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6.300 TEST Feedback for 12/7/2020

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re: the removal of the seasonal debufs in fall and winter These were removed because they are redundant. We originally put these in long before we had a concept of "the Hunger" spawning in the world. The idea was to make harvesting and gathering more difficult during fall and Winter. The system was a heavy handed stop-gap measure because we didn't have a better way to push that idea. They weren't well explained anywhere (there was nothing in the tutorial, nor tutorial tips that explained them). They had no cosmetic effect. They had no engagement loop for the player. They just were a thing that you had to figure out through trial and error. Now, we have a better system in place to push this narrative idea. We have a system that will dynamically spawn the Hunger across the face of the world like a pox. When it appears it drops Hunger crystals which deform the terrain, paint the area with snow, corrupt the monsters that spawn nearly (making them more more deadly Hunger versions) and freezing all of the harvestables in the area. The amount of Hunger that spawns in the world increases steadily with each passing season, and instead of passive flag, they are provide an active challenge for players to deal with. The reason that we took a hatchet to the old system is because it was redundant, unintuitive and not particularly fun. Todd

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