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Crowfall Patch

Released: 01/28/2019.


Known Issues

  • Please avoid using Divine Light for 5.8.2. This power causes FPS and visual errors that slow down the game. 
  • Additionally, there is a runegate in the Temple zones of the Trials of Malekai campaigns that is not usable. We will address this in a future update.


  • When a tree of life spawns in the middle of a siege period, it should now request the next siege start time and update the replicated data appropriately.
  • Added the concept of season duration percent so we can scale the season length based on the campaign duration.
  • Added info for campaign ending soon and campaign ended to the campaign scoreboard.
  • Starter areas do not dynamically change their ranks with season changes.
  • Fixing drops for rank 1 spiders to now drop lower tiered sacrifice items rather than the higher tiered ones. 
  • Bandages, meat, and harvest axes found in the chests in the starter area can no longer be sacrificed. 
  • Created a new set of loot and treasure tables for starter area hunger crystals. 
  • Starter area mushrooms should no longer drop chaos embers.
  • Fixed a bug where the capture location tooltips on the zone map were not cleaning up properly and would show up on the cluster map.
  • Addressed an issue with a misnamed data layer that was causing issues with the starter area.
  • Added current faction indicator to the scoreboard.
  • Reduced number of fog particles to help Tree of Life performance.
  • Added a fix for calculating the siege schedules so that sieges starts at the correct time.
  • Vendors will inherit parcel factions, making them interactable with all players in the free city.
  • Fixed an issue with spawning near dragon statues in the starter area.
  • Runegate parcels switched to faction AllFather, so their beams of light show up in the game.  Simberg was missing its neutral city parcels.  
  • Jotun re-randomized to fix a canyon without an entrance.  
  • Runegates leading to faction temples have had their keep out pulse turned on.
  • Scoreboard will now correctly show all guilds.
  • Unlocking a character from a campaign no longer deselects it and chooses the first in the list.
  • Tutorial Area Hunger Shards should no longer decimate the players Food pool. (Player is now protected from food decrementing for 30 seconds after taking a food hit)
  • Open world Hunger Crystals now match the tutorial Hunger Crystals in both food decrement amount and protection from additional ticks.
  • Resources increased for ores, but decreased for trees.
  • Reducing ranks for generated worlds so that seasons can increase them.
  • Fix for floating rocks in a Hill parcel.
  • Fix for resource POI chests so they are back to their original size.
  • Jotun zone has had its dioramas randomized.
  • Fix for error in Fort Annex Towers destruction.
  • Capture Bonus systems have been integrated. This means that a bonus amount is granted for longevity of a captured point.
  • Updated the campaign seasons configuration to include scoreboard data to support the new capture bonus.
  • Implemented the new tooltips for capture locations on the map.
  • Updated positioning of fort guards for better visibility and protection.
  • Several updates and rebalancing have been done to adjust the catch up mechanic and capture bonus for outposts, forts, and keeps.

Items and Crafting

  • Parcel and placeable deeds can now only be created in an EK Stonemasonry crafting station.
  • Reduced the template Min/Max Damage Amounts for all weapons such that the Advanced weapon tier is not such a huge difference from the Intermediate weapon tier.
  • Runic Weapon Blades should no longer be able to be used on Advanced weapon crafting tier.
  • Tuned sacrifice XP values to scale down the XP awarded for items that take huge numbers of resources to create and slightly lowered the XP awarded for items taking just one or two resources to create.
  • Fixing an issue where adding mushrooms to a kebab recipe in the produce field would automatically make the recipe outcome mushroom kebabs despite putting meat into the recipe.
  • Removed Mount Saddles from Crafting Recipes.
  • The buffs provided by the Crafting Stations in Keeps ("Thrall" buffs), now also provide Dizzy Immunity and a 50% Damage reduction as part of this buff.
  • Fixed a bug in determining an item's xp value for crafting where if there was a sacrifice override value, it would double-count the stack size. 
  • A balancing pass and rework on the outcome amount on several geomancy architecture component recipes has been done. Geomancy recipes no longer give multiple stacks upon creation of carpentry nails, shingles, floor tiles, bricks, and other components.

Mobs and NPCs

  • Wolves should now drop wolf meat and strong hide.
  • Fixing Auroch loot tables so they now give out the proper loot instead of elk meat and the incorrect hide. Harvesting an auroch should now give soft leather and auroch meat.
  • Significant changes made to the guards in forts and keeps. They now have significantly more hitpoints and use a variety of exotic arrow types and have CC functionality associated with them.


  • General will not show up as a channel anymore. The player will have a Lobby channel while in the lobby. When they enter the zone, they will have a Faction channel and a Zone channel.


  • Foreman: Take it Down should now correctly target Motherlode nodes.
  • Shield Fighter: Molon Labe will now only reflect damage from targets who cause elemental damage to you (not healing).

General Powers

  • Constitution now increases the Block Bonus and Barrier Bonus stats. Block Bonus increases the effectiveness of Block and Parry abilities and Barrier Bonus increases the effectiveness of Barriers. Both stats can be found in the Defense category of your character sheet.
  • Powers: Ultimate powers no longer provide complete invulnerability but now apply a damage preventing barrier equal to 35% of your maximum Hitpoints. Abilities effected include: Shadowstep, Neckbreaker, Invincible Warrior, Divine Order, Miracle, Immolation, Death Surge, Essence Scram, Dynamite, Vanish, Whirling Leap, Raging Bull, Sustain and Brilliance.
  • UI: Rage regeneration amounts now show up in the Details section.

Race Powers


  • Strength of the Legion: Should apply full value no matter group size.
  • Hippocratic Oath: Should apply full value no matter group size.


  • Blood of the Giant no longer applies damage immunity but now applies a damage preventing barrier equal to 20% of your maximum hitpoints for 1.65 seconds.

Class Powers


  • Backstab: Can now be placed into the Stealth Tray (Should smooth out Blackguards opener from Stealth).
  • Diffusion, Poison Toxin: Removed a Damage Scalar that was causing damage to increase at an alarming rate.
  • Yaga's Gift: Now has a passive icon when loaded out into tray.


  • Ultimate Warrior, Brutal Warrior and Mighty Warrior no longer apply damage immunity but now apply a damage preventing barrier equal to 20% of your maximum hitpoints for 1.65 seconds.


  • Spitting Distance is now permanently equipped when the talent box is purchased without consuming a passive power slot. 
  • Changed description of Spitting Distance to indicate 7m to better match the reticle. (the reticle doesn't do a good job reporting the space from X.1 - X.9, making people think they can hit when they can't and vice versa. Ie a power that says goes up to 8m however the reticle won't update until 9m and the player thinks they can hit when they are in reality at 8.5m yet their reticle indicates a flat 8m which is out of range.)
  • Feel The Burn: Will no longer trigger erroneous DoT applications causing targets to Burn forever.
  • Feel The Burn: No longer triggers off of DoT damage.
  • Feel The Burn: Proc rate adjusted to 10% Chance on Fire damage application.
  • Promotion Passives now have icons.
  • Basic attacks 1, 2: Both attacks damage was incorrectly set to old animation timings, damage is now correctly set higher.
  • Condemnation: Now deals Special damage instead of AoE damage.
  • Absolution, Weapon damage and Base damage was set too low for 5 stacks of Sin.
  • Redemption: Damage values were slightly lower than they should have been.


  • Promotion Passives now have icons.
  • Coalesce Life: Removed an amount scalar that was incorrect being applied based to all Orb types if the player had the talent Flow of Nature.


  • Impale, Pepperbox Shot: Removed a Damage Scalar that was causing damage to increase at an alarming rate.


  • Cancelling or stopping Myrmidon's Whirlwind no longer makes other powers stop dealing damage for 1-5 seconds.


  • Traps: Should all have different power icons now.
  • Booby Trap Passive now has an icon.


  • Updated Profound Devotion talent description to indicate it scales with Support Power.

General Bug Fixes

  • Icons have been added for Careful Aim and Critical Dodge powers. 
  • Fixed sacrifice values for crafted items that weren't accounting for durability loss.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent converting to a crow when you released your character if you had disciplines equipped.
  • Fixed it so we can see nameplates(flytext) on friendly players in stealth.
  • Fixed multiple race conditions that were causing avatars to not be shown or hidden correctly when changing selections in the character creation screen before the avatar had finishing initializing. 
  • Fixed an issue where switching between avatars with the same race/gender/archetype combination would not correctly make the avatar visible after the first attempt. 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause frequent disconnects during zone transfer in some regions.
  • Fixed an issue where resurrection would cause a problem with interacting with items for approximately six minutes. 
  • The search field in the list of campaigns window in the lobby should now function.
  • Fixed an issue where double-jump and dodge animations were playing incorrectly.
  • Removed allied shader from character tint skin.
  • After a deed has been placed from a stack only one of the two stacks of deeds can get placed in the spirit bank. Cannot put both stacks from split deeds in the spirit bank.
  • Players can no longer kill themself when taking off armor with death shroud active.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Lobby UI would get into an odd state after a player disconnects from Wifi. 
  • Added a message on login per play-session per campaign wherein if there are less than 72 hours left in the campaign we remind the player to put their stuff in the spirit bank.
  • Made combat log filter text log objects like other chat tabs.
  • Fixed bug with vessel preview in Lobby staying on screen when going back to mode select.
  • Fix a bug where characters on accounts that have been renamed will not be able to be invited to groups.
  • Added proper messaging for players who don't have enough funds in their coffer for upkeep costs and subsequently lose items in their vendor shops.Much nicer looking settings for anti-aliasing and for ambient occlusion that makes grass look 1000x better.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent converting to a crow when you released your character if you had disciplines equipped.

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