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TenTonHammer: War of Gods Interview

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In an exclusive interview with TenTonHammer's Lewis Burnell, Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman announced, "We’ll be working on this milestone through the end of the year and launch [alpha] in early 2020."


Ten Ton Hammer: Hey J Todd! We last spoke in May last year (time flies!). How are things going? How are things in the world of Crowfall?

J. Todd: Things are going very well! We’ve just started work on our War of the Gods milestone, which is the last major update that we need to do between now and release.

This is probably the MOST critical milestone for us, because it builds on the foundation that we’ve laid out over the last few years: procedural worlds, dynamic placement of buildings and props, our city & castle sieging system and the incredibly deep character advancement system (we have about 1500 unique powers spread across thousands of unique race/class/sub-class combinations).

All of that is already in and working. Now we just need to add the elements to make Crowfall really unique: city advancement, guild-vs-guild support, and divine favor (i.e. the War of the Gods).

Read the full article for all the latest information about Crowfall!

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