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Alchemy live stream Thursday - Official discussion thread

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And, I also wanted to follow up with some more words since I'm not the best at articulating things on the spot even though I have it right in front of me on a sheet of paper. Ideas currently in the works. Like I said, this is the prototype phase so it's possible some of these ideas just aren't feasible at the moment. Potion of Speed/Slowness Hunger Suppression Potion of Wealth - extremely difficult and rare. Might be the first alchemy recipe to truly utilize golden apples. Poisons and possibly poison food? We may need tech for this but the idea is that a poison additive, using a special accessory, like the Emerald tablet, will unlock an optional slot in some cooking recipes that allows for the outcome item to contain poison. So what are some of the items we might see as new components for alchemy? Golden Apples as a crafting reagent. Explain why this one is important and why it needs to be something awesome. Various different types of flasks - may ultimately have an impact on the outcome of the potion recipe. This is all cool and all, but when can we get combat specific potions? We’re still trying to find our balance with combat at the moment, which means adding a new layer in the midst of trying to create a meta could potentially hinder/break the overall flow. I really want to create more combat specific items, like poison coatings for all weapons, molotov cocktails, and poison traps, but at the moment it isn’t completely feasible, but it is on my radar. It isn’t completely off the table either, that’s why we’re doing this in phases rather than all at once. Ok, no combat stuffs, but what about transmutation? It’s a similar vein as combat. Once we figure out where our sweet spots are with harvesting we’ll be able to start expanding into a situation where we can support transmutations. “Why should I train in alchemy?”. How are you going to encourage me to do so? Experimentation options! Unlike cooking the plan is to utilize a lot of those trained skills to help boost the experimentation on future alchemy items. Having the ability to utilize experimentation points for alchemy is going to be the difference between an “Eh” healing potion and a “WHOA” one. Brewing! We touched upon the idea a bit of adding drinkable consumables that offer some kind of buff/debuff. Let’s expand into that a bit! Some future ideas: Craft Beer, whiskey, teas, distilling The idea is that the base cooking drinks will still be accessible but if someone were to advance into alchemy they will also be able to become brew masters. Racial FX! We talked about this a lot with the new cooking items stream. I really, really like this suggestion and hope to incorporate it into alchemy and cooking going forward. It’s really a no brainer, we built this awesome system in which our races have unique attributes and characteristics, now let’s start incorporating it into gameplay! Like, maybe the stoneborn are completely immune to alcoholic beverages, or high elves can metabolise food faster so they’ll need some kind of supplemental items to keep their hunger at bay. Anyway, that's a pretty big summation of the stream and I hope to follow it up with things you can test soon, or at least see more of on another stream. As always, please keep the ideas coming! Sometimes they aren't easy to do or schedule for, but if it's an idea we can run with we'll try to note it for future implementation. Edit to also catch a few more questions I noticed on the stream: I hadn't even considered this idea, but I'm wondering if we can explore using the toxins slot to make something like this happen. Let me do some testing and see if it's a possibility. This is something will probably require some tech time that we aren't afforded at the moment. I'm hoping once factories come online something can be done to help alleviate the white quality to better quality ratio. For now though, we might have to wait a bit longer until we can even delve into this. Definitely something I want to explore. Minecraft does this really well and I want to see if we can use our current system to support this. No definitive answer on this just yet, other than, "I am experimenting." Ok, so I hope that gives you all a bit more insight and ideas on the direction I'd like to take alchemy in. Thanks for reading and if you watched the stream, thanks so much for following along to that too.

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