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Crowfall Patch

Released: 04/04/2018.


Hotfix 18.04.2018

General Bug Fixes

  • Fix for initial state of in-range or out of range of your corpse for the 100m rez.
  • More logging and guarding for the ref count bug based on parsing logs.
  • More fixes for networking support which increases the number of players allowed per zone. 

Hotfix 16.04.2018

General Bug Fixes

  • Further backend and server improvements.
  • Adding logging in to help better identify what is causing some players to not be able to load into the game.

AI and Mob Adjustments

  • Several general bug fixes to AI functionality and pathing have been added.
  • Put shaders on NPCs that are pathing home. This is most noticeable by a blue shimmer happening on the AI. If you see this it’s not a bug, just more debugging tools to help track AIs.
  • Improved slope check for npc fastmovestep.

Hotfix 12.04.2018

AI and Mob Adjustments

  • Zombie Ice Shuriken should be line of sight only.
  • Improved log message for stat regen errors.
  • Fix for problem with AI not being able to aggro again after it times out.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the initial state of the range update callback which would prevent it from notifying the server when you move out of range of the bank and leave it open.
  • Added weapon vendors to Abattoir Map.
  • Crows should no longer be able to take falling damage, which was causing a problem with resurrecting.

AI Adjustments

  • Added check for spawner manager number of NPCs spawned to /aistats.
  • Make sure NotifyDeath is always called when AI is torn down.
  • Adjustments to Hate Controller.
  • Limit the total CPU that AIs can consume per frame. Prioritize NPCs that are aggro'd, but make sure you give all of them at least some time.
  • Further tweaks to make aggro'd NPCs more responsive.
  • Sleep NPCS when they are 200 meters from any player. 
  • Limit number of NPCs who can be aggro'd against a particular target.
  • Start NPCs in Inactive state to reduce load time.
  • Fix for problem with AIs stuck turning back and forth frantically over a single point.

General Bug Fixes

  • Server backend adjustments for campaigns and fixes for Operations Tools.
  • Fixing no delay errors on master of bows fx and lowering projection intensity. 
  • Crafted vessels should now have proper qualities displaying in the Crypt interface.
  • When changing factions, the hate list and friend list will reevaluate the entries to see if they are still enemies/friends.  If they change, they will be removed from the respective lists.
  • For reticle targeting, if the target hit is a trigger volume, like teleporters, you should now have an easier time interacting with them.
  • Resurrection radius around cairns has been added.


  • Second Wind will now properly suspend its healing when you take damage.

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