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Crowfall Patch 0.5.4 - Testserver

Released: 01/05/2018.


New for 5.4 At a Glance

  • New playable class Assassin is now available.
  • New playable Male Human Ranger is now available.
  • New changes to crafting have been added. Basic recipes can be created by pressing the J button. Recipes that are not basic will require a crafting station in order to craft. 
  • New crafting stations for campaign worlds have been created.
  • Placeable crafting stations for EK placement have been created and added as craftable recipes. 
  • The Equipment and Mitigation tab in the Inventory/Player panel has been updated. 
  • UI adjustments to the crafting windows are currently in progress.
  • Input Buffering: With input buffering you can anticipate your next attack and hit the button to activate your next ability a split second before the previous ability has ended. This allows you to chain smoothly from ability to ability without without having "spam" the button to prevent DPS loss. In most cases, input for the next ability will be accepted after the previous abilities has "hit".
  • Input remapping for key bindings has been added. You can now remap your keybindings.
  • Sacrifice System has been created and added. The Sacrifice System allows players to sacrifice items into a brazier which grants XP based on the value of the item sacrificed. 
  • XP System has been added which utilizes the sacrifice system. Current level cap is set to 30. 
  • Added level up visuals and stinger events.
  • New load screens have been added. 
  • Replaced sound engine with Wwise support.
  • LOD manager has been added for additional art support. This now uses a culling system for better asset performance. 
  • Data layer support has been added with the intention of developing better world building and content creation. This item isn’t really player facing but this should improve load times. 
  • Adventure parcels have been created using data layers. These parcels now have the ability to switch data such as props and other environmental aspects. 
  • Implemented Auto-Run Functionality.

Crafting Recipe Updates


  • New recipes for placeable crafting tables have been added to the basic crafting list under Basic Deeds. These tables can be crafted without a station and can be placed in EK buildings.
  • New intermediate recipes and components (Metal Billet and Reinforced Plank) have been added to the crafting table list. Balanced intermediate recipe damage and power cost for both metal and wood variants.
  • All recipes have their skill tree requirements implemented and all recipes now have their station requirements implemented. As you unlock skills your crafting list will populate with the unblocked recipes when you interact with the proper station type. 
  • Removed polearms from recipe list temporarily until they are usable by Class/Race. 
  • Updated Quiver descriptions to indicate the type of arrow skill required to use them, e.g. Elemental or Exotic.

Advanced Blacksmithing

  • Altered all recipes for Plate and Scale.
  • Added new subcomponents for Helms, Boots, and Gloves.
  • Coal, Carbon and Lacing Sinew all force their outcome to Poor Quality now.
  • All recipes that require Coal, Carbon and Lacing Sinew no longer factor in the Quality levels for these components.

Advanced Leatherworking

  • Altered all recipes for Leather. 
  • Added new subcomponents for Helms, Boots, and Gloves.


  • Toxins recipe have been created. Toxins are used to coat a weapon with a poisonous substance. Toxins are only usuable by Assassin classes.  
  • Advanced Assassin Toxins created with Alchemy have an experimentable Toxin Application Chance stat.


  • Collapsed animal harvesting down to 3 main types:
    • Carnivore
    • Herbivore
    • Omnivore

Test Recipes

  • Marking Demon's Pact and Expansive Mind minor discs as available to all players.

Armor Types

  • Cleric, Myrmidon, Champion and Druid can now use Leather and Mail armor.
  • Templar and Knight can now use Leather, Mail and Plate armor.
  • Armor Layer experimentation can now be conducted on Physical, Elemental and Organic mitigations.
  • Armor Class has been replaced with the "Armor" stat in skill trees, which is now the top level parent and grants protection against all nine major damage types. The result is the same.
  • The Plate, Mail and Leather combat skill trees have been adjusted to reflect current armor designs.
  • Leather and Chain armor now also increase your Healing Bonus in addition to Damage Bonus.

Key Mapping Overhaul

  • Alt no longer accesses cursor mode. 
  • All keys should be accessible to the interface except Escape, Enter and Alt.
  • New input manager has been added. 
  • The settings menu loads properly with the desired inputs available and correctly categorized. 
  • Add toggle for Left+Right mouse movement action. 
  • Arbitrary combo keys capability has been added. 
  • Modifier key support has been added.
  • Modified InputBindings to pre-cache data about what actions are available and which are assignable. Data transfers now make use of this pre-cached data instead of querying Rewired for the same data multiple times.
  • Added the InputBindingDisplayInfoCollection scriptable object to define how bindings should be displayed. Added the corresponding data asset:
    • Updated InputBindingLabel to handle icons and forced displays.
    • Updated scripts that were listening for binding changes to include icons where possible.
    • Updated prefabs to include an Image to use for changing icons.
    • Added string extension Nicify() to pretty-format input strings with spaces.
  • Update input system, removed inventory action mapping, added mouse wheel icon, added abbreviated ref names for keys.
  • Blocked the windows and PrintScreen/SysReq key from being used as a binding.
  • Reworked how combo actions are handled and queried in GameInput.
  • All non-combo actions that have the same bindings as the combo action's component actions' bindings will be consumed and always return inactive values.    

Sacrifice System

  • Inventory Items now have a sacrifice value.
  • Sacrifice Braziers have been placed near temples for easy access. 
  • XP is now granted when an item is sacrifice. 
  • Added crafting recipe sacrifice multiplier so that we can scale the sacrifice value of crafted items.
  • Hooked up in-world particle effects for sacrificing and gaining levels.


  • An ambient bed of wind and bird sounds has been added to the game world.
  • Adding and implementing sounds for Assassin retaliate and Druid Bark Skin.  Adding event for Life tray.
  • Druid powers are getting a sound design pass.
  • Implementing certain druid power sounds.  Lowering volume of footstep sounds.  Adding randomized pitch and volume.  Adding and implementing generic heal sound.


  • Changed all stats to point to new animal harvesting stats.
  • Altered Animal Specialization Skill Tree to have 3 branches instead of 5.
  • Altered all hides that drop to point to 5 more generic categories. 
  • Added Far-Sight Stat to Archery items to enable them to see Nameplates from further.
  • Many Crafting and Harvesting stats are now linked to an Attribute.
  • Increasing the attribute will also increase these children stats by a small amount.
  • Info on what stat they are linked to can be found in the character sheet details tooltips.
  • Many Harvesting and Crafting stats have had their testing baselines zeroed out as they are now linked to parent attributes.

Time Bank and Skills

  • Rules enforcement for starting banking:
    • Can't bank more if over limit for tree
    • Can't bank if already banking 1 (2 for vip) in same sphere.
    • Can't bank if already banking in combat sphere.
    • Count banking spheres toward training sphere limits.
  • Skill nodes should now be colorized.
  • Skill pips should now update correctly. 
  • Tracking active time banked will now appear on the front page of skills.
  • Hooked up tooltips, which also shows time banked, and fixed the appearance of the clock.
  • Fixed anchors on Skill tooltips to keep them on screen.
  • VIP in skill trees activate! Changed UI elements to enable VIP status in skill trees.
  • Banked time now based off of VIP status.
  • Add more detailed error messaging for skill training.
  • Fixed the issue of putting timebank into an already training skill can sometimes cause visual/training problems.
  • Fixes bug that wasn't allowing training in same skill tree when only training one skill in a sphere.
  • Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds text in skill tooltip should be shortened as D/H/M/S.

Inventory and Trade

  • Fixed an issue where items in overflow may seem to have disappeared from player inventory. 
  • Fix bug that made it impossible to trade items to reduce overflow, even if you weren't getting anything back and the other player wasn't in overflow.
  • Survival Mini-Tray now appears when in inventory mode for easier drag and drop functionality from the player inventory. 

User Interface

  • Update to detailed stats view to properly highlight stat on hover, and rearrange the order to be combat, crafting, exploration.
  • Added interaction feedback for dragging items in inventory.
  • Fixed issues with Tooltips not always displaying properly. 
  • Assassin HUD widget has been added and updated. 
  • Fixed the issue that was reported by several players that there is no cursor indicator in the username, password, and 2FA boxes making it difficult to see where text is being input.
  • added a new toolbar for crow form that allows user to log out, exit, change settings, view skills and access other standalone map scenes.
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips in top half of spellbook not appearing.
  • Settings Menu: Fixed an issue where there was only the Very High quality level (NOTE : To set the current quality level, click the line, DO NOT UNCHECK IT.).
  • Added new proxy crafting station UI prefab.
  • Deleted some unused UI prefabs.
  • Created Vessel Selection UI.
  • Added class discipline slot stub to discipline sheet.
  • Updated values of text in mitigation sheet, to better show values and percentage.
  • Added art for class icons.
  • Updated art for race icons for consistency.
  • Fixed a bug in which some incorrect tooltips would display while in combat mode.

General and Discipline Powers

  • Burning DoTs now tick for slightly more damage than before at a rate of twice per second, instead of three times per second. The overall DPS remains the same.
  • Basic Bow left-click power should only shoot to 30m now.
  • Master of Bows: Now grants exotic arrow/quiver usage.
  • Sharpshooter: Now grants exotic arrow/quiver usage.
  • Arcane Archer: Now grants elemental arrow/quiver usage.
  • Set Pistol Master Rapidfire cooldown to begin on start to correct issue with cooldown.
  • Updated Reveal Weakness power and status icon.
  • Fixed the issue where growth powers were not altering the size of a target.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the activation of Runescarred Gladiator discipline Nothing to Lose.
  • While Rooted you may no longer use Dodges, Jumps or other abilities that include movement as a core component such as Wild Charge, Leap, Head Butt, Pursuit, Disengage or Censure.
  • Fixed Sprint channeled power not being applied. Most channeled powers are also fixed (Knight's block still broken).
  • Adjusted Healing Bonus, Support Rating, Crit Chance and Amount Attributes contributions so they add a 15% bonus with 300.
  • Fixed an issue where the Famished and Starving debuff effects would stop pulsing.
  • Fixed issue with Health skill node in Fighter granting too few hitpoints.

Minor Proficiency Disciplines

  • Leather Proficiency Minor Discipline has been removed.
  • Plate Proficiency Minor Discipline now requires Mail armor use skill as a prerequisite.

Harvest Powers

  • Energetic Harvest has been moved to the Q slot. Mechanics are still the same, it just is in the Q slot now.
  • Reduced the cooldown for Energetic Harvest so it doesn't run up against itself.
  • Added a stat for players to gained more Harvest Pips per hit.
  • Reduced base number of Harvest Pips gained per hit to .5.
  • Added new Harvest Minor, The Reaper to gain .5 Harvest Pips per hit.
  • Granted Spotting Passive to all Classes, (upon a successful harvest, player is immune to DizzyDown for 16 seconds.)

Race/Class Specific Items

  • Base Health has been adjusted for all classes. Classes with ranged attacks now have 4250 base Health while classes that are primarily melee now have 5000 base Health.
  • Updated dodge tooltips to indicate the rate of Dodge pip recovery for each race.


  • Retimed and tuned a number of Champion abilities to more closely match their animation.


  • Now has a base of +1 to Chain Healing Bonus Jumps statistic.
  • The basic Cleric weapon is now named Basic One Handed Throwing Hammer.


  • Confessor Immolate, in addition to its existing effects, now also causes you to become invisible and teleport a short distance away with an improved animation.
  • Updated Immolate description.
  • Confessor's third basic attack is now called Fireball 3 and hits once.


  • Now has a base of +1 to Chain Healing Bonus Jumps statistic.


  • Duelist Vanish will no longer leave you permanently snared.


  • Power Tray now visually displays 9 slots.


  • Retimed and tuned a number of Knight abilities to more closely match their animation.


  • Taste for Blood now procs Blood Craze which correctly reduces Berserk Crash Damage if Active when a Myrmidon Crashes.
  • Taste for Blood also procs Blood Thirst which increases Basic Attack damage, the proc condition for Blood Thirst now correctly requires hitting a bleeding target in addition to its % chance to proc.
  • Retimed some Myrmidon attack blackouts to match their animations.
  • Switched Myrmidon Cast Net to use a power blackout.
  • Switched Myrmidon Net Pull to use a power blackout.
  • Reduced the cost of Myrmidon Whirlwind.
  • Berserk:  Updated damage coefficient per point of health to match new health scale. (this stat continues to cap at 20%)


  • Retimed some Ranger melee attack blackouts to match animations.


  • Fixed tooltip that showed a Pip cost for Templar Radiant Sweep.


  • Bloodworms: No longer show flytext when consuming.
  • Bloodworms: No longer activate Trailblazer as an active buff if consumed while in a combat state.
  • Bloodworms: Having the Bloodworm Glow effect no longer suppresses Sprint when used.

Animation Updates

  • Fixed bow placement on back for Human Ranger DW animations.
  • Fixed shield clipping through the arm on jump.
  • Updated Suppression Shot animations, changed recovery portion from a slow stand up to a quicker hop up to idle pose.
  • Fixed Shovel animation error on human female.
  • Death animations should now be race specific.
  • Fixed bow position on the half giant’s back and an updated sprint animation for the half giant.
  • Adjusted placement of weapon for the Guinecean and Wood Elf when Bard powers are active.
  • Setting up splitbody clips and adjusting base controller so that the Confessor will play Master of Arcane abilities.
  • Set Nethari to use the correct fidget in non-combat mode. 
  • Re-timing human male run to 6 meters per second.  
  • Fixed Shovel animation error on human female.
  • Updated Elken Bow movement animations to fix clipping in the knees.
  • New Centaur run to idle animation replacing placeholder animation.
  • Updated Male Human rig to properly animate with a Staff.


  • Updates to terrain stitching have been added. 
  • Crafting stations have been added to the Beachheads, Forts, and Keeps.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where brightness preferences were not applied until the settings UI is opened.
  • Fixed an issue where nameplates would not initialize and appear in mouse look mode if the avatar spawned while the player was in cursor mode.
  • Addressed the issue of toggle powers appearing inactive due to a tray swap cycle. 
  • Fixed the issue of toggle powers in different categories or groups not displaying properly on the combat tray. 
  • Fixed an issue with support power stats being added from disciplines would function incorrectly. 
  • Changing vessels while alive will no longer make you untargetable.
  • Logging out while you have a resurrectable corpse in the world should no longer break your vessel when you tow truck resurrect.
  • Using the tow truck resurrection should no longer put your equipment into overflow inventory.  it should correctly re-equip what it can.

Known Issues


  • At times players are able to see stealthed players despite faction.
  • Changing a tray keybinding setting and not assigning a new key will result in a state  which will cause your inputs to be unresponsive. Close the client and relaunch again to remedy the issue.
  • Cottage buildings lack collision. Most noticeable in forts and beachheads.
  • Harvesting weak points on Slag, Cobblestone, and Muskhog may appear off the node, especially on the smaller rocks and ores. 
  • Currently Skill Tree navigation is slow and is currently being investigated.
  • Knight Chain Pull and Myrmidon Net Pull may not function correctly - a fix is currently being investigated.
  • Z-Fighting/Sorting issues on buildings have been reported during internal playtests.
  • Guinecean Burrow FX persist after going from Stealth to Survival Trays.
  • The Champion often slides an appreciable distance after landing from his Leap ability.  
  • Harvesting doobers are falling or floating away from the drop source. 
  • A balance pass is still in the works for hippos. Current feeder requirements may change.
  • Players have reported getting stuck and/or lagging on various steps throughout some of the campaign zones.
  • Videos have been removed until we can update them.
  • Floating temples have been reported. To fix this issue exit to lobby and return to the campaign.
  • Destruction of buildings may also cause post processing visual issues. 
  • Hellcats missing animation after running leap.
  • AI can track and attack stealthed players.
  • Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until animations are added.
  • Players can encounter jumping issues when spam-jumping from higher elevations to lower ones.
  • Ranger machine gun bug - a weird state in which the Ranger animation appears to get stuck in LMB animation.

User Interface

  • Some players have reported inventory items not updating their reduced amount. This appears to be happening most frequently with deeds and resource items.
  • Blue crow effect persisting after reviving has been reported to occur at times. Logging out and back in will fix this issue.
  • Chat disconnects may occur. If this happens, just exit to the lobby and rejoin.

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