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5.7 LIVE Patch Notes for 8/9/18

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Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.7 Welcome to Convergence To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: New Items for 5.7 Stoneborn Male is now a playable. Half Giant Female is now playable. Harvestable hunger crystals are now in campaigns. These hunger crystals cause other harvestable spawners nearby to become unharvestable and will add some snow and frozen FXs to the affected area. You must harvest and destroy these hunger crystals to unfreeze any nearby harvestable nodes. The following new mobs have been added to campaigns: Wolf, Elk, and non-hunger Hellcat. Day and Night functionality has been introduced into campaign worlds including a Season Clock being visible within the UI. Added functionality for Day/Night cycle for mobs to now shift into a hunger version at night. The chat server has been upgraded along with a new look. Megadeed functionality has been added. Now, some deeds will have smart connectors and multiple versions of one deed contained within the deed to allow better ease of use when connecting pieces within an EK. New lighting functionality has been added. The first round of zoning has been implemented. This is the first step in allowing campaign worlds to have multiple zones (See Campaign for more details). Changes to the functionality of “F” to Interact have been added (See “F” to Interact for more details) . New campaign map with hunger functionality, Aeryth has been added. Hunger Functionality: Fireflies FX should not appear on nodes affected by hunger shards. Snow FX should now be turned on when the hunger crystal affects a harvest node. Removed weapon additive hunger shards from animal harvestables. Added weapon additive hunger shards to hunger crystals. (required skill added in excavation skill tree) Disabled generic harvestable self destruct timer on hunger crystal harvest nodes when they take their first point of damage. Created sacrifice hunger shard that is now a loot drop while harvesting hunger crystals. (Use them to level up!) Harvest Nodes should have “Frozen!” Flytext when hit if they can not be harvested due to a nearby Hunger Shard node. EKs and Vassals: Nicer version of the building placement shader has been added. Translucent with a little warbly effect in emissive and blocks the stencil grid projector. Crafting: Added in mega deed crafting recipes and updated skill node text to reflect their skill requirements. Setting Rapier advanced recipe to unlock on Advanced Weapon Research instead of Research Mastery. Setting general crafting station to appear under Basic Crafting. Changed label on it from "Intermediate Deeds" to "General Deeds" for consistency. There were a couple of places that the assembly difficulty wasn't updating. Specifically, when a recipe is selected or when items were cleared out from the recipe. This was causing an issue in which the success chance was not resetting when a new recipe in the crafting menu was selected. Fixed a bug where recipes were sometimes not being granted by skills. Altered stats which appear on some rings/necklaces. Jewelcrafting now identifies the specific stats being experimented on during the experimentation phase. Added new section to character details page for Final Mitigation values. (this is a sum of chest + armor bonus stats) Reduced subcomponent crafting time to 1 second base. Increased final item crafting times to either 30 or 60 seconds. (crafting speed stat should modify these values at 1% faster per point of crafting speed stat) Reduced number of Pips avail for experimentation for Common quality items from 6 to 5. Reduced number of Pips avail for experimentation for Poor quality items from 6 to 4. Reduced Harvest Critical Amount Cap from 10 to 5. Reduced Harvest Critical Amount Grants in Skill Trees from 5 to 1. Reduced Max Durability on Rings and Necklaces since they only suffer decay on Death now. Added variable stat caps for crafting assembly, experimentation and experimentation points. Set max stack size of Ethereal Dust to 5000. Set max stack size of Chaos Embers to 50. Crafting Fuels (carbon, coal, lacing sinew) now require Ethereal Dust. Armor Layers now require Ethereal Dust. Slightly reduced the Ethereal Dust cost for end armor (plate, mail, leather) combines. Reduced resource amounts required for most armor components. (metal scales, rings, sheets, plates, leather squares and hardened squares) Added new data to crafting descriptions to indicate the amount of the outcome for that recipe. Leather Padding, and Rivets only stat outcome is out of combat health regeneration. Buckles only stat outcome is now Stealth. All stats previously available on Padding, Rivets, and Buckles have had their coefficients on components they are still on increased (since they now appear on less items). All Crafting Types Experimentation Point Caps now default to 18.(Cap increasing items and racials on the way) New Alchemy Potion - Potion of Sapho - Increases All Experimentation Point Caps by 4. New Alchemy Recipe - Transmute 1 Chaos Ember to 75 Ethereal Dust. New Alchemy Recipe - Bulk Grind 20 Resources at a time. Alchemy - Empty Flask Recipe now Require 1 Ethereal Dust. Alchemy - Empty Flask Recipe now produces 3 flasks per combine. Alchemy - Empty Flask Recipe outcomes are now always Common quality. Updated all crafting discipline recipe descriptions. Now the descriptions should list which powers are granted with each discipline. Basic harvesting tool recipes have been updated to include an increased durability tool if all named wood resources are used for each required recipe slot. The description of the recipe has also been updated. F to Interact Updates: Can now F to interact another player. (initial options, trade whisper, invite) Added in Trade response hookups for F to Interact. Added in Trade response hookups for F to Interact. Hooking up acceptance for trade, redoing keybindings and fixing the place the key hooks in. Adding interactable to the player that covers both the social case and the deathblow case and still provides reticle information. You cannot drag items into the trade window until the other person accepts. Disabling keys when you're in the player social interaction HUD. Skill Trees: Added new skill node to excavation tree to enable harvesting of weapon additive hunger shards. Replaced nodes in reaping tree for animals which used to grant hunger shards to increase bone and blood harvesting. Added more detailed text to several skill nodes. Skill training on live and test will be 3 points per 10 seconds instead of 10 points per 10 seconds. Vassals and EKs: Fixed a bug with moving/removing parcels in the EK where non-player objects that should be teleported to the temple/graveyard were not correctly teleporting. You can now rotate placeables while they are in their socket preview state. Death and Durability: Lowered Per combat death to 5 durability per item hit. Tow Truck amount has been reduced to 25 per item. Increased the rate at which decay is taken while in Combat Stance (This should move us towards decay happening based on use vs on death and is uniform across all playstyles which would factor in; melee vs ranged, fast vs slow attacks). Slots affected by in Combat Decay (Pri/Sec Weapons, Shield, Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Chest). General Powers: Fix for power combo cancel: client power blackout for interrupt powers. Visuals for blackout time on powers have been added to the power tray. Fixing the power tray not expanding correctly if the player has more than 9 power slots. Fixed cooldowns from combos not showing correctly after switching power trays. Fixed the hitch that would occur when trying to switch to stealth tray while airborne. Blind effects are now reduced in duration by the appropriate stat. Reflex Bows: Non Physical arrows will now do damage on attacks 2 and 3, however the damage they deal will be of type piercing. Barriers weren't updating the max value before updating the barrier value on hanging effects.(This was causing all barriers to always be 0.) Re-enabled code that had been commented out that was causing the projectile visibility settings to not be respected. A full pass on powers that have screen shakes has been done. Screen shake feedback should now feel a lot better during combat. Fixed an issue with aim mode powers where the targeting reticule disappeared and executed immediately without allowing any targeting. Hooked up Fall, Winter and Summer icons in Common Seasonal passive. Fixed a bug that was causing channelled powers execute blackout to be treated the same as charged powers. Proc chains should no longer preserve the power origin and directionality from before the proc triggered, thus letting the chained DM/GE determine a new one each time. Dodge power now looks more disabled when you have no dodge pips, plus adding new mouse button icons for power bar. Added hit shake to bow attacks Basic Shot, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot and Bow Shot attacks that were missing them. Sprinting is, once again, tiring. Reticle range for character targets is now displayed as the distance from my world location to the point the raycast hit on the target's collider (instead of their world position) so that it better reflects how the physics casts will detect range during combat. Interrupt abilities will no long show as on blackout when activating other abilities. Made a pass through all abilities and updated range in tooltips. Disciplines: Assassins can no longer use Master of Swords. Master of Hammers can only be used by Clerics. Long Live the Fighter and Poisoner once again correctly Proc on the third basic attack. Removed Minor Discipline Punch Drunk until we have tech to organize targeted types of cooldowns. Discipline is no longer craftable. Fixed the issue of being rooted after using Mighty Shield Slam. Candle That Burns now affects Power Efficiency. Shield Breaker Dispel will now only hit once (critically) when used against a target with a Barrier. Updated description of Dryad Blast of Leaves to include the fact it heals you too. Set Caltrops, Stinkbomb, Binding Arrows, Flare, Fountain of Life, Pixie Dust, Wee One, Sanctuary, Rune Shield, Grasping Roots, Firewall, Guardian Rhythms, Hymn of Restoration, Verses of Victory, Call Darkness, Shadow Mantle, Finer Things, Daggermaster Combo 2, Insanity, Energetic Harvesting, Fire Eater, Reflect Heat, Back to Work, Take it Down, Benediction, Indulgence, Toughness, Unstoppable, Bleed Debuff 2, Heads Up, Stars Align and Back Into It to use key down. Knife Grinder should no longer be granting an outrageous amount of strength. Discipline powers will no long be unequipped from the power tray on death. Reduced damage bonus on Banshee Angel of Death to 20%. Discipline Scarecrow ability Aura of Terror will apply Frostbite again if enemies remain nearby for too long. Races: All attributes baseline cap at 250 points now. Each race now has a series of attribute cap adjustments which can be seen on the Racial Discipline (Another variable in the mix, enjoy!). Set Racial jumps and dodges to use key down. Corrected an issue preventing the Stoneborn Bloodline passive from working. Made Fae Jumping and Gliding abilities use key down to activate as well. Class/Race Specific Powers: Power queue now cooperates with client immediate combo processing. Combos should now execute! REJOICE ALL! Assassin: Set Dagger Storm, Dodge to use key down. Champion: Whirling Pain will now trigger critical hits when used with exactly two Pips left when starting the combo from Massive Cleave. Prior to this you would only get crits if you had three or more pips, though it only cost you two. Adjusted hit times on Champion basics. Set Rend, Dodge, Leap (2nd), Ultimate Warrior and Whirling Pain to use key down. Cleric: Set Hand of the Gods, Holy Symbol to use key down. Confessor: Hellfire Shield, Fire Wave, Hellfire Blast, Hellfire Aura, Fire Tornadoes, Zealot Rush, Immolation to use key down. Druid: Corrected an issue that allowed Druid Nature's Avatar to be used on NPCs. The additional hit caused by Duelist INCONCEIVABLE! buff Capo Fero no longer tries to play an additional animation but the hit itself is now much "larger" and noticeable. Healing Basic 1, 2, 3, Healing Rain, Blight, Dissipate, Sacrifice and Wicked Winds to use key down. Reduced Armor Bonuses of Forest Whispers to 35%. Duelist: Pepperbox Shot will no longer stun Minotaurs from the front. Dodge, Recon, Tunnel, Vanish, to use key down. DoT ticks caused by Impale will no longer remove you from stealth. Elken: Fix for the elken stutter step in the jump land run. Knight: Re-iterated on hit shake and activated hit pauses on Knight attacks. Set Onslaught, Brutal Strike, Twin Assault, Shockwave, Obliterate, Shield Stun to use key down. Myrmidon: Berserk should no longer accumulate damage that really isn't happening while invulnerable. Berserk no longer heals for damage absorbed by Barriers. However damage prevented by Barriers still goes into the final damage amount for the Berserk. Adjusted hit times on Myrmidon basics. Set Whirlwind, Berserk to use key down. Corrected a logic problem that prevented Berserk Crash prevention mechanics from working. Ranger: Fixed a long delay in the first Ranger basic bow shot. Set Barrage, Launch Explosive Trap, Flare Arrow, Suppression Shot, Cross Slash 2, to use key down. Templar: Templar Brilliance now does Fire instead of Bleed damage. Set Retaliate to use key down. Templar will no longer get sometimes stuck in parry. Player Movement: Sprint is now a client immediate Hold-and-Release power. Functionality of Sprint is the same, it occurs immediately. Fixed an issue where holding down movement keys in the opposite direction as a crow may still execute the latter part of the moving animation where the crow glides in place. Sounds: Implemented a large batch of Confessor power sounds including Confessor Retaliate and Nethari racial power Call of Flames. Volume/timing tweaks for Fae dodge and double jump sounds. Added sounds to Elk and Wolf powers. Lowering volume spike of UI sound for opening Skills UI. Hover sounds for sidebar buttons. Changing resurrect music stinger so it builds up depending on how many people you resurrect. Various sounds for Hunger versions of Elk, Wolf, and Spider NPC's. Raising volume of hog sounds slightly. Fixed issue where test-file was playing on vessel resurrect. Reduced volume of certain Assassin power sounds (mostly stuff that triggers without stealth mode). Added lots of ambient sounds for both day and night functionality. Assigned footstep sounds to NPCs. Hunger crystals should now notify the audio manager when the local player is close enough to them, which is used to trigger the snow footstep sound switch. Adding three additional tracks to the Campaign Day music playlist (one new beachhead track and also the EK day and EK night tracks). Setting silence to 3 minutes between these tracks. Campaigns: New Campaign map Aerynth has been added. This is the first campaign map to support multiple zones within one campaign map. Rune gates from Aerynth Beachheads to the mainlaind of the campaign map have been added. More tweaks to map randomization. New outposts with capture functionality are in. There are two versions: an outpost tower and an outpose campfire. Implemented new Friendly only Campfire to be used wherever we want the player to own the Keep/fort/outpost to benefit from the campfire healing. Fix to make sure POI's in datalayers show up on the map. Changed placement of system vendors in Shire Parcel so the leatherworking and woodworking vendors are near their respective crafting tables. The offensive missing texture on small houses in the beachheads have been updated so they no longer have a pink portion on the underside of the roofings. The text on hippos “New Phase Very Long Name” has been updated with correct phase names. Added a new “Gear for Gold” vendor in the beachheads which can also be accessed on Live. Added a new “Resources for Gold” vendor to forts and keeps that can also be accessed on Live. Equipment items such as basic weapons, intermediate gear, bandages, and gray/white resources can now be purchased from these vendors for gold. Updated the avatars for system vendors so they are different from our Item Vendors. Melee and Ranged vendors now look like weapon racks, and the other vendors now look like chests. Functionality and items granted for testing purposes are still the same. Removed Enchanting tables from Fort and Keep parcels. Added New Crafting stations which grant Thrall Worker Buffs when standing near them. New stations can be found in Keeps. Station types ; Blacksmith, Leatherworker, Jewelcrafter, Necromancy, Woodworker. These buffs can only be accessed once the keep is taken by your faction. (These buffs add experimentation points, and increase experimentation point caps) Removed "campaign state change message". Mob ranks are now included in their display name. Lighting, Terrain, and Environment Adjustments: Fixed a thunking bug for grass, but more importantly rewrote the whole thing to be multi-threaded and carefully staged so generation AND thunking have no impact on main thread CPU. Now normalizing the values across all splat textures, and verified that the indexing is properly done. Improved look of grass to make wind use pivot, use normal sample so it blends better, and stop the ugly popup/scaling. Updated webbings with newer assets. Various tweaks to get shadows and directional light working the way we want it with Envirosky prefab, so we can tweak its settings. Several adjustments to parcels, such as the Farm and Hamlet, have been done to update them to the newest used shader and lighting. General Bug Fixes: Increased doober trigger volume size so they're easier to pickup. Falling damage after dodging has been fixed. Parent stats will get cascaded down after loading default stats. Updates for new F prompt, mega deed icons. In Game videos should now have titles. Adjusted building placement HUD to accommodate new functions. Changing how item tooltips are structured so that it doesn't cause problems with Unity's layout system. Fixed several bugs in what is shown in tooltips. Added some more data such as XP and item quantity. Fixed an issue where keybindings that were cleared in one session would reset to default in the next session. Invulnerability should no longer prevent stomping on the stealth flag when you change trays. Also, added an explicit few lines of code to make sure you can see your corpse object when you are a crow. Fixing bug in drawing the nameplate for vendors. Fixed hellcat spit coming from ground. Moved the default position of the character creation screen, removing many of the jaggies on character models. Fixing scale on Cleric hammer scale. Fixed shield orientation for Fae Male. Basic Poison Toxin Vials are now considered Common quality and Advanced Toxins are now considered Uncommon quality. Cool new backgrounds on items to show quality AND now it's easy to see items you cannot equip. Removed extra two hand axe from melee system vendor. Logout should no longer be allowed if you're not grounded (e.g. middle of a long glide for fae). Added limits to the amount of points a player can spend after leveling a vessel so that they can't go over the max stat value. If the player is wearing gear or has other effects that add to that stat, it can still go over the cap with level up attribute points. A pass on inventory icons for several items have been added and are currently in progress. Durability bar and item counter is now displayed on items in the Power Tray.

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