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    Talent Tree, Level Ups & Sacrifices

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    Pre-Alpha 5.8 adds many things to Crowfall. There are first victory conditions for the campaign, cluster maps and thanks to the new talent system the moment-to-moment gameplay has been improved. With the new talents the skill trees for classes and races have been merged with the character progression and leveling. This guide aims to summarize the changes and explains the new system. 

    The talent system

    The new talents are an addition to the passive skill training. With every level you gain attribute points and some talent points (depending on the quality of your vessel and the level). In order to enhance your character, you have to actively play your vessel. In this way AcE aims to improve the moment-to-moment experience and reward short play sessions. Attribute points can be spend to increase strength, dexterity, intellect, spirit or constitution. Talent points can be spend to increase various stats, gain new discipline slots or active powers. After gaining enough levels you can even promote your class to one of three unique promotion classes. Yes that's right, promotion classes are back! They found their way from the passive skill tree of version 3.0 to the new talent system of 5.8.

    Crowfall Talent Tree Overview (Druid)

    The picture above shows the talent tree of the druid. This class is used as an example to explain the mechanics of the new system. The start of the tree features a few basic powers and offers little choices. The middle of the tree has some offense, defense and support options. The end of the tree houses the promotion classes - in this case the Archruid (A offensive support class), the Earthkeeper (A pure support) and the Stormcaller (Offensive DD). You must choose between one these promotion classes. After choosing it can't be changed later, so be careful. The picture below shows the Stormcaller in detail.

    Crowfall Talent Tree Detail


    Every talent has some prerequisite. The table below shows the progression while leveling and marks important unlocks. This progression is for a basic vessel. The higher the quality of the vessel, the more attribute points are granted per level. The quality of the vessel has no impact on talents. The unlocks mark the minimum requirements for these specific unlocks and don't necessarily show the best path to develop a vessel. At the maximum level you can't level every talent, so it is important to plan ahead. Levels can be earned by killing monsters or sacrificing items to the gods.

    Crowfall Cheatsheet Level Ups


    Crowfall offers a unique way to level your character: by sacrificing items to the gods. You can sacrifice nearly every item - crafted items, harvested resources or looted animal parts. The amount of experience granted by these sacrifices is dependent on the quality and type of the item. The sacrifices can be done at the holy altar at the center of the beachhead of your faction. The picture below shows the interface of the sacrifice altar.

    Crowfall Sarcifice

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