node destruction stages. 5) Weapon Additives are quality gated to certain zones/campaigns. Ie Blue can only drop in final Infected zone, Purple+ can only drop in Dregs zones. 6) I looked at the rank 3 building buffs, and they do look correct. It looks like the max available amount of Additives Harvest Chance is the 5% from the Finer Things power. With 3 rolls (if buff is timed right), and you are in the correct type of zone, that should be 1 in every 7 Nodes. Of course RNG could be streaky, and missing the buff can happen. Maybe a new type of potion or some other piece of equipment is in order to boost chance?

Zum Beitrag

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