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Crowfall Patch 0.5.5 - Adventuring and Economy

Released: 03/23/2018.


New items

  • Spiders! New Mob type including hunger version and variants for spiders have been added with new mob abilities.
  • New campaign map called “Wrath” has been updated, populated, and ready for testing.
  • First iteration of new AI brains and strategies have been created and setup for better mob performance.
  • EK Vendors and stalls are available to craft and use. This is the first stage of vendors to support better player economy usage. 
  • Character LOD adjustments have been made for maximum performance.
  • Initial changes for crafting replication have been introduced for better crafting performance and future use of projects and factories. When resetting the crafting session, it will now persist the selected recipe from the prior session.
  • New weapon visuals, animations, and FX have been added for Scimitar (Master of Scimitars Druid), Focus Orb (Confessor), and One-hand Throwing Hammer (Cleric). Crafting recipes for these items have been re-enabled. 
  • High Elf Female playable race has been added. 
  • Female Centaur playable race has been added.
  • Further adjustments to character movement have been added for better playability.
  • More improvements to the World Building Pipeline. A lot of these changes won’t be player facing but will improve and speed up the World Creation Process. 
  • Players can remap their second combo combo key in the keybinding menu from E to any other non-reserved input.

Death Loop and Crypts

  • Upon player death: Player is put into a bleed out state and prompted with a corpse release option with a background 6 minute timer.
  • Upon player death: Players take item decay.
  • Upon pressing the F to interact to release (or the timer expires): The player crow warps to a nearby Temple/Hero Statue.
  • The player must now fly back to their corpse. (Crows can now free fly around the world)
  • A “Where is my Corpse” indicator will appear on the UI compass widget. 
  • The crow may use the tow truck to retrieve their body at the temple/Graveyard for additional decay.
  • The crow is prompted with an F to interact when they near the corpse; completing this will return the crow into the vessel.
  • The corpse is still universal multi-day timeout. If this expires the body and the crow auto tow truck at the nearest temple.
  • First time entry into the world always requires a character create option.
  • Deathblow power has been added and is working as an interaction.
  • A temporary interact has been added to the crypt parcel in order to access the ability to change vessels. This art is only temporary and will be updated in the near future.
  • Loot rules should now be handled properly.  Your equipment and vessel are put on your chest container and "looted" from there when you resurrect in the gods reach ruleset.
  • Corpse decaying while you're a crow should be working properly.
  • Bleed Out feature has been added including overlay effects - this is the state you are placed in when your health is at zero. This elaborates on the Deathblow function.
  • Item decay for death and tow truck are now Amount decays rather than Percent decays.
  • EK Editor tool should no longer be accessible while you're a crow or bleeding out.
  • Vessels- Higher quality vessels now grant additional attribute points and max health amounts based on quality of vessel.
  • When you use the tow truck resurrect and your corpse has no items to loot, it should destroy the corpse after a short delay.
  • In combat item decay will now exclude items in specific slots based on the slot definitions.
  • Spawning a doober for the skull of the dead player when someone performs a death blow on them.
  • Players can access crypt while in crowform.
  • Added a periodic tick task to thunk the cairns so that they will not get permanently stuck inside a respawned building or floating in the air.


  • Adding check for if the players inventory is in overflow on buying from a vendor or removing items from a vendor.
  • Adding check for if the vendor has over 5 million in cash in bills of sales. This will block adding more items to the vendor until money is taken.
  • Allowing auto transfer with right click to vendors.
  • Updating Vendor maintenance time to be 30 minutes.

Skills, Skill Trees, and Stats

  • Please Note: An overhaul of the Skills and Skill Tree System is in the works and will be patched in 5.5 in the near future. 
  • Item stat modifications were updating the stat directly if it was an energy (pool) type of stat. It has been fixed to update the max stat defined on the pool stat.
  • Monster tree Personal Damage Modifier will now reduce damage rather than increasing it... by a lot.
  • Plethora of Dust: All is now a visible stat.
  • Altered stat outcomes for metal sections.
  • Barbarian Training - Short Cool Downs now properly reduce short cooldowns.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI wasn't initializing properly for rogue and mage character types which prevented them from being able to allocate attribute points if they had points to spend when they logged in.


  • Rare version of Ethereal Dust called Chaos Embers can now be found.


  • Great Pommel and Crossguard now require two metal bars instead of one metal bar.
  • Updated Metal Section Stat Packages.
  • Setting intermediate armor to require a crafting table.
  • Focus orbs and scimitars are now craftable.
  • Updating crafting recipes and experimentation data for new intermediate tools. 
  • Also added dust requirement to equipment and armor recipes.
  • Necklace Gem cuts are now available.
  • Necklaces are now craftable and stat itemized.
  • Final crafted item will now be created when you click the take button instead of when the crafting timer ends.
  • Assembly times in crafting recipes have been re-implemented. 
  • Crafting station adjective changes. Now, all intermediate recipes can be crafted at the general crafting station and their specific station type, for example intermediate blacksmithing recipes can now be made at the general crafting station and the blacksmithing station, too.
  • Added leather sheet component for intermediate armor recipes.
  • Basic armor recipes have been updated and moved to Intermediate Armor.
  • Fixing experimentation data and allowing experimentation on the Intermediate Two Hand Axe.
  • After aborting the crafting timer, you should no longer be prevented from crafting another item.
  • Added a Basic Bandage craftable item, can be found in basic survivalist crafting.
  • 10 second cast time, heals for 2500, can be used once a minute.
  • Removed test recipe potions.
  • Fixed a bug in crafting where the experimented stat values would randomly bounce around from one experimentation to the next.
  • Scale and Metal subcomponents which produce crafting stats should now properly produce those stats.
  • Adding spider brisket as a multiple outcome result from cooking spider meat.
  • Increased base durability on rings.
  • Fixed issue with all crafting recipes that were supposed to have a specific quality outcome no matter what quality of resources were used in the combine were no obeying their specific outcome (you can see this on rune fragment combine where 3 commons should always create an epic item now).

EK Tool and Building Placement

  • Introduced Thunking Sockets system which should help alleviate some problems with socketed buildings, annexes, and attachables. 
  • Crafting tables now have their own unique socket types and can only be placed inside buildings with a matching socket.
  • EKs temporarily come with a Crypt parcel which should allow access to change vessels. Temples within Campaigns and EKs no longer support the ability to change vessels.


  • New and Improved Wrath map is in and ready to play; complete with spider mobs and adventure zones.
  • Crypts have been added to areas outside of Beachheads.
  • Water Wells now exist within Wrath which grants water flasks, used in crafting recipes.
  • Crafting stations have been removed from the Beachheads. All basic crafting can now be accessed using the “J” menu. 
  • Adjusted NPC ranger range attack blackouts and hit times to match what the animation is doing
  • Changed NPC ranger ranged attacks to use all weapon damage and adjusted for animation timings.
  • Created the rest of the ranks for ranger guard spawner.
  • Ranger guards can no longer be moved via Chain Pull or similar powers.
  • Handled some exceptions that were happening during the siege lifecycle.  Also fixed a bug where the siege flow would break and a siege would not be able to start.


  • Fixed an issue where brightness preferences were not applied until the settings UI is opened.
  • Reserved the left mouse button and right mouse button in our keybinding system.

Sound Design

  • A full sound design pass has been done to the following game components:
  • Druid and Druid abilities
  • Harvesting and Energetic Harvesting buffs will no longer be silent.
  • Assassin and Assassin abilities.
  • Volume adjustments for common whooshes and Assassin dodge.
  • Fixing issue where Ranger drawback sound would continue playing when you dodge.
  • New dirt generic footstep sounds.
  • Fixing issue with Druid tray swap where the wrong sound was playing.
  • Fixing missing placeholder sounds for Myrmidon LMB and Bull Rush.
  • Fixing missing sounds for Templar basic attack.
  • Fixing missing placeholder sounds for Elken headbutt.
  • Tray swapping sounds for most classes should now be audible.


  • Re-Adding destruction fx to buildings.
  • Adding master of scimitar fx.
  • Adjusting Firewall particles to fire mesh.
  • Optimizing runecaster discipline field.
  • Harvesting changes for SFX support.
  • Fixing runecaster cast.
  • Barrier effects now attach to root of building.
  • New campfire FX.

General Powers

  • Players will login with 30 a second invulnerability buff, attacking anyone will cancel the buff early.
  • All powers that apply bleeds should now be properly modified by the Bleed DoT's Damage Addition statistic.
  • Renamed Bleed DoT's Damage Addition to Bleed DoT's Damage Multiplier since it is actually multiplying on the base amount.
  • Ground Targeted abilities will no longer automatically sink to the ground and will act as expected when aimed at areas such as the top of ramparts, catwalks or in buildings.
  • Removed Resource cost from Wild Charge, Gestalt, Head Butt, Faerie Fire, Saltpeter Rounds, Backhand, Humiliate and Call Flames
  • Fixed an issue preventing movement after breaking out from a knockdown after being dizzied.
  • Fixing issue with Stealth sound effects persisting if you leave the stealth tray by pressing V.  Also removing whispers from assassin stealth sfx.



  • Assassin Backstab should grant two pips from behind.
  • Assassin Retaliate now causes damage and grants a pip when targets are not exposed.
  • Removed irrelevant mention of cooldown resetting from description as Retaliate is no longer cooldown gated.
  • Assassin Kidney Shot will now only stun Minotaurs from the back.
  • Added a short cooldown to Assassin Backstab.
  • Added screenshake to Diffusion when used with a Toxin.
  • Assassins will no longer attempt to infect rocks, trees and dead animal corpses with their toxins.


  • Champion 3rd Basic attack while in Ultimate Warrior should properly find a target now.


  • Knights now have an Energy pool of 1000 which regenerates at a rate proportionally identical to Stamina.
  • Knights now use Energy for abilities instead of Stamina.
  • Noble Blood now returns 350 Energy instead of Stamina
  • Updated strings and power descriptions.
  • Knight UI should show the energy bar now.


  • Rangers now always regenerate Energy regardless of the tray they're in, meaning you can play exclusively in the melee tray if you want.
  • Alertness should now properly apply Perception to the see invis portion of the power.
  • Ranger Flare fields are now checking whether the target is stealthed instead of the caster.


  • Templar will no longer get spammy Zealotry gain flytext from healing targets.
  • Zealotry cannot be earned from target dummies.
  • Healing dummies and other non-players no longer grants Supercharge or Zealotry.



  • Added camera offset data for female centaur.

High Elf

  • Fixed issue with High Elf Bloodline proccing too often.


  • Molehunter Heads Up see invisibility should now work properly.
  • Scarecrow Aura of Terror should take into account perception stat.
  • Glass Cannon can now be loaded out into Stealth trays.
  • Naiad Water Spirits can now be cast while moving.
  • Fashion Statement now grants 1 additional Amulet slot. (down from 2)
  • Highelf Racial Amulet Slot Grant now shares same slot as Amulet Slot granted by Minor Discipline Fashion Statement.
  • Guinecean Racial Ring Slot Grant now shares same slot as Ring Slot granted by Minor Discipline Hand of Glory.
  • Ethereal Sight is now a Minor Discipline which can be found under Ritual in the basic crafting categories.

General Bug Fixes

  • Several more adjustments to server performance and stability.
  • Fixed a bug where some objects would not thunk correctly depending on how a player approached the area (Campaign Worlds and EK). 
  • Updating weak point size and positioning for harvesting muskhogs and hellcats.
  • Fixed the issue of the Survival Tray reticle centered the first time logging into the campaign.
  • Fixed weapons coming out of the Centaur Cleric's hand when casting Illuminate.  Setting splitbody version of arc lightning to loop.
  • Fixed several bank transactions bugs, such as resume on login, and routes for deposits. 
  • When logging into your EK for the first time, you should no longer be treated as "dead" after you've created your character.
  • Updating tooltip data to include "Equip" list for shields.
  • Fixed an issue where the avatar was shown and hidden at an undesirably high frequency.
  • You should no longer be able to exit out of the character creation screen when you are required to create a character on your first login.
  • After logging out and back in while a crow, you should not be required to create a new character.
  • Spirit crow should no longer display a reticle.
  • Fixed the bounds of the personal bank UI widget, as well as the world bank selector UI, which had the same issue.
  • Added outlines around the targeting icon for critical harvest.
  • Marble nodes should no longer erroneously yield granite when harvesting.
  • Crows should be able to use teleporters now.
  • Updated the doober settings to have a larger pop radius so they don't pop on top of the mega nodes.
  • Also updated the collision on dust doobers so they no longer fall through the world.
  • Spirit crows can no longer take forts.
  • Consumables are now gated by powertray.
  • Added a fix for veering when moving on steep slopes.
  • More fixes to player movement and jumping.
  • Fixed a client bug where an object in the delete queue was being re-added, it would fail to add it, which could grant the stealth classes the ability to be hidden from any observer that was around during that event even though they weren't stealthed.

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