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  2. Please post game-related issues in the Testing forum. Zum Beitrag
  3. Be a guru = new life goal! Thanks again for the reports and patience. I've changed some forum settings that should put the quietus on their shenanigans. *fingers crossed* Zum Beitrag
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  5. That's okay. I'm just having coffee and catching up on Live PD. Thanks again for the reports. Zum Beitrag
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  7. [Entwickler] Todays Patch

    This is the sort of thing that should be reported in the Bugs thread. Please continue the discussion there if this becomes an ongoing issue. Zum Beitrag
  8. [Entwickler] soft launch

    "Namashhh" = The secret keeper within me bows to the secret keeper in you. Zum Beitrag
  9. I'll mention it to Ed to see if it's possible to expand the Dev Tracker previews. Even if it is, it won't be a high priority. Ed wears a lot of hats around here, including programming work in the game itself, so we try our best to only pull him away from that if something is critical. Zum Beitrag
  10. [Entwickler] Public open-beta?

    To confirm, we do not have plans for an open beta, open beta being where the game is up for grabs for anyone who wants to play. Instead, we'll have a closed beta that is free, but requires registration on our website. The number of people signed up for and eligible for that phase is near capacity, so anyone who thinks they may want in needs to sign up soon. It's likely we'll cut registration off at some point even before that phase begins. ETA for closed beta is later this year; I'm not able to give a narrowed down timeframe since all dates can fluctuate depending on how each testing phase progresses. Zum Beitrag
  11. It's by design. You'll need to click to go to the post to read the whole thing. Zum Beitrag
  12. [Entwickler] soft launch

    Soft launch is planned for late this year. Zum Beitrag
  13. That will come in the future. For now, we're really focused on getting the most important elements of core gameplay up and running. Zum Beitrag
  14. Per the guild leaders' request, this thread is retired. Please join the new thread. Zum Beitrag
  15. FIXED Dev Tracker “View All” on the forum now points to the correct page Dev Tracker now tracks all Crowfall devs 5.5 threads now showing in Dev Tracker Help button on website has been reactivated Fixed access to Crowfall Merchandise Store ONGOING Updating numerous FAQs Update How to Play guide text to reflect changes in the game Add older news articles that were lost during the transition to the new site IN DEVELOPMENT Change gray text on gray background to black on gray Increase web session to one week before logging out (unless user logs out manually) Update Store page for new users with reminder that the game is still in testing Add tutorial videos to How to Play guide Remove 2FA reminder pop-up when logging in UPCOMING Some descriptions of items in the store need to be updated Guild-related and VIP images in the store are missing RSS feed for website Update Media Kit to Spring edition, include recently added icons and artwork Web form for Guild Spotlight submissions Web form for Resources submissions (i.e. game guides, streamers, etc.) Enable linking directly to a store item Zum Beitrag
  16. [Entwickler] Devtracker Broken Again

    Thanks for the suggestion, Keagz! Zum Beitrag
  17. I'm not able to answer your questions since those are Design-related and the showcase is a Community thing. I'll mention your post to Blair, though. That's not a problem at all. I remember that LoD did a montage like that in the past; it was really cool to see how long you guys have been together and all the worlds you've rekt. Not yet. There's still a considerable amount of work to be done on the Guilds system. No deadline for this. It's a new feature on the website that we'd like to open with at least four guilds showcased, and we'll add more over time. These videos may also be featured during our livestreams, in our newsletters or on our social media. Zum Beitrag
  18. Suche Gilde (möglichst deutsprachig)

    Willkommen in Crowfall. Wie Tommy schon angedeutet hat, kannst du dich bzgl. jeglicher Fragen zu Crowfall gerne an mich wenden. Vorzugsweise im offiziellen Forum oder über Discord, entweder direkt an @Kraahk#3869 oder über den Rabenherz Channel https://discord.gg/QPeubQC (Discord hat sich für Crowfall bereits sehr stark etabliert, während Teamspeak kaum noch genutzt und daher auch deutlich seltener angeboten wird). Aber wenn dir TS und mal-quasseln lieber ist, sollte sich das einrichten lassen. Einfach mal im offiziellen Forum anhauen und dann finden wir schon was geeignetes.
  19. Are these actually bloodworms or are they wood grubs with a fancy FX on their doober? Zum Beitrag
  20. Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.5 Welcome to Adventuring and Economy To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Feedback and Bug Reports General Bug Fixes: Updated the vendor coffer icon. Several adjustments made to fix the vessel creation flow including the stuck crow issue. If you do get stuck, please email support@crowfall.com for immediate assistance. Dust doobers should be correctly showing up again. Adding spider brisket as a multiple outcome result from cooking spider meat. Fixed broken data for multiple outcome results for weapon shafts. All parcels in Wrath should now have their proper names or none at all. Fixed the issue of the avatar being unable to move after getting stuck resurrecting. Added some extra flag to NPC debugger. Fixed exception on shutdown. Improved handling of dead AIs tick rate. Fixes problems with AI count as well. Moved around some trees that were stacked on each other so they no longer cause weirdness with harvesting in the Wrath Beachheads. System Vendors should still persist when a TEST campaign is shut down and brought back up. Fort and Keep Guards, and the Tree of Life are targetable once again. Disciplines and General Powers: Removed Ethereal Sight from being granted to everyone by default. Ethereal Sight is now a Minor Discipline which can be found under Ritual in the basic crafting categories. Resurrect Powers will now cancel Stealth when their cast is started. Fixing issue with Stealth sound effects persisting if you leave the stealth tray by pressing V. Also removing whispers from assassin stealth sfx. Found a loophole in the projectile that in certain cases it could live and pulse forever. Closed the loophole and guarded against it. Zum Beitrag
  21. The new crowfall patch client has a gray bar at that top that says, "Crowfall Launcher". If your client has that gray bar at the top you have the most up to date patch client. If you have an out of date client you can download both the TEST and LIVE patch client from https://crowfall.com/en/client/ 5.5 Snap Test Patch Notes After your playtest session, please share your feedback here and tell us about any bugs or anomalies you encountered. Are you having problems launching the game or some kind of blocker preventing you from progressing? Please Email us! support@crowfall.com Zum Beitrag
  22. Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.5 Welcome to Adventuring and Economy To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Feedback and Bug Reports General Bug Fixes: Skill advancement time has been increased by 10. Keeps will now properly convert their graveyard faction when they switch factions. This was most noticeable if you died in a keep and you were returned to your beachhead instead of your faction owned Keep. Bug fixes and adjustments made to the login issue players were having. Added new Passive Ethereal Sight which increases Plethora of Dust Basic Resources by 5% whenever a Basic or Intermediate tool is currently equipped. Fixed the issue of Power Tray not showing properly on first login. Fix rubberbanding when using power that sets the Pushed flag for a short time. Fixed an issue where hiding/showing the avatar would cause an exception, which resulted in the avatar being in a bad state and unable to re-show. Teleporting the player when they are bleeding out and the parcel underneath them is moved should work properly now. Updated the doober settings to have a larger pop radius so they don't pop on top of the mega nodes. Also updated the collision on dust doobers so they no longer fall through the world. Scale and Metal subcomponents which produce crafting stats should now properly produce those stats. Disciplines: Fashion Statement now grants 1 additional Amulet slot. (down from 2) Highelf Racial Amulet Slot Grant now shares same slot as Amulet Slot granted by Minor Discipline Fashion Statement. Guinecean Racial Ring Slot Grant now shares same slot as Ring Slot granted by Minor Discipline Hand of Glory. Campaigns: Handled some exceptions that were happening during the siege lifecycle. Also fixed a bug where the siege flow would break and a siege would not be able to start. Updating display names on parcels and setting practice dummies in Balance beachhead to the Balance practice dummies diorama. System vendors should now replace weapon racks in the Beachheads allowing players to collect specific weapons rather than force adding them all to their inventory. Fort and Keep Guards, and the Tree of Life are targetable once again. FX: {FX} Improve Spider Web Spray cast readability. {FX}Adjusting doober pickup fx height, fixing height of ethereal dust doober. Zum Beitrag
  23. Locking this thread and creating a new one! Zum Beitrag
  24. Grr. it's still happening to me, too, so I feel your pain. I've dropped another note to Travian. Zum Beitrag
  25. Suche Gilde (möglichst deutsprachig)

    Servus puhhh das wird schwer..... so richtig aktive deutschsprachige Gilden gibt es noch nicht. Die größte bisher deutschsprachige Gilde sind die Northlanders, allerdings spielen sie im Moment auch nur vereinzelt meines Wissens. Dann gibt es noch eine Community Support Gilde, die zb dazu dient, dass man ohne Gilden auf die Gildenrabattaktion zugreifen kann und für ein späteres Königreich als Verwaltungsinstrument. Da gibt es meine ich auch ein Discord. Da kann aber @Kraahk mehr zu sagen. Du kannst auch gerne bei uns auf den Discord kommen http://www.crowfall-community.de/discord/. Da kann ich dir Fragen beantworten wenn ich da bin. Man kann sich auch gerne unterhalten und nicht nur schreiben^^ Hier noch eine Übersicht über die aktuell gelisteten Gilden bei uns http://www.crowfall-community.de/gc/ Gruß Tommey
  26. Suche Gilde (möglichst deutsprachig)

    Hallo, testet seid gestern Crowfall auf dem EU Server und suche eine am besten deutschsprachige Gilde, wo einem das Spiel ein bischen erklärt. Kann zwar etwas englisch - aber für Teamspeak z.B. wäre mir deutsch eindeutig lieber. Zu meiner Person bin 37 Jahr alt und spiele in der Regel Abends zwischen 20.00 - 23.00 Uhr. Hab früher u.a. Shadowbane und Darkfall gespielt - vielleicht findet sich hier ja sogar jemand den man von damals kennt. Wäre toll falls es hier Leute von ner Gilde gibt und die sich bei mir melden würden. Danke und Grüße Famelor (Duncan Idaho) Stahlwolf
  27. Früher
  28. Servis und Willkommen bei uns :)

  29. Auch hier nochmal ein Hallo von mir :)

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