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Crowfall Patch 0.5.6

Released: 05/03/2018.


Skill Trees

  • In progress: Adding sounds to skill tree menus.
  • Fixed a small issue with the side panel not dimming correctly.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't train the first skill in the fighter tree.
  • Fixed a bug where first time in skills all nodes would appear as unlocked.
  • Added more information to several skill nodes to include recipe unlocks.
  • Fixed server refresh of skills on training.
  • Fixed some crashing in the skills system.
  • Added 12 skill tree placeholders for upcoming race trees.
  • Added 11 skill tree placeholders for upcoming class trees.
  • Fixed issue with tweening not working properly on the next skill node.
  • Added graphics to indicate when all skill lines need to be trained as a prerequisite for another node.
  • Updating skill nodes in crafting trees to indicate where recipes are granted. (Still a work in progress)
  • Removed all Way of The Leader Passive skill nodes from Profession type Skill Trees.
  • Created new Command Skill Tree off of the Exploration Basics Tree and placed all Way of the Leader skill nodes in there.
  • Completely rebalanced skill node xp, all curves are less of a dogleg and more of a straight line. (Should encourage purchasing of 5 pip as it can now be a fractional amount of the next nodes 1st pip.)
  • Altered the XP multipliers based on the new curve, it is now possible to have nodes which take 5 hours to 5 pip. (Generally the starter nodes in the profession Basics Trees.)


  • Added token count to inventory window. Visuals will now show token limits on parcels that player has building rights on.
  • The EK Tool parcel bar now displays the names of each parcel.
  • Setting crafting stations to Small instead of Medium token size.
  • Implemented a chat command /ekdisplayparcelowner that shows you who the owner of the parcel you are standing in is.


  • Updated the skill unlocks and display names for the EK crafting stations. The General station has no skill blocks but will require a crafting station to make.
  • Continuing to adjust recipe skill requirements.


  • Fixed the issue of being unable to equip a Sickle using Master of Sickles.


  • Entering Stealth mode now requires the player to be grounded.


  • Druid Retaliate now causes damage and heals you for 3% of your maximum Health over three seconds.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of the survivalist campfire missing art.
  • Potential fix for teleport sync issue causing a bug where you can get locked as a crow and unable to move after releasing your corpse.
  • More improvements to NPC debugging.
  • Fixing a string error that displayed during the experimentation phase of some recipes.
  • Added the return to temple G interact prompt to teleport you back to your assigned temple.
  • Fixed the issue where mobs would continue to aggro when no opponent was present. Most noticeable on Fort and Keep Guards.
  • Adjusted the interact radius to 3 on the crypt cairn.
  • When a power would normally go on cooldown at the end of the power execution, it will now properly go on cooldown after being interrupted.

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