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More variety = Better game(locked promotion classes)

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For most of the WoW eras that used the talent system you are referencing, the player always went for the Capstone talent in a particular tree and had 20 points left to play with after hitting that Capstone. (with very, very few exceptions) While you could spend those 20 remaining points in a different tree, you really could never advance past the first 3 tiers due to the amount of points given to a character. Generally speaking the first few tiers of any of the older WoW talent trees weren't much more that stat boosting. So to say you could "multiclass" in the old WoW talent system is really stretching it. Crowfall is somewhat similar in a sense you should go for a particular Capstone and have points left over to either invest in discipline nodes or the class specific nodes in the middle section of the tree. (I'm really looking forward to the dynamic nodes generated by disicplines in 6.0.) As Blazzen pointed out we built the promotion areas with a specific theme/idea in mind and were able to implement to that theme because we knew the player wouldn't be able to buy into those other promotion areas. The amount of character customization we have for the launch offering is pretty unparalleled in the space, and the current talent trees as a great starting point, and we will continue to add more content to the talent trees/disciplines as time goes on.

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