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Crowfall Patch

Released: 02/13/2019.


ATTENTION:  With this update please note that if you have a previous vessel with disciplines equipped you will need to retrain your talent tree. All points have been refunded but previous talent settings may be lost. New vessels are not affected by this.


  • Relocated some of the crafter protection Ranger Guards to the top of the Fort Towers (flat towers, not outpost towers).
  • Adventure zones rank increased by 2 and siege zones increased by 1.

Eternal Kingdom

  • Backend adjustments for changing an EK to another region.


  • Stone Mother Lode: Quarrying, Exceptional Quarrying, Ore Mother Lode: Mining, and Exceptional Mining Skill Nodes should no longer decrease damage to the appropriate Mother Lodes.
  • The Hunger Shard Plethora stat is no longer affected by the seasonal buffs.
  • It should be possible to hit the critical table on Hunger Shards if the player has the correct skill.
  • Increased max stack size of Sacrifice Shards.
  • Weapon Additive Shards will no longer drop 3 times when selected as loot.


  • All major disciplines now grant four abilities total.
  • All weapon disciplines have been deprecated. 
  • An overhaul of current and new disciplines has been done. Below is a list of the major changes:
    • The Runescarred Gladiator, Destroyer and Reality Warper Major Disciplines have been deprecated and are no longer available.
    • Underdog, Juggernaut and Escape Artist now also grant the Retaliate Refund (35) property which restores 35 Stamina over time after using Retaliate.
    • The Force Mage major discipline has been added.
    • Fire Eater has been renamed to Elementalist and the defensive capabilities are now effective versus Fire, Ice and Electricity. Elementalist now includes the Fire Wall ability.
    • Elementalist: Reflect Element now grants Elemental Mitigation as advertised instead of just Fire armor.
    • Poisoner: Slow Demise ability has been added
    • Knife Grinder: Cripple ability has been added
    • Adjudicator: Demolish Armor ability has been added
    • Rune Caster: Reprisal ability has been added
    • Sharpshooter: Binding Arrows and Hunker Down abilities have been added
    • Arcane Archer: Binding Arrows ability has been added
    • Illusionist: Phantom Feints, Invisibility and Hot Foot abilities have been added.
    • Standard Bearer: Sentinel ability has been added
    • Escape Artist: Critical Dodge ability has been added
    • Black Mask: Cripple ability has been added
    • Dryad: Grasping Roots ability has been added
    • Pixie: Soothing Winds ability has been added
    • Naiad: Grasping Roots ability has been added

Talent Trees

  • All talent trees have been reorganized to now include Exploration discipline slots.
  • Cleric: Talent node Radical no longer indicates it gives a 25% increase to Final Mitigations Cap.
  • Lowered requirements on first Major Discipline from 18 to 15, Second Discipline from 25 to 20.

General Powers

  • Block will now correctly remove all the time.
  • Block Bonus should properly modify all powers that have a Blocking component.

Class Powers


  • Poison Toxin now has a higher priority than the one from the Poisoner discipline.


  • Second Wind now heals a flat amount rather than continuing to tick until it has healed past a threshold.


  • Cleric Block should be properly modified by Block Bonus stat.


  • Ironwood Body Passive can now be equipped into all Druid Power Trays.


  • Dirge passive should display an icon when in use.
  • Go for Broke: Fixed an issue with cooldown modification stat.

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