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5.7 Live Feedback and Bug Reports for 8/16/18

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The reason we set it to 15 as a starting point was to see how it affected the other mobs since they were aggroing anything that came within 100 meters of them. There was internal speculation that this might affect several different aspects of game play and performance. There were also a few bugs that came out of this change that should be fixed in the next cycle. I know it's not ideal, but it is a new feature we're still experimenting with and it isn't set in stone. That's why your feedback about these things are so important to us in order to bug fix and make proper adjustments. With that said, I think after we get some more info and continue to tweak things we'll find that sweet spot; whether that means altering their power sets, changing the number of visible guards, and/or changing their aggro radius we'll continue to make adjustments that better suit our gameplay mechanics. We'll get there, friends!

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