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    Myth quickly evolved into legend and then legend snapped into a cold, hard reality as the number of documented gryphon sightings abruptly rose in the Five Heavens.

    The progression is thus. Ancient scholars supposed that the myth branched out from the story of Valkyn and the Wyrm Eternal, as told in the Book of Creation. One particularly common legend holds that a grove of Druidic elders were the first to have actually seen the creature, although their claims have been dismissed as the hysterical blatherings of a people whose minds were mostly-melted by magic.

    Then came the irrefutable truth as documented by survivors of the Battle of Dav’ny who told of a beast swooping down into the heart of the fray, ferocious and unstoppable. In its bird-like beak and talons, it snatched up three fully-armored men and their warhorses, its lion-like haunches and tail effortlessly sweeping away any unfortunates in their arc.



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