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Crowfall Patch 0.5.8 - First Campaign

Released: 11/20/2018.


New Items for 5.8

  • The first Campaign is here! Players can now win the Throne War!
  • A new 10 zone campaign map has been created along with a new starter area experience. More details in “Campaign” below.
  • A new vessel talent system has been introduced! Please see “Talents” for a more detailed overview.
  • Significant updates to the player map!
  • Campaign Leaderboard has arrived.
  • Plants, a new harvestable resource has been added and populated throughout the campaign world. New plants include, button mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, ginseng, mandrake root, garlic, and wild onion. Plants can be collected by pressing F, which will spawn their associated doobers for pickup.
  • A new mob, the Auroch, has been added and populated throughout the campaign world with a hunger variation that spawns at night.
  • Player created vendors can now be placed within the Market parcel. An open vendor socket is required to place the vendor within the parcel.
  • An event trigger system has been added that include tutorial tips and tricks to better understand the core game.
  • New login flow and character creation has also been added. Character creation now occurs at the lobby level rather than at the entry point of a campaign.
  • A Queuing system on login has also been created which include soft caps for factions, runegate teleportation, and campaign entry.
  • Several new changes and updates have been made to the crafting system. Please see “Crafting” for a more detailed overview.
  • Web support for guilds and guild banks have been added.
  • In game support for Guild Crests.
  • More training videos with an abundance of information have been created to also encourage a quicker ease of use for Crowfall.
  • Combat logs are now visible within the player chat window.
  • An expansion on the current social services aspect of in game functionality has been expanded upon including a guild chat channel and the creation of custom chat channels.
  • Mount prototype testing has begun! (All that is missing is the mount models!)
  • Vendors now have an icon above their nameplate.


  • New campaign map “Roanoak” has been created with 10 zone clusters for US.
  • New campaign map “Hyperia” has been created with 10 zone clusters for EU.
  • A new map system has been integrated into campaigns and EKs. Press M to open!
  • More zone aware toasting notifications have been added.
  • A new leaderboard has been integrated into the map.
  • Fix for resources coming in at minimum rank 2 (instead of rank 1).
  • Banner map icons for outposts and camps added. Fixes to remove visible grid from parcel icons, and start of Beachhead parcel icon.
  • Added new zone gameplay rules configuration (Noted below in “Siege Rules”) and set up a “free city” zone to be a sanctuary zone.
  • Added a rule to graveyards that any graveyard in a sanctuary zone is usable by any player, regardless of factions.
  • The new Beachhead area is still a work in progress, which means “Temp” textures are currently being used. 
  • The Campaign Scoreboard Open/Close state should persist whenever the Map is re-opened.
  • Players should now be locked to a faction when they first join the campaign.  All other characters that join that campaign for that player/account will automatically use that faction.  Also, players can join a campaign now with any number of characters.
  • If a siege ends, hippos in stage 2 are no longer removed at the end of the siege. 
  • Added crafting guards to forts and keeps.
  • Fixed confusing capture banner placements.
  • Added sacrifice brazier to forts and keep.
  • Fixed an issue where a harvest node was spawning on top of a house in Canyon MOD.
  • Fixing tree growing through giant rock issue in Hill C04 V02 parcel.
  • Updated collision on main gatehouse battlement r04 to fix ladder teleportation issue.
  • Hippos that get destroyed should now properly remove themselves from the world.
  • Catapults and Trebuchets now do damage to walls. A visual update pass has also been done to both.
  • Vendor stalls have been added to the beachhead areas.
  • A rebalancing pass on siege walls has been done.
  • Siege engines should now be destroyed at the end of a siege as part of the cleanup process.
  • When a fort gets to zero capture value, it will destroy the associated siege engines.  
  • Test only system vendors have been added to Runegate parcels and starter areas.
  • More vendors are being added to the starter area. This is a work in progress.
  • Interaction prompt on Runegates should now tell the player where the teleport lands.
  • The Pie Charts on the Cluster Map to Indicate Siege Progress by Faction Should Reflect the Proportions of Captured AND Uncaptured Assets.
  • A slew of backend improvements to the siege functionality, including adjusts to siege vehicles, the camera offset for siege vehicles, and tech alterations have been incorporated.
  • Implemented the new aiming mode for Siege Vehicles. Works similarly to the old one as far as controls go, except that when in the catapult or trebuchet, W and S will add or remove "power" to the fireball so that you have better precision on the aiming.
  • Fixed a link in the prefab for the capture UI so that the parcel name and grid location work again.
  • Runegate datalayers were turned off on the six zones (adventure/siege), which caused players to spawn in the wrong locations.  
  • Reduced the interact range on the starter area indoor campfire to help alleviate some interaction issues with the chests in the same area.
  • When you resurrect in the parcel of a siege during an active siege, the siege UI should now correctly update and display the siege status.
  • Added a purchasable primitive pistol to the starter area vendor.
  • Updates to the placeable building barriers effects.
  • More backend adjustments were made to the scoreboard progress bar.

Siege Rules

  • New siege rules and scoring elements have been added.
  • All keeps now become vulnerable to Siege across the entire campaign.
  • The time frame currently for siege testing is a one hour window of sieging.
  • Sieges are now defender vs. attacker. The defending faction must defend their land against all other attacking factions.
  • Banewood trees now spawn in auto-generated locations fifteen minutes after the siege has begun.
  • Three Banewood trees appear near the keep, if destroyed by the defenders the siege of that keep will end early (The Banewood trees are an optional siege mechanic meant to either draw out the defending faction from the keep or allow the attacking factions to gain more leverage).
  • Changes to Tree of Life claim rules have been integrated.
    • If the tree is destroyed within the one hour time frame of the siege, the next faction to plant a Tree of Life will own that keep.
  • A more intuitive UI for siege scoring has been added to the player interface.
  • You should no longer be able to capture a Fort or Outpost while in the bleeding out state.
  • While mounted in a catapult, you should no longer be able to change trays. This means that the only tray visible is the Catapult Action Tray; The Survival and Combat trays are no longer accessible while in a catapult.  
  • Interacting with a catapult should now require a 1 second hold, which will break stealth so that you won't be able to enter the catapult while stealthed.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't dismount your trebuchet because you were too far away from it.
  • The Ballista Placement should be based on Player Position.
  • Keep gates are no longer attackable.
  • Updated cooldowns and damage for siege weapons.

Character Creation

  • Character creation now occurs at the lobby level.
  • Crypts have been removed from the maps and EKs.
  • Switching your active vessel now requires logging out and logging into that vessel.
  • More customization options have been integrated into the character creation flow (Heads, hairs, horns, and skin colorization).


  • Talent Trees are accessed through a button in the Inventory window, pressing “N”, or in the ESC menu.
  • Skills continue to be an account-based system while Talents are tied to a character.
  • Each class now his its own specific talent tree. Skills that were race or class specific have been removed and integrated into Talents.
  • Talent Nodes can grant powers, unlock discipline slots, grant recipes, grant stats, add or remove power trays, and grant equipment slots.
  • Each node has an associated shape to show what unlocks with each talent. (circle = power, square = stat or power modification, hex = major discipline, triangle = minor discipline)
  • Discipline slots are now unlocked through the Talent system. If you notice your discipline slots are unusable at level 1 this is not a bug.
  • Two talent points are unlocked upon each successful character level. Three points are grant at 15th and 30th level.
  • Removed automatically granted class combat powers from all classes, these are now earned via talent tree.
  • Talent nodes can require multiple previous nodes purchased, vessel level, or total points spent in tree.
  • Certain nodes will prevent the purchase of other nodes. (The promotion path nodes specifically).
  • You will be warned before purchasing a node which locks out other nodes.
  • Certain class powers were deprecated as part of the talent system implementation.
  • The next phase of Talents will incorporate Disciplines more fully, generating multiple talent nodes for each discipline.   
  • If the player has unspent talent points, the talent button will now flash.
  • Fully trained talent points change color to signify a completion in its training.
  • Adjusted some of the stat rewards granted from final nodes in Talent Trees.
  • Rewrote description for Virtuous Light so it's more clear it only removes the upkeep cost, not the initial cost of Divine Light.
  • Ranger talent power Call for Fire no longer causes a client crash.
  • Rearranged the text in all Promotion Capstone nodes to be much more legible.

NPC and Mobs

  • When an NPC does the majority of damage to another NPC, or gets the killing blow, no corpse should be generated and no xp should be granted.
  • NPC's now grant xp to player level based on (NPC rank * 3).

EKs and Vassals

  • Temples in EKs have been replaced with a Dragon Statue.
  • Wood on placed buildings will now stay as wood after interacting.
  • Players can now switch regions in EKs again.
  • Browsing functionality for public EKs has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from entering EKs. 
  • Added functionality to automatically start up an EK where the character is checked out so that it will check them in and they can use their character again.


  • The Race and Class Skill trees have been deprecated (The statistical power was migrated over to talents and racials).
  • All players regardless of account status may train the same number of Skill Tree Banks.
  • Plentiful Resources: Slag now grants up to 15% chance to harvest cutting grit.
  • Skills: Passive - Way of the Leader is now granted via the skill tree.
  • Fix for Player can visually get the same two skill tree categories training.


  • Search functionality has been enabled. You can now search for available recipes using the Search bar.
  • Expand all/Collapse all recipes toggle has been added to the crafting UI.
  • Multiple new adjustments to experimentation.  
    • Players can choose how much Risk they want to add to an experiment from “No Additional Risk” to “Are You Insane?!”
    • Increasing Risk will increase the difficulty as well as increase the amount of stat multiplier per each point spent.
    • Players must allocate all available pips now before attempting to experiment, however each pip is rolled independently of the previous pips.
    • Experimentation roll results are based on a shifting curve where the higher the sum of players experimentation stats and bonus values vs the experimentation final difficulty (Generally if your value is higher than difficulty value you will see better results, if you value is lower you will see worse results).
    • Post experimentation players may choose to reroll the lowest 2 stats, or reroll the entire experiment for an amount of ethereal dust or chaos embers. (Rerolling higher quality items costs more dust.)
    • Experimentation stats are now much easier to identify during the experimentation phase, including more detail on which stats are being altered. “Grade” and “Luster” are no longer experimental stats (ie you know you are experimenting on Attack Power).
  • New cooking recipes have been added!
  • Food continues to increase the players chicken ticker in addition to potentially providing a small buff.
  • Players may have one active food (Dined) and one active drink (Wined) buff at a time.
  • Reduced amount of experimentation pips for common quality items from 5 to 4.
  • Assembly bonus values are now 0% for poor/common, 15% for uncommon/rare, 20% for epic, and 25% for legendary.
  • Recipe Scrolls functionality has been added. Players can find and equip them (with the proper discipline equipped) and while the recipe is equipped they may craft that recipe.
  • Recipe Scrolls may have a durability that decreases each craft. Upon reaching 0 durability the scroll with be destroyed.
  • Reduced all crafting times to 1 sec.
  • Fixed a data issue that was making crafting an intermediate bow impossible.
  • Garlic, Ground Black Pepper, and Onions are now considered seasonings.  Garlic and Onions are also still considered produce.
  • Survivalist Cooking Recipes should be craftable again.
  • For 5.8 all non-basic Crafting recipes will be granted via the major crafting disciplines for that crafting type. (ie Major Discipline Blacksmithing grants the Blacksmithing recipes)
  • Socketing the single discipline will grant all recipes which will be broken into talent nodes in 6.0.
  • Skills will continue to display grants that they are no longer granting.
  • Removed sacrifice value on gnocchi.
  • Made it so any food recipe ingredient does not contribute stats or quality as this is redundant data. Outcome quality on crafted food items are forced.


  • The Critical Hit system has been altered significantly.
  • Each power now has a custom critical hit chance from 0-100. (Most are 0)
  • Powers than used to be guaranteed critical hits are now set to 100% critical hit chance, and then adjusted by critical chance modifiers (Meaning it is possible to prevent criticals with the proper stats.)
  • Added new stats for critical healing:
    • Critical Healing Chance: Modify the chance to score a critical heal. Critical Healing restores more Health.
    • Critical Healing Chance Cap: Increase the cap on your Critical Healing Chance statistic.
    • Critical Healing Amount: Modify the bonus damage healed by Critical Healing.
    • Critical Healing Amount Cap: Increase the cap on your Critical Healing Amount statistic.
    • Critical Hit Healing Chance Modifier: Modify the chance that Critical Healing happens to you. Negative values decrease the chance Critical healing effects you and positive values increase the chance.
  • Stats can now have a min and max value (Denoted as a Floor and a Cap in the Detail UI section of the character sheet).
  • Food Meter will no longer decrement based on stamina usage or taking damage in combat.
  • Energy, Fury, and Essence for Stormcaller Druids will now stop regenerating below 70% food. (Just like the Mana users!)
  • Druid Orb Refund: Now refunds a portion of the Base and not Total cost.


  • Most Discipline powers that damage enemies are now enabled to critically hit. (Who knew you couldn’t crit with a Discipline power?!)
  • Updated Destroyer tooltip so it's clear you only get healed when the barrier breaks.
  • New crafting Major and Minor Disciplines have been created and can be crafted.
  • Discipline Shield fighter - Molon Labe passive has been altered to cause Blocks to reflect elemental damage instead of reducing big hit amounts (this includes cleric blocks and shieldmaster blocks).
  • Master of Bows: Now requires "Equip Basic Bow" to equip.
  • Master of Bows: Added power Binding Arrows, removed power multishot.
  • Arcane Archer: Removed power Binding Arrows, added power multishot.
  • Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab 2 now applied a 20% Melee Power Damage debuff for 15 sec.
  • Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab and Slow Demise Combos have had their damage values updated to account for Pip cost (both increased substantially).
  • Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab and Slow Demise part 1 cost 1 Pip to execute.
  • Master of Daggers: Crippling Stab and Slow Demise part 2 cost 3 Pips to execute.
  • Master of Sickles: Added Passive Ironwood Body - When your Health drops below 35%, gain Ironwood Body, which reduces all damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 45 seconds.
  • Master of Sickles: Removed Passives Quick Burn and Slow Growth.
  • Master of Sickles: Essence generation has been moved out of the Stormcaller Passive and attached as stats to the base Discipline.
  • Master of Sickles: Added Out of Combat Essence regeneration.
  • Master of Sickles: No longer triggers setting essence to 80% if over 80% when entering the Death Tray.
  • Master of Sickles: Added Passive Ironwood Body - When your Health drops below 35%, gain Ironwood Body, which reduces all damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 45 seconds.
  • Master of Mystical Staves - Removed Passives Quick Burn and Slow Growth.
  • Master of Mystical Staves - Added Passive Forest Whispers - When your Health drops below 30%, instantly heal 20% of your maximum Health. Cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.
  • The Master of Pistols discipline is no longer available (Most of its functionality has been migrated to portions of the Duelist Talent Tree. Expect this to happen to all Weapon Disciplines as part of Talents Phase II).
  • Poisoner: Switched poisoner cleanse to stomp major poison group instead of minor.
  • Agent Provocateur:
    • Lay Low: Increased base cooldown to 30 seconds.
    • Lay Low: Healing values changed to a flat 30% of maximum health from a flat value + weapon damage.
  • Mail Proficiency: Deprecated this discipline.
  • Plate Proficiency: Deprecated this discipline.
  • Black Mask: Can once again be used by Rangers! They will be granted similar but slightly different versions of both Shadow Mantle and Call Darkness which use energy and have a fixed duration.
  • Overwhelming Odds tooltip updated to reflect 7% mitigation adjustment.
  • Shieldfighter Molon Lobe can be slotted into a power tray.
  • Disabled the granting of the Mount Movement Speed Power when the mount is equipped temporarily.

General Powers

  • Block no longer reflects elemental damage by default.
  • Adjusted cooldown and duration of Thornshield.
  • Items: Reduced Template values for Basic Bows Distance by 5m, Intermediate Bows Distance by 2m, and Advanced Bows by 3m.
  • Quick pass on re-writing power descriptions for singular verb agreement since the name of the power appears automatically as the subject at the start of the sentence.
  • Pass through all powers in the game to make sure the cooldown tooltips are accurate.
  • Rangers/Assassins with both Bow and Melee powers trays should no longer be placed into the melee tray when they are in stealth and attempt to go into the ranged tray.
  • Added Buff status effect for when Walk mode is toggled on.
  • Reduced baseline cap values for Attack Rating and Support Rating. (This will echo through all crafted items.Expect lower stat values for AP and SP on items)
  • Lowered attribute and coefficient values that contribute to attack rating and support rating.
  • Harvesting powers no longer animation lock the character in place while swinging.
  • Expanded the transition out of combat resource generation pause to all mana users, energy users, fury users, and druids with essence regen.
  • Food Hunger will now affect all mana users, energy users, fury users, and druids with essence regen.
  • Punching / Basic Attacks while stealthed will now remove the player from stealth properly.

Class Specific Powers and Adjustments

  • While many classes needed adjustments to their powers for their powers to work with the new talents, not all did. Many bugs may have been fixed when the talent portion was added.
  • A large pass has been done to bring in the distance of ranged combatants:
    • Statistic Ranged Distance Bonus - Set baseline cap value to 20.
    • Statistic Ranged Distance Bonus Cap - Set cap value to 45.
  • Multiple new powers have been created for all classes that are accessible through the talent trees. Please see classes below for a more specific list of new powers.
  • Many old powers were not re-added to the classes.


  • From Behind Damage bonus should function with discipline powers.
  • Diffusion should now re apply the disease DoT instead of the nature DoT when the target is diseased.
  • Fixed issue where Toxins where proccing multiple times when toxin apply stat was above 100%.
  • Deprecated power Curse Weapon,
  • Added power “In the Zone”. Increases your Power Efficiency by 20% and increases your Hit from Behind damage by 10% scaling the duration with pips spent.
  • Toxins - Now flagged as equipable so they display in Red if your class can't equip them.


  • Cleric Hammers and magical ability damage are now considered damage type Fire instead of Crushing.
  • Cleric Block: No longer automatically heals allies.
  • Tuned Cleric basic attack costs up a little bit more.
  • Added Radical passive which resets the cooldown on Searing Light on Spirit Hammer crits.
  • Added an icon to Blessed Symbol


  • Only gain the Zealotry resource when they also have Master of Arcane equipped.
  • Concentration passive power now grants The Righteous if the user is at max Zealotry and gains further zealotry.
  • Range on Absolution, Flames of Truth set to 25.
  • Absolution and Flames of Truth can now be modified by Range Increasing Stats.
  • Confessor New Power - Arkon's Fury , Deal damage and apply an elemental vulnerability to the target. (it's like an armor break for elemental damage!)
  • Master of Arcane Redemption: Increased base damage, reduced range to 25m, added a power blackout, increased cooldown to 9s.
  • Master of Arcane: Reduced range to 25m.


  • Druids now wear Leather armor.
  • Reduced Druid Final mitigation caps to match that appropriate of Leather.
  • Deprecated Nature's Grace Combo Chain.
  • Deprecated Forest Whispers Passive.
  • Faerie Flames: Removed DoT from power.
  • Faerie Flames: Added - Blocks target from entering Stealth for 30 seconds.
  • Forest Whispers: Changed armor mitigations from 35% to damage reduction by 35%.
  • Barkskin: Increased base amount of barrier granted.  
  • Barkskin: Barrier component is no longer linked to the thorns component. (this means the thorns will last the full duration even if the barrier is knocked off.)
  • Weather Sense should grant a shield equipment slot.
  • Bark Skin can now be placed in the Death Tray.
  • Leaching Seed can now be placed into the Death Tray.
  • When the Life tray is granted, the recipes to craft Basic and Intermediate Mystical Staves are also granted.
  • Druid orbs will correctly hit the floor in forts.
  • Druid orbs can be placed on top of other druid orbs when in a group.
  • Druid orbs will correctly hit the floor in forts (for realz this time).
  • Druid orbs will now only be seen by group members.


  • Main-hand Pistols are now available for the Duelist to use without requiring the use of a discipline.
  • Duelists can now equip pistols in either or both hands. It isn't necessary to have a special Offhand or Mainhand pistol.
  • Duelist basic Pistol Shots have been revised to feel snappier.
  • Impale now does increased instant damage to targets under 50%.


  • Knight Resolve now also regenerates Energy over the 4 second period.
  • Swordsmanship Passive: Fixed issue with power incorrectly proccing off of basic attacks.
  • Swordsmanship Passive: Reduced damage bonus from 125% to 50%.


  • The Charge combo ability following Net Pull has been removed.
  • Added buff icons to display raging for Pulverize, Raging Bull and Whirlwind.


  • Reduced Flare Range to 35m.
  • Laceration tooltip now indicates it hits twice.
  • Cross Slash 1 tooltip now indicates it hits twice.
  • Cross Slash 1 2nd hit now hits for appropriate damage.
  • Rapid Fire: Reduced Shot count to 7, removed stacking critical hit chance and removed the exposed knockdown.
  • Ranger Rapid Fire: Adjusted base damage and weapon damage upwards to account for less arrows.
  • Gleeful Strike: Passive has been updated. It now Increases your Power Damage Bonus: Melee and Power Damage Bonus: Ranged by 10%. Additionally, while the Melee Power Tray is your active tray, all critical hits you land have a chance to restore Energy.
  • Removed passive Energy Regeneration.
  • Laceration tooltip now indicates it hits twice.
  • Cross Slash 1 tooltip now indicates it hits twice.
  • Cross Slash 1 2nd hit now hits for appropriate damage.
  • Flare Arrow is now limited to the Ranged Power Tray.
  • Explosive Trap can now be placed in stealth (exploding the trap will remove them from stealth however).
  • Fire For Effect requires 2 stationary shots to activate instead of 3.
  • Altering some of the Ranger Talent Placements to make Brigand more of the stealthy trap promotion, and the Warden to be more of the melee brawler.
  • (Talent) Aero Spin / Faerie Bomb: Swapped locations.
  • (Talent) Cross Slash / Explosive Trap: Swapped locations.
  • (Talent) Shrapnel: Moved to Brigand tree.
  • Silencing Blades: Dagger Spin will stack Silencing Blades on targets, when stacks hit 3 targets are suppressed.
  • Dagger Spin: Now scales damage based on attack power and melee damage.


  • Added stat for Moral Prerogative.
  • Moral Prerogative enhances Righteous Stand to increase its channel duration by 50% allowing more time before another Pip is spent.
  • Corrected an issue that would prevent Templar Righteous Parry from activating when Righteous Stand was re-used while a Righteous Parry opportunity was still available.
  • Increased Holy Warrior cooldown and reduced health buff slightly.
  • Zealotry can generally be gained by only one source at a time but the amount earned was increased so gains will be much more consistent. Reduced the extra gain by hitting a target with Sin.
  • Holy Warrior duration is now 15 seconds.
  • Vindicator talent Blazing Light now increases Divine Light damage output to use "AOE" scale damage, which is lower, instead of "Normal" scale damage.


  • Increased Pitfighter attack power buff, removed portion of description that says it stacks.

Race Specific Powers and Adjustments

  • Racial Dodges are no longer modified by cooldown reductions or increases.


  • Ranged Distance Bonus changed to Ranged Distance Bonus Cap and set to 5m.


  • Faerie Fire: Removed erroneous instant damage from power.
  • Faerie Fire: Added Blocks target from entering Stealth for 30 seconds.
  • Bloodline: Tooltip reflects 50% movement speed boost while stealthed.


  • Made extra guinecean ring slot available.
  • Racial Burrow will no longer be granted to duelists.
  • Racial Saltpeter rounds will no longer be granted to non-Duelists.


  • Adjusted cooldown on Stoneskin.
  • Stoneskin: Changed armor mitigations from 50% to damage reduction by 50%.


  • Removed resource cost from Bull Rush racial.

Wood Elf

  • Camouflage: Interacting with an object, taking damage, or using a consumable will now shut off the toggle. This power is surrendered if the user has a Stealth Tray granted to them.

Mob Powers

  • Spider Slam now does damage type crushing.


  • Fixing issue with Druid blight burst sounds (Wailing Spirits) stacking and getting really loud.
  • Implemented batch of Ranger power sounds.
  • Sounds for Ranger basic attack arrows.
  • Sounds for Ranger Barrage and Rapid Shot powers.
  • Implementing hit sounds into all basic bow attacks a player can use.
  • Adding hit sound for Ranger Forest Step.
  • Adding variations for Guinecean death sounds.
  • New Elken and Guinecean versions of Knight male noble blood power shout.  Elken death sound now has "VO".
  • Further spacing out the additive tiers of Druid Blight Orb explosion sounds (wailing spirits).  New layer is added every 2 orbs instead of every 1 orb.
  • Implementing sounds for certain Champion powers.  Mostly hits. Also second tier versions for Ultimate Warrior.
  • Updated to Druid LMB power.  Less loud.
  • New sounds for Champion Hurlbat, Ranger Concussion Shot (AOE part).  Fixing issue with Fae jump sounds being 2D instead of 3D.
  • New hit sounds for Champion Rend and Hurlbat.
  • New VO for Guinecean version of noble blood Knight power.
  • Implementing sounds for eating various food items.  New VO for Elken version of Knight yell power. Update to Wolf morph day into night sound.
  • Fall Damage now has sound.
  • Adding new Music track for Lobby playlist.
  • Ongoing pass on Lobby sounds.
  • Adding more different music tracks to Temple (Beachhead) playlists.
  • Ui sound pass for Map.
  • Some polish on Lobby UI sounds.
  • Volume tweaks.


  • Short swords are now considered swords instead of daggers.


  • Several adjustments have been made to terrain shaders and environmental items to better increase performance.


  • Fixed foot sliding on fidget for Centaur female.
  • Fixed hitching in Fidget for Hgnt Champion.

Chat Window and Combat Logs

  • Harvesting actions now look better written in the combat log.
  • Fixed an issue where switching chat tabs could not be used after the window had been minimized.
  • Added an Unread Indicator to show if new messages appear below the current lines of text.
  • Fixed the 503 chat service error.
  • /invite Should now function correctly.

General Bug Fixes

  • The Crypt parcel has been removed from campaigns and EKs and the crafting recipe for this parcel is no longer accessible.
  • Food related resource and test vendors have been added to forts and keep parcels.
  • New stylized icons have been added for several inventory items.
  • Map Icons should no longer display as a black texture.
  • Updating the number of items granted by the necro test vendors and also added ambrosia as a necro additive.
  • Setting guild hall to be craftable in 5.8 with the new socket changes added.
  • Updated spider dioramas with newer webs.
  • Stoneborn corpse should no longer remain after rez.
  • Changed the range on the Outpost Guards to 25m with a max of 50m ranged attack.
  • Adjustments to fix memory leaks and overall server performance.
  • Dramatically reduced the amount of experience required to level starter and lower quality vessels.
  • Fixed socketing issues between gatehouse and wings.
  • Updated keeps to prevent players from placing keep on themselves in EKs.
  • Performance improvements for lower end shaders.  Medium still looks pretty good. Basic looks "less good".  But it does less, so it may be worth it.
  • Guild crest should now display on the player’s nameplate.
  • Bandage use will now remove Stealthed characters from Stealth.
  • New jewelcrafting icons have been added to the gem creation phase.
  • Skills: fix for combat basics tree not loading sometimes.
  • Updated the burial mound assets on harvestable graves.
  • Fixed Centaur female hair clipping on harvesting.  Some tuning to harvesting transitions.
  • Fixed a typo in some stats that made harvesting hungershard additives impossible during fall/winter.
  • Players are no longer asked “To Find a Tree to Harvest”.
  • Harvest nodes are now backless; they are no longer vulnerable to “From Behind” attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where floating windows being dragged would be clamped to the wrong y-positions.
  • Item tooltips will now sort stats alphabetically.
  • Players should only take 1 food decrease every 30 seconds when standing within 50m of a Hunger Node no matter how many nodes there are.
  • Harvesting tools now work after using a Runegate without needing to be re-equipped.
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to retrieve a body from a cairn.
  • “Purchase” button in the lobby is now functional.
  • Added a new icon for “Bruised Apple”.
  • Updated the interact radius on harvestable plants.
  • Fixed an issue where avatars hidden by the camera due to collision do not reappear when entering first-person mode and turning around to face the formerly-hidden avatar until exiting first-person mode.
  • Initial class items should now only be granted in campaigns, not in EKs. This means any freebies granted to a new starting character are only granted upon entering a campaign, they are no longer granted when creating a new EK character.
  • A “Loading” indicator has been added for entering an EK or a campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong player count was being displayed for EKs and Campaigns.
  • Made adjustments to skin color options for Guinecean.
  • Visible screenshake from other player’s powers should now be fixed.
  • Players can browse worlds even if your vessel is locked to a different scenario, but you will see the message "your vessel is locked to a different scenario" and the enter world button will not be shown.
  • Floor webbing in the starter area has been removed to fix clipping issue.
  • Fix for the Guinecean going into T pose when running and jumping.
  • Fixed some issues with interactables. This will help make the gate teleporting interact feel much better.
  • Fixed a bug where your FX would stop playing after your first death.

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