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  • Neue Technologie bringt großartige Rüstungsänderungen

    Crowfall releases changes related to armor and armor crafting later this week in the 5.8.6 update.
    Through these changes, armor is much more streamlined and the benefits should be clearer to players; the new technology behind them also gives us even more opportunities for cool new content across the entire system. The best part of these changes is how they will open avenues in the Crafting system as a whole.
    Let’s dive in!
    Die Rüstungswerte
    From a top-level, armor still does what you would expect it to do, reducing incoming damage.
    There are four equipment slots (head, chest, hands, and feet) and four types of armor (cloth, leather, mail, and plate). All four pieces will provide some degree of protection.
    Armor pieces will now have one number by which to judge how much protection that piece provides, the Armor stat located near the top.

    If you want to see how much specific mitigation a piece of armor provides, just hold the left control key down.

    This plate helmet has an additional stat of “+1.67% Crushing Resistance”. Stats like this used to be called “Armor Bonuses”, but we changed them all to reflect that they are now Resistance stats. Resistance and all armor mitigation values summed together is how much protection a player has against a specific damage type. Since we no longer damage the player based on hit location (as we did in the past), the protection is evenly applied to the player.
    Nahtlose Schadensminderung
    As always, we tried to make sure there was a difference between each type of armor:
    Plate has the highest Armor stat potential Mail has a lower Armor stat, but it does carry a +5% damage and healing bonus Leather has the lowest Armor stat potential, but gains +10% damage and healing bonuses From a crafting perspective, all the custom layer types have been removed, and the mitigation they used to provide is now baked into the armor.
    Geheime Zutaten
    We now have the tech to hide certain ingredient slots behind the crafter meeting certain requirements. In most cases, we require the crafter to equip a specific item and bonus ingredient slots will appear. Based on what is placed into those ingredient slots, we can completely change what item is being produced or, as in most cases, we can add some bonus stats to the item.
    In this case, the crafter needs to have the Planishing Hammer of the High Forge equipped in order to make the Treated Steel ingredient slots appear.

    And now the extra ingredient slot has appeared!

    Und wo man sie herbekommt
    These items come from our new War Tribe content and decay each time they are used to produce the item they create. Ideally, this adds even more of a synergy between those who just want to fight and those who just want to craft.

  • Von den Entwicklern

    • This is as designed, the range between hops on spirit whip is 5m from the last target hit in the chain, and can't hit previous targets. The dummy on the far left is more than 5m away from the dummy on the far right. Zum Beitrag
    • Congratulations to Xarrayne whose video has been selected as our Crowfall War Story of the Week! This honor carries with it a prize of 500 crowns. FULL STORY Zum Beitrag
    • Following up on this with some additional information based on conversations this thread has sparked among the team -- Blair told me, "It's a big delta from what it was before; however, the repercussions for not eating are no where as bad as they were since we removed the 'starving' and 'famished' states. The only state we have left is 'hungry' (where your regens turn off). It happens at 30% remaining, and takes 70 minutes to get into that state. So for people who are mentally mapping it t
    • Imagine this being spoken in Old Timey Radio Voice (also known as Transatlantic speech.) Orb position was being sent and dropped on the client. There is a period of time between when the client gets a baseline and the NetworkedObject is created. In general clients drop replication events that arrive in this interval. There is special code for position updates that will update the position baseline, but it needs to be called whenever a new type of position update event is added. In this case
    • This was a known issue and should be fixed shortluy. Thanks ya'll! Zum Beitrag
    • 7/16/18 Patch Notes Campaigns: Add monster camps to the map, with a pop-up that gives basic "consider" information. Eternal Kingdoms: Adjusted building placement to use screen axis. Class Powers: Duelist: Adjusted duelist basic attacks to fix some hitching issues. Ranger: Fixes for Ranger trap spawning underground and applying damage multiple times. Racial Powers: Minotaur: Updated description to Bull Rush to indicate it no longer drags tar
    • @Toadwart, the chicken ticker changes will come in 5.100 Update: Blair told me that the chicken ticker changes had in fact gone out in a previous update. If you are still seeing ravenous results like that, we definitely need to look into it. Please make a post in the TESTING > 5.90 Bugs forum so QA can investigate. Zum Beitrag
    • I've said in several threads now that the ACE Q&A for July is delayed due to scheduling conflicts. It's summertime. A lot of the team members have children that are out of school, so they are taking this opportunity to go on vacation. Currently, Todd himself is on a well-deserved vacation with his family. He'll be back next week and we'll get the ACE Q&A for July done then. I've heard many people say that they don't consider the WSotW to be newsworthy. Message received. Last week,
  • Crowfall Gilden- & EK Hosting

    Gilden und Ewige Königreiche sind zwei Kernelemente von Crowfall und verdienen daher besondere Aufmerksamkeit und Förderung. Während man das Zusammenschließen zu Gemeinschaften (Clans, Gilden, Legionen, etc.) bereits aus vielen MMORPGs kennt, wird die soziale Komponente in Crowfall nach aktuellem Wissenstand wohl weiter gefasst werden und sich in unterschiedlichen Sphären entwickeln. So erhält das klassische Gildensystem tiefgreifende Erweiterungen mit Sub-Gilden und Bündnissen auf der einen Seiten und einer ganz davon unabhängigen Gemeinschaftsbildung auf Basis der Ewigen Königreiche.
    Mit dem Ziel der Crowfall Communtiy diese Aspekte bestmöglich in die Hände zu legen, war eines unserer frühen Ziele unsere Community Plattform als Zentrale für Gilden und Ewige Königreiche zu etablieren. Seit dem Go-Live unserer Website bieten wir daher eine stets bewährte Lösung zur Gilden- und Mitgliedersuche an: Den Gildenindex! (nun inaktiv!)
    Aus unserer Sicht greift dieser jedoch nicht weit genug und bietet keineswegs die notwendige Unterstützung für engagierte Gildenleiter und EK Statthalter. Wir gehen daher einen Schritt weiter und bieten anstelle einer öden Tabelle einfach mehr.. viel mehr.. und das kostenlos!
    Dein Gilden- & EK Hub
    Du bist Gildenleiter, Gründer eines Ewigen Königreiches oder möchtest einer werden? Websites / Foren erstellen ist nicht Dein Ding? Kein Problem, wir helfen aus!
    Mit unserem Gilden & EK Hosting kannst Du nicht nur Deine bestehende Gilde (sowie deren eigenes Forum/Website) bewerben und auf Mitgliedersuche gehen - ersetzt somit unseren alten Gildenindex - Nein, Du kannst unsere Plattform nutzen und Deine eigene Community aufbauen.
    Erstelle ganz einfach Deine Gilde oder Dein Königreich und nutze folgende Funktionen
    Homepage (Übersicht, Beschreibung) Forum Kalender Mitglieder Roster Navigationsmenü und Vorteile bzw. Eintsellungsmöglichkeiten:
    eignes Gilden bzw. EK Logo sowie Titelbild individuelle Ränge (Gildenleiter, Offiziere, bzw. Monarchen, Landherren, etc.) Rekrutierung aktiv / inaktiv Privatsphäre Einstellung (Öffentlich oder Privat) Mitglieder Deiner Gemeinschaft können ganz einfach der Gilde oder dem Ewigen Königreich beitreten. Ihr habt bei Bedarf eine Anlaufstelle für Bewerbungen (euer eigenes öffentliches Forum) sowie einen Bereich für interne Kommunikation, den je nach Priviligien (definiert durch individuelle Ränge) nur eure eigenen Gildenmitglieder oder Bündniskollegen einsehen können.
    Außerdem repräsentiert ihr euer EK bzw. eure Gilde stets im öffentlichen CFC Forum und macht damit mit euren aktiven Beiträgen laufend Werbung für eure Gilde:

    Tutorial Video
    Du möchtest das ganze lieber in Action sehen? Na dann schau Dir doch unser Tutorial Video an:
    Für weitere Fragen stehen wir Dir gerne jederzeit zur Verfügung!

  • Die Prüfung von Kane

    Kane stands apart, shrouded in a cloak of anguish and grief over the loss of his brother Arkon. So deep is his regret that he is driven to lay down his treasured greathammer, Sorrow, at the prospect of facing his brother. A broken blacksmith is a truly wretched sight.
    Are you willing to serve the most anguished of gods, Kane, The Wretched God?
    Die Prüfung von Kane
    Length of Trial: One week Start: April 2 at 4 PM CDT (NA) / 4 PM CEST (EU) End: April 9 at 10 PM CDT (NA) /10 PM CEST (EU)
    Gold Sigil von Kane
    Winning Faction Top 30 players ranked by Crafting Score (Note: This is a new score based on the calculation of total sacrifice value of all crafted items at the point of inception.) Top 30 players ranked by Kills + Assists total score Second Place Faction Top 20 players ranked by Crafting Score (Note: This is a new score based on the calculation of total sacrifice value of all crafted items at the point of inception.) Top 20 players ranked by Kills + Assists total score Losing Faction Top 10 players ranked by Crafting Score (Note: This is a new score based on the calculation of total sacrifice value of all crafted items at the point of inception.) Top 10 players ranked by Kills + Assists total score Silber Sigil von Kane
    All other players; excluding those above. Bonuswerte
    All badges when equipped include the Kane Bonus Stat: a two-point reduction to the base experimentation difficulty of any recipe.
    To qualify for a reward badge, you must be listed on the leaderboard. To be listed, you must die, kill, assist with a kill, capture points or craft items during the Trial of Kane campaign.

    Mehr erfahren
    Trials campaigns will vary in length over time. The Trial of Kane is a three-week campaign, but future trials may run different lengths of time for testing purposes. To earn the reward, players must join the campaign and participate in the name of your chosen faction; your name must appear on the leaderboard to qualify for a reward. The badges visibly attach to your character and offer the God’s Bonus Stat; the Badge of Kane offers a two-point reduction to the base experimentation difficulty of any recipe. You must have the badge attached to the character in order to gain the stat bonus. Badges are bound to an account, meaning that any characters on your account may use them; they cannot be looted or traded and do not decay. It is recommended that you store any highly-valued items in your Spirit Bank (accessible in-game by hitting “B” for “bank”) prior to the end of the campaign.

  • Gründer-Update: Wann, Wie, Was?

    Gehe, Kämpfe, Gewinne: Den Spielzyklus aufpeppen
    Now that we have a few campaigns under our belt, there are a couple of odd behaviors that we’re seeing crop up from our design architecture of Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds. I’ll talk through each of them in turn, but basically, it comes down to “How do we answer the following questions?”
    When do we update the game? How do we keep players from burning out? What to do with new players? Wann gibt es Updates?
    As I mentioned in a previous update, one of the odd challenges that we’ve had since we started this series of trials campaigns is answering the question: When do we update the game?
    With back-to-back campaigns running on both the NA and EU servers, and with those campaigns dialed-in to match the start and stop times appropriate for our backers in each of those areas there is literally never a time when the game is “offline” to allow us to apply an update.
    This isn’t just an issue with interrupting a campaign (which is bad), it’s a more significant issue of when we need to apply changes that are not backwards compatible. Do we abort the campaigns that are currently running or do we “go dark” on the game service and allow new players to try to log into the game only to find that they actually can’t?  
    We don’t like either of those options.
    Ermüdende Kämpfe ausmerzen
    Another odd side effect of running a new campaign mere moments after the last one ended is that players never have a moment to pause and catch a breath. There is a reason that sports events lead to a championship game after which they all take a (well-earned) break to prepare for the next season. That forced downtime allows them to pause, to celebrate (or mourn), to come up with new strategies, to decompress and to build anticipation for the next season.
    Sieges can be extremely fun (and intense), but having to defend your keep every single night—endlessly, forever—can lead to burn-out. For what it’s worth, we do have plans in place to help with this, like having more control over the siege windows for capture locations, but even with those mechanics in place, sometimes you just need a break.
    Was macht man mit neuen Spielern?
    We also need to think about all of the new players coming into our game. The campaign world is designed so that the game experience fundamentally changes on a day-by-day, or sometimes a moment-by-moment, basis. Logging into a campaign at the beginning of spring or in a winning faction is a vastly different experience than logging in at the end of winter or in a losing faction.  
    We need to give players a chance to learn the game before we throw them into the deep end of the pool and make them swim with the sharks. No one wants to join a strategy game in the last few moments when they have absolutely no chance to make an impact.
    So, um dem angesprochene entgegenzuwirken...
    We’re adding a new world type to the game, which I’m calling God’s Reach because that’s the closest equivalent from our original list (and it makes the most narrative sense as we can explain these worlds as being “within the reach of the gods” and therefore protected from the decaying effect of the Hunger).
    Shadowbane players will recognize this area (in SB we called it “newbie island”). It’s a permanent place for new players to land in the game, regardless of when they join, to learn the ropes and be able to contribute at a meaningful level before they jump into a campaign. While there will be some capture locations here, it’s really a staging area (and safety net) to Crows a login location in between campaigns. This world won’t amass points, it will be limited in resource quality (to white) and will never “end” with a decisive victor.   
    Basically, I see these worlds serving a purpose between the Campaign Worlds (which are consistently available but ephemeral in content and permanence) and Eternal Kingdoms (which are permanent in nature but inconsistent in both content and availability).
    We’ve set up a TEST version of a God’s Reach world and will be launching it shortly—mainly to get us out of the “when to prop new versions” issue noted above—but as is typically the case with new features it’s going to be rough and unbalanced and certain to have issues. So bear with us.
    As stated, the goal is to use our existing architecture to provide an entry point for new players and to solve the other problems outlined above. Melissa Preston, our art director, will be joining me for a live stream next week (Thursday, April 4, 11 am CDT) to give an overview of this new world. We hope you’ll join us and bring some great questions and comments. 

  • Erster Einblick: Kriegsstämme

    While the Crows -- immortal champions chosen by the gods to fight endlessly for eternal glory, wealth and power -- vie for control of the Dying Worlds, the denizens of these doomed lands are forced to bind together in questionable alliances formed to scavenge for resources and brace for the end of days.  
    Scattered bands of soldiers, warlords and barbarians can be found in encampments across every Crowfall® world: fortifying ancient ruins, erecting military camps and occupying abandoned villages. War Tribes add a layer of challenge and complexity to the Dying Worlds as they work against the Crows to wrest control of the world away from the gods and stave off their inevitable destruction.
    Lager der Kriegsstämme
    War Tribes can be found peppered throughout the lands, burrowing into the decaying remains of the civilizations once native to these worlds. The most common of these are:
    Military Encampments - Orderly and organized in their arrangement, military encampments provide housing for agents of Order. They conquer the chaotic remnants of the Dying Worlds and consolidate its resources to drive forward their agenda of aggression and control. Tribal Villages - Chaotic and crudely constructed, barbarian villages are the home to agents of Chaos. These barbarian warriors set up staging points around the realm from which to raid other villages, camps and strongholds in a mad dash to control and consume the hidden hoards of Order. Abandoned Villages - Mercenary companies have settled into the burned and decaying ruins of our fallen societies, turning farmhouses into outposts and villages into ramshackle strongholds. The overgrown roads and untended forests provide excellent cover to bandits and worse, waiting to waylay those who would travel at night or in limited numbers.
    Die Stämme
    Many of these tribes are known -- marauding Minotaur clans, errant legions of the Centaur empire -- but a few are heretofore unknown. Rumors abound of mysterious tribes from worlds yet undiscovered, roaming the land and taking what resources remain.
    Some of these mysterious new tribes include:
    The Aracoix [Bestiarium] (pictured above)
    Refined and civilized yet scornful and cruel, these Avian mercenaries are noble in bearing. Their impressive speed, inherent mobility and hawkish nature make them an apex predator among the dead and dying. In addition to being natural killers, these bird-headed warriors also seem to possess a natural gift for stealth, assassination and druidcraft (the magic of Gaea). The Urgu [Bestiarium]
    Coarse and barbaric, these pig-like creatures seem intent on consuming everything they can find, picking over the bones of our fallen cities for food, tools and weapons. The Urgu sow destruction everywhere they wander, with a seemingly endless appetite for carnage. Primarily a warrior tribe, they seem to be naturally suited for melee combat and hunting. The Satyr [Bestiarium]
    Zealous and nomadic, the Children of Cybele hail from the Faewood, the dark and twisted forest that was presumed lost when the First World was broken at the moment of Gaea’s death. The savage and mysterious Satyr, angered over the loss of their homeland, now wander the Dying Worlds exacting vengeance on anyone they happen to encounter. For all their cruelty to those they consider outlanders, the Satyr are surprisingly civilized, with tribal members acting as Clerics, Knights, Rangers and even Confessors and Templars. Plünderer und Schatzjäger
    The War Tribes tend to have social structures that fall into simple hierarchical structures, almost always centered around a strong leader or leaders. Natural scavengers, these warlords have been known to amass sizable fortunes and rare antiquities that can be beneficial to our Eternal Champions or suitable for divine sacrifice.   
    Scavenger items will often include such things as gold, crafting resources, runic weapon recipes, vessel crafting additives, unique food and cooking ingredients, minor disciplines runestones -- and more!
    Sammelbare Opferungsgegenstände
    Additionally, War Tribes will also drop unique sacrifice items that provide some lore and other evidence of the culture or world from which they hail. These items provide insight into the lifestyle of these raiding tribes as well as valuable experience when sacrificed to the gods.
    When combined, these items can be sacrificed for more experience. These collectible components vary in rarity, from quite common to extraordinarily epic - the difficulty to acquire increases with the rarity. To combine the set, one must locate a tribal crafting station located exclusively within the tribal encounter area. Each set is unique to each tribe. Ausweiten der Stämme
    This update represents the first (but certainly not the last!) focus on War Tribes in the Crowfall universe.  In the future, we’ll be expanding on this system to…
    Add it to our “procedural generation” system, so that every War Tribe fortification is unique, Expanding the list of War Tribes to include more unique races and classes, More encampment types (such as “Stoneborn ruins” and -- eventually -- dungeons!) Expanded loot tables, including a larger variety of items and unique crafting blueprints (including “charged” blueprints that can only be used X times to create a unique item) to drive collection, player customization and the player-to-player economy!

  • Gesell Dich zu Deinem Schwarm

    schrieb JAAYYJAAY in seinem Artikel „Joining and Managing Crowfall Guilds“ auf MarkeeDragon.com.
    Wie MMO-Veteranen wissen, entsteht zwischen Gildenmitgliedern oft eine tiefe Verbundenheit, über große Entfernungen und alle Server-Grenzen hinweg. Häufig formen sich hier sogar lebenslange Freundschaften.  
    Welche Gilde ist die richtige?
    Natürlich kann man sich als einsamer Wolf wie ein Söldner durch Crowfall kämpfen, aus den von Jaay erwähnten Gründen ist es allerdings sehr empfehlenswert, sich einem Krähenschwarm anzuschließen. Eine Gilde zu finden ist einfach. Vor allem als neuer Spieler ist es jedoch wichtig, die richtige Gilde für euch zu finden.
    Dabei gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten, in Crowfall etablierte Gilden zu finden, die gerade auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern sind.
    Am besten loggst Du Dich dafür zuerst einmal auf der Webseite von Crowfall ein. Gehe in der Navigationsleiste zu Community -> Gilden, um zur Gildensuche zu gelangen. Dort kannst Du Deine Suche anhand von Kontrollkästchen näher einschränken.
    Setze zum Beispiel ein Häkchen bei „Rekrutiert“, um Dir Ergebnisse von Gilden anzeigen zu lassen, die gerade über die Webseite neue Mitglieder aufnehmen. Wenn Du eine Gilde siehst, von der Du denkst, dass sie zu Dir passen könnte, klicke auf die Schaltfläche „Request to Join“. Der Gildenleiter wird daraufhin benachrichtigt.
    Eine weitere Möglichkeit, eine Gilde zu finden, die zu Deinem Spielstil passt, ist das Forum zur Gildenrekrutierung. Dort findest Du Threads, in denen Gildenleiter und -mitglieder Informationen über ihre Ziele, ihre Teamphilosophie, die hauptsächlich gesprochene Sprache und Spitzenzeiten teilen. Überfliege diese Threads am besten einfach mal, unter anderem auch, um zu erfahren, wie Du sie kontaktieren kannst, wenn Du beitreten möchtet.
    Live-Streams sind eine weitere gute Möglichkeit, den richtigen Krähenschwarm zu finden. Sowohl die Hosts als auch die Chat-Zuschauer beantworten gerne Fragen von neugierigen Neulingen, die mehr über Crowfall erfahren möchten. So kommt es häufig vor, dass wir mit eigenen Augen beobachten können, wie neue Spieler von Gilden in die Community aufgenommen werden, um dort Fuß zu fassen.
    Etwas Hilfe beim Aufbau gefällig?
    Zusätzlichen Gilden-Features – sowohl im Spiel als auch auf der Webseite – befinden sich in der Entwicklung. Wie immer ist auch hier das Feedback aus der Community integraler Bestandteil des Prozesses. Lass ArtCraft daher wissen, welche Tools und Features Du benötigst und Dir wünschst, um Dein Gildendasein in Crowfall so gut wie möglich zu gestalten.
    Das CFC Hosting
    Alternativ bieten auch wir Dir eine flexible Lösung zur Suche von Gilden oder Gildenmitgliedern. Wirf einfach einen Blick in den folgenden Aritkel:

  • März Features im Überblick

    Obwohl der Pre-Alpha Meilenstein 5.8 bereits im Dezember 2018 erreicht und veröffentlicht wurde, liefert ArtCraft stets Verbesserungen und neue Inhalte in die aktuelle Spielversion von Crowfall. Diese Updates basieren auf dem Feedback der Spieler und haben stets die Absicht dem Versprechen auf ein PvP-Spiel mit Siegesbedingungen weiter zu realisieren.
    Die ersten Kampagnen brachten Echtzeit-Punktetabellen, Ranglisten, neue Startgebiete und signifikant ausgeweitete Kampagnenwelten mit sich. In einem Video spricht Creative Director J. Todd Coleman über diese Änderungen und wie sie das Spielerlebnis verbessern sollen:
    Neue fraktionsabhängige Tempel: Bietet den Spielern einen sicheren Platz, um das Spiel kennen zu lernen, ein paar Level aufzusteigen, erste Gegenstände bei Händlern zu kaufen sowie erste soziale Kontakte zu knüpfen, um sich auf die Kampagne vorbereiten zu können. Abenteuerzonen: Vollgesteckt mit Monstern und feindlichen Kämpfern. Jage, ernte und fülle Deinen Vorrat mit wertvollen Ressourcen. Stragegische Welten: Das verbesserte Belagerungssystem erlaubt spannende strategische Entscheidungen der Eroberung und Verteidigung von Territorien. Tägliche Belagerungszeiten erlauben Spielern gezielt Festungen zu erobern oder diese zu verteidigen. Eroberungspunkte-Bonus: Ein Eroberungsbonus wurde hinzugefügt, welcher der saisonalität von Crowfall gerecht wird und den Spielern auch im Laufe der Kampagne noch einmal erlaubt einer anderen Fraktion den Rang abzulaufen. Belagerungs-Ranglisten: Kampagnenwelten wurden noch größer ausgeweitet und umfassen nun 10 Welten - jede davon wurde prozedual generiert (also von einem Algorithmus) und bietet einzigartige Berghänge, Hügel, Städte, Straßen und Wege. Das neue "Thronkrieg"-Interface bietet Spielern einen Echtzeit-Schnappschuss über die eroberten Territorien sowie die Wertigkeit eines zu erobernden Stützpunktes, Außenposten oder Festung.  

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