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    Pre-Alpha 5.8 Campaign Quickstart

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    With 5.8 the first campaigns are waiting to be conquered. This guide aims to introduce you to the core mechanics and rules of the game in order to get you ready for PvP. Additional information is linked at the chapters. This guide only deals with campaigns, the eternal kingdom is going to be explained at a later stage. 

    Character Creation

    In order to participate in a campaign, you have to create a character first. This character is determined by its Race and Class. Here is a brief overview of the classes, with color coding for beginner's friendliness: 


    A sturdy melee fighter. Has decent CC and good defense. 


    An agile ranged fighter with magic damage. Has a lot of AoE.


    An agile melee fighter with self-healing and a lot of sustain. 


    Ranged fighter with high damage output and a melee tray. Has limited stealth 


    Melee fighter with stealth. High damage and good escape. Vulnerable versus CC


    Healer with high damage output. Has to deal damage in order to heal. 


    Melee fighter with high damage output and decent survivability.


    Sturdy melee fighter with restricted self-healing. Based on bleeding.


    Support with healing and various buffs. 


    Agile fighter with ranged and melee attacks. Can enter stealth. 

    Character Creation.png

    After you have decided on a class, the race choice follows. Not every race is available for all classes. However, this decision is not so important for now, since the influence is rather small. Therefore, it's fine to choose whatever class appeals to you the most. Afterwards you can cosmetically change your character and name it. Now it's time to start the real game and enter the campaign of your choice. There are currently only two campaigns - one for EU and one for NA. 


    Crowfall features three different factions without any bonus. But choose wisely, since the faction can't be changed during the course of a campaign. The factions are: 


    The Fraction of Order believes that true salvation can only be achieved through the worship of the gods. The leader of the order is Arkon, Prince of Light and Lord of Justice.


    The faction of Chaos tries to liberate the mortal races from the influence of the gods and thus to ensure free will for all lower beings. They worship the god Kane, the hammer of the sky.


    The Balance faction worships memories of Earth Mother Gaea, who has passed away. They try to find or establish a balance between freedom and faith.


    After choosing your faction the real game starts. This chapter aims to guide you through the first steps in the world. On the way to the temple of your faction, you will be introduced to the basics of the game.


    Press the key "I" to open your inventory and the character overview. The following graphic shows the most important information in the HUD:


    Basic Crafting

    At the beginning of the game you are placed next to a crypt. Here you can change your character. Follow the narrow path to a campfire with a few chests. These chests contain a few axes, wich can be used to cut trees. Cut some trees until you gathered about 20 Knotwood. This wood can be used to craft more tools and your first weapon. To do so press "J" to open the crafting window. Craft all the aviable tools in the menu "Basic Crafting - Basic Harvesting Tools". These tools only require three wood. which can be cut without any tool (but it takes quite some time). Your first weapon can be found in the menu "Basic Crafting - Basic Weapons". This weapon may require Cobblestone or Slag Ore (depending on your class). Take a look at the discription of the recipe to find out which weapon can be used by your class. 



    After building your first weapon, you are ready to continue your journey to the temple. During this journey you are going to encounter some spiders so it's time to test your newly built weapon. In order to do so you have to switch from the "Survivel Tray" to the "Combat Tray", by pressing "U" (Or "Z" as a melee fighter). Since you only have one skill at the beginning, the first few fights are limited to clicking the left and right mouse button. A killed spider grants experience and loot, which can be collected in the Survival Tray (key H) with the "F" key. After looting a spider, it can be skinned with a knife. You can also find meat, which can be fried and satisfies the hunger better than a few apples.


    Just keep following the path towards the temple (with "M" you can look at the map). After killing some spiders, you should level up. With each level up, you get attribute points and talent points. The attributes can be freely distributed. The attributes grant the following bonuses:

    Strenght: Damage. Attack power for Melee.

    Dextery: Armour and critical hit chance.

    Intellect: Critical hit damage. Increased received healing. Attack Power for Magic.

    Spirit: Increased healing done and stamina.

    Constitution: Hitpoints.

    With the talent points you can further develop your character in the talent tree. The first point unlocks a new skill for each class. This is usually equipped automatically. If not, you can open the skill menu with "K".


    Continue along the path towards the temple until you reach the portal to the temple. On the way you can kill all the spiders that stand in your way and plunder them. Once at the temple, you should sacrifice unnecessary items at the altar. This altar is a large fire bowl in the middle of the temple. Almost every item can be sacrificed, but with crafting material it is advisable to sell it or to make something out of it yourself. Some items can no longer be sacrificed after reaching a certain level. To leave the temple and participate in combat, you can use the rune gates. These lead to one of the adjacent fragments of the world. An overview of the temple is shown in the following picture:


    Passive Training

    When you arrive at the temple you should take the time to look into the passive skill trees. You can only train two at a time, but there are three: combat, crafting and exploration. For new players, I recommend a combination of combat and exploration, as the crafting is quite complex. However, should that be exactly what you are after, you can start crafting right away. The passive skill tree can be reached by clicking on the dumbbell icon on the left menu bar in the menu (ESC). Once you've picked a tree, your crow starts collecting experience. This experience can be spent in the respective tree to improve various characteristics of your character. These bonuses are permanent and cannot be taken from you anymore (unlike almost everything else in the game).


    Adventure Zone

    The map in Crowfall is divided into several zones: Siege Zones (low resources and sieging), Free Cities (Free Trading Market), and Adventure Zones (Resources and NPC Opponents) As a new player, it is best to first visit an Adventure Zone and try to level your character. In addition, it is advisable to avoid hostile players. Each faction has more or less its own area on the adventure zone. So when someone comes to you, there is usually only one reason - he wants to kill and loot you. Valuable stuff can be stored at forts/keeps in local banks or at your spirit bank (B). The Spirit bank has limited exports, so be careful to not overuse it. 

    Resources and harvesting

    Almost all items in Crowfall have been built by players. Since they need resources to do so, it's always advised to keep your eyes open. In addition to the basic resources (Knotwood, Slag and Cobblestone), there are 15 additional resources and many plants. These are the basis for all advanced weapons and armor. Advanced resources are marked by a glow in the game world. Resources are divided into ranks - the higher the rank, the less damage you deal. Higher rank resource nodes yield better (but not more) resources. Without the right equipment and skill, it is quite pointless to tackle high-level resource nodes. Therefore, I would advise new players to harvest up to Rank 4 and ignore higher ones. In the case of ores and rocks, in addition to the normal resource nodes, there are also Motherlodes, which can only be mined in one group using special skills.


    Advanced leveling

    The first levels are relatively easy to get, simply kill some R2 - R4 monsters. The higher your level, the less experience you get from monsters, until you get nothing from low monsters. It is important to not sacrifice the found gold at lower levels, because you need it for the higher levels. After reaching level 10 I would recommend building better gear (see next chapter below) and then chase down stronger monsters in a small group. These can be found in special locations, which are named on the map. Start sacrificing Gold after reaching level 16. 

    Crafting and Equipment

    Apart from the most basic weapon, every other item must be crafted. For beginners the intermediate recipes are the most interesting ones. These can be made in forts and keeps on workbenches. The recipes are available for all characters and have no requirements. The required materials can be looked up in the craft menu, under certain circumstances you must still produce different components, which are used in the main recipes. These recipes seem overwhelming and confusing at first glance, but once you get used to the system it starts to get clearer. You can use the search function to get around. Some recipes allow for experimentation, a way to further increase the stats. Experiments are very important for advanced crafting and highly alter the finished product. Feel free to play around a bit - intermediate crafting is quite forgiving (advanced crafting is not).

    Intermediate 1.png

    Throne War

    To help your faction to victory, you can take outposts (for single players and small low-lvl groups) or forts (for larger groups). In addition, you can join a siege, but they require some coordination. Each taken structure grants points to your faction every 15 minutes. The group with the most points emerges victorious from the campaign. To take a structure, you just have to put yourself in the conquest radius. But they are protected by guards, so it's easier said than done. In addition, there is a message to players in the area, which will certainly move to defending. Outposts are marked by flags on the map, forts and keeps have their own graphics and are easy to find.



    The real core of the game consists of PvP - which can hardly be experienced alone. You can search for company at the official Discord or at the Forum

    If you have further questions or any suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.

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