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Crowfall Patch Test

Released: 11/30/2017.


!!!!THIS UPDATE REQUIRES A NEW PATCH INSTALL. PLEASE UNINSTALL AND DELETE YOUR CURRENT PATCH FILES AND DOWNLOAD THE NEW PATCH TEST CLIENT FROM https://crowfall.com/en/client/!!!! The new crowfall patch client has a gray bar at that top that says, "Crowfall Launcher". If your client has that gray bar at the top you have the most up to date patch client.


  • Reduced the time of Toast Notification for skills to 3 seconds, it was at 10. Should fix the bug of window is on screen too long.

Discipline and General Powers

  • Fixed a problem when a discipline with a granted slot getting destroyed also destroyed the slotted item. 
  • Line of sight will now be blocked by walls and buildings, even if they are friendly.
  • Saltpeter Rounds: Cooldown is now correctly 68 seconds.
  • Set Redirect Pain cooldown back to 45 seconds.
  • Duelist Vanish will no longer leave you permanently snared.

Visual Effects

  • FX Fixes to Dryad Disc Healing Orbs.
  • FX Myrmidon Whirlwind and Arcing Slash fix.
  • Added FX scaling to Ranger Ranged Basic misses.

User Interface

  • Fixed the issue of overlapping text in equipment sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where Trays would not update their correct slot amounts on vessel change. 
  • The issue of items getting stuck in the Spirit Bank has been addressed. 


  • Fort wall durability increased.
  • Fort walls now reset themselves when holes/damaged below 50% has been applied.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Keep Guards firing through walls. More adjustments are in the works. 
  • Modifications have been made to keep parcels to support faction changes. 
  • More adjustments have been made to the tree LODs. 

Known Issues


  • If you equip Master of Shields on a class that already has shields on it (Knight and Cleric) if you switch to a new vessel body you will enter a broken state that will require you to exit and restart the client. 
  • Harvesting weak points on Slag, Cobblestone, and Muskhog may appear off the node, especially on the smaller rocks and ores. 
  • Currently Skill Tree navigation is slow and is currently being investigated.
  • Knight Chain Pull and Myrmidon Net Pull may not function correctly - a fix is currently being investigated.
  • Z-Fighting/Sorting issues on buildings have been reported during internal playtests.
  • Guinecean Burrow FX persist after going from Stealth to Survival Trays.
  • Centaur scale size in character creation is very large.
  • Motion Blur and Depth of Focus settings have been altered and may need some more adjusting. 
  • Floating rocks and trees at the edge of campaign parcels may appear. 
  • The Champion often slides an appreciable distance after landing from his Leap ability.  
  • Some parcels are displaying their default name. 
  • Harvesting doobers are falling or floating away from the drop source. 
  • A balance pass is still in the works for hippos. Current feeder requirements may change.
  • Players have reported getting stuck and/or lagging on various steps throughout some of the campaign zones.
  • Frame rate performance may be slightly lower.
  • Videos have been removed until we can update them.
  • Floating temples have been reported. To fix this issue exit to lobby and return to the campaign.
  • Destruction of buildings may also cause post processing visual issues. 
  • Hellcats missing animation after running leap.
  • AI can track and attack stealthed players.
  • AI may be difficult to loot/skin due to a smaller loot radius.
  • Templar LMB Attack without weapon is missing animation.
  • Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until animations are added.
  • Players can encounter jumping issues when spam-jumping from higher elevations to lower ones.
  • Ranger machine gun bug - a weird state in which the Ranger animation appears to get stuck in LMB animation.
  • Pressing alt while the trade window is open permanently hides the trade window.

User Interface

  • Some players have reported inventory items not updating their reduced amount. This appears to be happening most frequently with deeds and resource items.
  • Blue crow effect persisting after reviving has been reported to occur at times. Logging out and back in will fix this issue.
  • Chat disconnects may occur. If this happens, just exit to the lobby and rejoin.

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