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TenTonHammer: Interview über Illustration und Geschichte

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Unsere englischen Kollegen von TenTonHammer haben ein exklusives Interview mit J. Todd Coleman über die Illustrationen und die Hintergrundgeschichte von Crowfall geführt. Eine absolute Pflichtlektüre für alle Rollenspieler und Geschichteninteressierten, da viel über die Götter und Mythen von Crowfall gesprochen wird.




The Pantheon of Crowfall
It's always been a curious ambition, having a destructible world; but also by trying to embrace the positives of closure that most gamers can only find in single-player RPGs or MOBA-type arena games. There are many unique benefits that come when you provide players with a finishing line, and then afterwards offer a clean slate to begin with in another race against the clock - or rather, the complete destruction of a world...

So when I finally began digging into Crowfall's backstory and lore, my curiosity reached a whole new level of interest.

It's been a long time since I've looked into the lore of an upcoming MMORPG and actually believed that it mattered. Usually it's just a custom skin for another serving of the same PvE grind with the occasional PvP instance that doesn't really influence the rest of the game in any meaningful way. As such, lore crafted in that vein is practically useless in most online RPGs other than providing some color for the quest text that you and I both know the majority of players never  read.

Crowfall has me intrigued.

Its story seems to actually matter and provide a context for the gameplay; and honestly, I think it even helps provide a better understanding of the game's intended mechanics. So with that, I'd like to delve a bit into Crowfall's story and lore to help players get a grasp of what this game is all about.

Fortunately, I won't be alone in this endeavor, as J. Todd Coleman himself will be helping explain the setting for the game.

For those not in the know, he is the Creative Director for Crowfall, and the game's unofficial Keeper of Dark & Many Secrets. Read on to hear the conversation we had about this game's fantastic lore.


Das ganze Interview weiterlesen... (engl)

Wie hat Dir dieses Interview gefallen? Hättest du eine Thematik, die dir bisher rund um Crowfall zu kurz gekommen ist? Wir bemühen uns derzeit wieder ein exklusives Interview für euch zu führen.

Quelle: Exclusive Artwork and Lore Interview with Crowfall

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